Laserfiche10 highlights- how the new features can benefit your mobile and workflow strategy

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>What we like most about Laserfiche 10ThinDox LLC. </p> <p>Can we manage the customization?Can we gather enough information on users</p> <p>Overall LF10 eases all three of the typical problem areas for our clients IT CompetencyWhat are users going to do IN system?How embedded should the system be in our processes?What can our ECM system do / do we features should we be prioritizing?Do we have a taxonomy?What is a disposition needs?123Information GovernanceTechnologyreadiness</p> <p>It acknowledges the messiness of current processes.</p> <p>Add</p> <p>ERMIt provides us the platform to but streamlined fully automated processesThinkDox LLC. DBAdd</p> <p>Add or update a records</p> <p>Laserfiche provides tools to make processes work as clients need them to work</p> <p>Capture</p> <p>Organize</p> <p>Use</p> <p>Archive or retire</p> <p>Laserfiche 10 provides a easy manner to find your documents</p> <p>Start processes directly from the related documents</p> <p>Find what you need in a document or process</p> <p>See all of the business processes that you participate in from a single pane</p> <p>Easy to learn and use process mapperEvery block can be named to describe the goal of the step. </p> <p>Provide descriptions of sub-steps that are understandable to all participants.</p> <p>Every process step is re-usable and can be modified for reporting or exception management</p> <p>The single place for designing forms and designing what to do with the forms reduces mistakes and makes it easy enough for departmental managers to be involved.</p> <p>Integrating data capture into processes is easy</p> <p>Forms can potentially be reused or used as a template. This introduces process standardization and reduces build time for new processes.</p> <p>Make processes transparent and repeatable</p> <p>Automatically create informative buttons that provide guidance to process participants.. </p> <p>Automate the reminder and deadlines as part of the process to reduce the need for people to follow-up</p> <p>Introduce exception management and deadlines to processes</p> <p>Building forms is straightforward</p> <p>Build mode provides access to a drag and drop interface with easy to use sections.Add details to ensure proper labeling of the form. </p> <p>Laserfiche provides an integrated metadata system for forms data to be linked with documents without additional user intervention</p> <p>TextDateListDynamicIn progressDocument</p> <p>FolderMetadata groupingsTagsConfidentialTemplates can be applied to either folders or documentsTags can convey information or restrict access</p> <p>Information</p> <p>Form data can be tagged and search just like any other content in the repositoryThinDox LLC. </p> <p>Extend content access to mobile in a safe way</p> <p>18</p> <p>Control what users can access from the mobile application</p> <p>The Laserfiche app has granular control over encryption, on-device storage and export of Laserfiche documents</p> <p>Laserfiche mobile provides surveillance at the device level</p> <p>Find what a individual user has used the app to view or doReceive real time logs of which devices and users have accessed the Laserfiche systemActively block users from using specific devices</p> <p>Mobile is is simply a form factor with Laserfiche not a completely different platform</p> <p>Capture Records compatible images of reciepts</p> <p>23</p> <p>Capture signatures that are linked to time, location and User ID.</p> <p>24</p>