lawyer for bus accident

Lawyer for Bus Accident
Lawyer for Bus Accident
Lawyer for Bus Accident
Lawyer for Bus Accident
Lawyer for Bus Accident
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  • Bus Accident

    Every year thousands of Americans are killed or injured in Bus accidents. Because of their immense size bus collisions

    are severe, especially when pedestrians and smaller vehicles are involved.

    You've been hurt in a bus accident. Protect your rights!

  • Bus Accident Lawyer

    We handle all types of BusAccident Cases including:

    School Bus Accidents

    Casino Bus Accidents

    Public Transportation Accidents

    Our lawyers will determine whois at fault in the accident andwhether you have a case againstthe bus company, driver or athird party for injuries sustainedby you.

  • Injury Lawyers For A Bus Accident

    If you or a loved one were involved in a bus accident, contactour experienced team of lawyers today to find out if you havea case. The Law Offices of Joel J. Kofsky represent those whohave been injured in bus accidents throughout SoutheasternPennsylvania including the following counties: Bucks, Chester,Delaware, Montgomery, and of course Philadelphia. We havehandled hundreds of bus accidents and have over twentyyears of experience. Let this experience work for you.

  • Lawyer For Bus Accident

    Not only is the negligence a busdriver or company a danger to thepassengers of the bus itself, but itis also a danger to the pedestriansor other vehicles on the road aswell. Buses, due to their size andspeed of travel, can causemassive damage in an accident.When negligence occurs and thebus is unsafe due to reasons suchas faulty parts or the negligenceof the driver himself, injury andeven death often occurs. A busaccident attorney should becontacted in such cases as theycan help the victims gainmonetary compensation for theirloss.

  • Bus Accident