large igneous provinces

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Large Igneous Provinces LIP Die großen magmatischen Provinzen der Erde

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LIP. Large Igneous Provinces. Die großen magmatischen Provinzen der Erde. LIP´s of the World. Siberian traps 250 Ma (Late Permian). Viluy traps 360 Ma (Late Devonian). Emeishan traps 258 Ma (Late Permian). Columbia River Basalt 16 Ma (Early Miocene). Deccan traps - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Large Igneous ProvincesLIPDie groen magmatischen Provinzen der Erde

  • Columbia River Basalt 16 Ma (Early Miocene)LIPs of the WorldContinental Flood BasaltsTrapDeccan traps65 Ma (Late Cretaceous)Siberian traps 250 Ma (Late Permian)Emeishan traps 258 Ma (Late Permian)Viluy traps360 Ma (Late Devonian)Parana and Etendeka traps, 132 Ma (Early Cretaceous)Karoo and Ferrar traps, 184 Ma (Mid Jurassic)Madagascar traps, ~ 90 Ma (Mid Cretaceous)Ethiopian and Yemen traps, 30 Ma (Oligocene)North Atlantic Tertiary Volcanic Province, 55 & 60 Ma (Paleocene)

  • Large Igneous ProvincesLIPOntongJava plateau 117, 98, 93 Ma (Mid-Late CretaceousOzeanische Plateaus

  • Large Igneous ProvincesLIP

  • Crough 1983Spuren von heien Flecken

  • Hot Spot Track der Hawaii Emperor - Seamount KetteHawaii InselketteEmperor Inselkette81 MaheuteaktivKarte der magnetischen AnomalienHawaiiSpur ist unabhngig von der Bewegung der Lithosphrenplatten kreuzt die magnetischen Anomalien der ozeanischen KrusteSpur wird kontinuierlich jngerin Richtung Hawaii

  • Fig. 1. Map showing the distribution of the Colombia River basalts (CRBs) and track of the Yellowstone hot spot.

    According to Pierce and Morgan [14], activity of the CRBs started due to the arrival of gigantic plume head of the Yellowstone hot spot ca. 16 Ma ago. The plume hit the boundary between Oregon, Idaho and Nevada where rhyolite volcanism occurred due to crustal anatexsis. Much of thebasalt magmas, however, traveled to the north through 1000 km long NS rift system and drained at the boundary between Washington and Oregon States. Simplified after fig. 1 of Pierce and Morgan [14].Columbia River Basalt 16 Ma (Early Miocene)& Yellowstone Hot Spot

  • Scoring hotspots: the Plume and Plate paradigmsDon L. AndersonSeismological Laboratory, Caltech, Pasadena, California 91125,[email protected] caltech. edu

  • Klassisches Modell:Mantelkonvektion betrifft den gesamten Mantel

  • Alternative: zwei unabhngige Konvektionssystemeim unteren und oberen Mantel

  • 1350 km Tiefep-Wellens-WellenTomographisches Modell des Erdmantelsvan der Hilst et al. 1997

  • Miner PetrolDOI 10.1007/s00710-009-0068-zStructure, mineralogy and dynamics of the lowermost mantleReidar G. Trnnes

  • C Faccenna & TW Becker Nature 465, 602-605 (2010) doi:10.1038/nature09064Cartoon illustrating the architecture of the subduction zones andthe related pattern of mantle convection in the Mediterranean region.Beispiel fr Konvektionsmodell im Oberen Mantel

  • Holden & Vogt 1977Noch eine Alternative

  • Holden & Vogt 1977Ein streng mechanistischer Ansatz fr Plattentektonik