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PURITY EFFICIENCY. Laser Ion Source. Cryogenic techniques. ?. Manipulation. Laser spectroscopy. Presentation of LoI for JRA-8: I.D. Moore (JYFL). Low energy beam PREPARATION MANIPULATION SPECTROSCOPY. PRECISION CONTROL. Selectivity Emittance Temporal. Efficiency Selectivity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



  • A combination of modern technologies and new developmentswhich bring together the laser and trap communities:Why is this JRA innovative?Ion source /Gas catcherCooler/buncherLaserspectroscopyCryogenictechniquesRFtechnologyLaserdevelopmentsTrapdevelopmentsDecayspectroscopyRFtechnology

  • What benefits to EU Nuclear Structure and to whom?DIRECT BENEFIT to nuclear structure experiments that rely onpure low and high energy radioactive ion beams with precise controlon spatial and temporal propertiesLASER and TRAP communities develop and optimize thespectroscopic tools that will make more efficient use of the available beams.These developments have a clear impact on European Nuclear Structurephysics probing the evolution of nuclear structure further from stability(shapes, sizes, electromagnetic moments, spectroscopic factors), puresources for high precision decay spectroscopy

  • Are there overlaps with other EU activities?NO overlaps exist with other EU-funded research activities.Essentially all expertise in the laser and trap community withinEurope is combined within this Joint Reseach Activity. Theparticipants will benefit within this activity from the sharing oftechnology/information/young researchers. The core goalsin this JRA (purity/selectivity/efficiency and utilizing the resultantradioactive ion beams using lasers and Penning traps) have a synergywith the two communities. Projects that will benefit from this JRA:

    ISOLDE RILIS/collaps, mAster (Mainz), Lumire (SPIRAL), sPEcOLor(Orsay), ISOLTRAP, WITCH and NICOLE at ISOLDE, LPC-Trap at GANIL,JYFLTRAP.

  • Who are the participants on this new JRA? K.U. Leuven, Belgium IPN Orsay, IN2P3, France GANIL - France Mainz, Germany JYFL, Finland ISOLDE, CERN, Switzerland GSI Darmstadt, Germany University of Manchester, UK KVI Groningen, The Netherlands Giessen, Germany LPC-Caen, FranceAssociate partners: Gatchina Russia, Oak Ridge, TRIUMF, MSU, ANL,RIKEN. Thus we attract sharing of knowledge and expertise on aworldwide level not just within Europe.

    Isomer beams, purity, selectivity, efficiency, spatial and temporal control all have to be related and tied to trap and laser developments!

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