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Actively Engage Students in ReadingLink to PB Workspace below:


  • 1. How can reading teachers get middle school students more actively engaged in reading? Designed By: Laquitha Dean
  • 2. In todays society students are surrounded by technology. Middle school students are not actively engaged in reading. Is this based on the teaching curriculum, how reading is used and demonstrated in the classroom and at home or is it based on the amount of parental involvement.
  • 3. The GoalThis presentation is created to find out what drives middle school students to not be actively engaged in reading, within the classroom and outside. This presentation will explore strategies and resources that students, parents and teachers can utilize in order to become actively engaged in reading. This is a problem because if students do not comprehend or are interested in what they have read, then the literacy levels will continually decrease as the students increase in grade level.
  • 4. Strategies teachers can use for middle school students to become actively engaged in reading
  • 5. Scaffolding: An effective teacher scaffolds to help the student move from what he or she already knows to new learning.
    • Choosing text at the students instructional level so that the text is challenging but capable of being read with support.
    Providing a partial response to a question and asking the student or students to complete it.
    Acknowledging a partially correct response and helping the student correct or refine it.
    Organizing tasks into smaller steps.
    Connecting the topic of instruction to students prior knowledge and experience.
    Providing hints rather than telling a student an answer when he/she does not respond
  • 6. Activities that involve and engage students are ones where they are manipulating the information physically and mentally. Students need to be moving around, working in groups, and discovering information for themselves.
    Stay away from chalkboard lectures
  • 7.
    • Let students make artifacts from a culture they are studying or give a speech as a famous historical person or a character from their novel.
    • 8. Give students the opportunity to act out 5 plus 3 or 10 divided by 5.
    • 9. Create centers for students to visit and complete an activity that meets one of your learning objectives.


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