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LBNL Enterprise Computing. LBNL Enterprise Computing (EC) January 2003. LBNL Project Management Strategy. Strengthen partnership between technical and functional organizations Undertake projects with Lab-wide perspective Ensure wide participation by the Laboratory user community - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Page 1: LBNL Enterprise Computing


LBNL Enterprise Computing (EC)

January 2003

LBNL Enterprise Computing

Page 2: LBNL Enterprise Computing


LBNL Project Management Strategy

• Strengthen partnership between technical and functional organizations

• Undertake projects with Lab-wide perspective

• Ensure wide participation by the Laboratory user community

• Establish project charters as prerequisite for project initiation

Page 3: LBNL Enterprise Computing


From Strategy To Projects


ProgramsPurpose Benefits



Integrated Project

Management Office


Page 4: LBNL Enterprise Computing


Project Related Endeavors

• Strategy – A framework guiding those choices that determine the nature and direction to attain an objective through programs and projects within an organization

• Program – Consists of a group of projects supporting broad, general goals and managed in a coordinated way so as to achieve a set of defined objectives, giving effect to various (and often

overlapping) initiatives and/or implementing a strategy.

• Subproject – A distinct group of activities that comprise their own project which in turn is a part of a larger project.

Page 5: LBNL Enterprise Computing


IT TechnicalIT TechnicalSpecialistsSpecialists

Project SteeringProject SteeringCommitteeCommittee

End UserEnd User BusinessBusinessSpecialistsSpecialists

Internal AuditInternal Audit

EC Project Structure

Project Team

Project SponsorProject Sponsor Project Director

Project Manager

As of 1/2/03

Page 6: LBNL Enterprise Computing


Project Director

IT TechnicalSpecialists

Project SteeringCommittee

Project Manager

End UserBusiness


Internal Audit

ECSCIntegrated Project Management Office

Program Coordinator

EC Project Oversight

Project Team

Project Sponsor

Program Sponsor

Enterprise ComputingProgram


As of 1/2/03

Page 7: LBNL Enterprise Computing


Enterprise ComputingProgram



BLISProject Director

Diana Brown

IT TechnicalSpecialists

Integrated Project Management Office

Project SteeringCommittee

Chemical InventoryProject Director

Robin Wendt

Project SteeringCommittee Project YProject X

Project ManagerTBD

End UserBusiness


Internal Audit

Project ManagerSteve Abraham

IT TechnicalSpecialists

End UserBusiness


Internal Audit

EC Program Structure

Program Coordinator

Project Sponsor Project Sponsor

Program Sponsor

As of 1/2/03

Page 8: LBNL Enterprise Computing


EC Roles and Responsibilities

• Approves Enterprise Computing Program Plan

• Approves Program-sponsored project priority list

• Allocates annual Program-sponsored project budget

Program Sponsor:

Page 9: LBNL Enterprise Computing


EC Roles and Responsibilities

• Chair of Enterprise Computing Steering Committee (ECSC) – makes recommendations to Program Sponsor

• Formal liaison to Program Sponsor

• Responsible for Enterprise Computing Program’s success

• With guidance from ECSC, appoints Project Directors

• Establishes methodology and reporting requirements for Program-sponsored projects

Program CIO:

Page 10: LBNL Enterprise Computing


EC Roles and Responsibilities

• Joint authors/owners of Enterprise Computing Program Plan

• Prioritizes Enterprise Computing projects

• Reviews budget requests for Program-sponsored projects

• Reviews and approves Program-sponsored project steering committee memberships

• Reviews and approves Program-sponsored project plans

• Holds quarterly meetings to review EC project status

• Makes strategic decisions impacting EC projects

Enterprise Computing Steering Committee (ECSC):

Page 11: LBNL Enterprise Computing


EC Roles and Responsibilities

• Senior manager of a business area

• Submits budget requests for Program-sponsored projects

• Articulates the vision, benefits and meaning of changes to the business operation at high level

• Member of the project steering committee

• With Program Coordinator concurrence, recommends Project Director candidates to CIO

• Provides leadership to implement best business practices imbedded in the standard software

Project Sponsor:

Page 12: LBNL Enterprise Computing


EC Roles and Responsibilities

• Executive Program Manager

• Responsible for maintaining Program/Project methodology

• Information manager for Program and all Program-sponsored projects

• Ensures quality and consistency of management of Program- sponsored projects

• Assists project directors with administration of projects (budget, scope, schedules)

Program Coordinator:

Page 13: LBNL Enterprise Computing


• Acts as a resource to provide Program and project management assistance and training

• Reviews project charters/plans in Program context

• Works with Program Coordinator to ensure quality management of Program-sponsored projects

EC Roles and Responsibilities

Integrated Project Management Office:

Page 14: LBNL Enterprise Computing


EC Roles and Responsibilities

• Selected from the functional and technical areas impacted by the project

• Serves as the project change control board to provide oversight on scope/budget/schedule

• Provides oversight to minimize software customization and changes to original project scope

• Removes barriers

• Advises Project Director

• Provides formal end user representation

Project Steering Committee:

Page 15: LBNL Enterprise Computing


EC Roles and Responsibilities

• Supports the project team in identifying internal controls

• Acts as control consultant, not decision maker

• Exercises independence in system development review

• Provides recommendations for operational improvements

• Communicates audit opinions to, and receives timely dispositions from the Project Manager, Project Director, and Project Steering Committee

Internal Audit:

Page 16: LBNL Enterprise Computing


EC Roles and Responsibilities

• Senior Manager with authority for project execution

• Held accountable for project success and has the metrics to measure the success

• Reports project progress to the CIO

• Works with Project Steering Committee to document and maintain project change control

• Responsible for minimizing customization

• Negotiates resolution of cross functional issues

• Ensures wide project participation from the user community, including establishing user focus groups with formal representatives from scientific divisions

Project Director:

Page 17: LBNL Enterprise Computing


EC Roles and Responsibilities

• Recommended by the Project Director and the Program Coordinator with concurrence of the project steering committee, and is appointed by the CIO and his/her respective line manager

• Develops and drives the execution of the overall project plan

• Manages the project team

• Ensures project is compliant with appropriate standards

Project Manager:

Page 18: LBNL Enterprise Computing


EC Roles and Responsibilities

• Provides technical expertise

• Conducts feasibility studies

• Provides estimates to Project Plan

• Performs data modeling and analysis

• Performs development programming and unit/system testing

• Performs deployment to production

• Adheres to technical standards

• Provides and maintains technical documentation

• Supports business specialists in developing and conducting training and materials

• Supports technology-driven process re-engineering efforts

• Supports enhancements to existing infrastructure

IT Technical Specialist:

EC Roles and Responsibilities

Page 19: LBNL Enterprise Computing


EC Roles and Responsibilities

• Represents constituents and serves as communication conduit

• Participates in requirements definition

• Reviews requirements for clarity

• Participates in training, testing and acceptance

• Member of the deployment team

End User:

EC Roles and Responsibilities

Page 20: LBNL Enterprise Computing


EC Roles and Responsibilities

• Serves as subject matter expert

• Works with end users to address requirements

• Establishes functional requirements with concurrence from end user representatives

• Identify business procedures that must change and adopt best practices

• Responsible for testing and quality assessment

• Develops and conducts training with assistance from IT Technical Specialists

Business Specialist:

EC Roles and Responsibilities

Page 21: LBNL Enterprise Computing



Enterprise Computing Program Methodology

Project Request











Project Director ProjectManagement Team




Project Change Management

Risk ManagementStatus Reporting


Project Team


Project Manager


Review &




ABBA – Activity Based Budget Authorization

Page 22: LBNL Enterprise Computing


ECSC Project Initiation

• Project Request—Includes return on investment (ROI) estimate—Business case analysis (BCA)—Submitted by Project Sponsor (Business Area Manager)

• ECSC Review & Approval—Requests prioritized—Funded based on annual allocation by Program Sponsor—CIO presents prioritized list to Program Sponsor for acceptance—Project Charter developed after request approval

Page 23: LBNL Enterprise Computing


ECSC Project Planning

• Approved charter authorizes project planning process

• Project Plan—Work breakdown structure (WBS)—Schedule—Budget—Communication Plan—Risk Management Plan—Resource Assignments—Change Management Plan

Page 24: LBNL Enterprise Computing


ECSC Project Planning

• Project Plan—Reviewed by Program Coordinator and IPMO prior to

submission—Presented by Project Director for ECSC review—Approved by CIO as Chair of ECSC and Program Coordinator

• Approved plan authorizes project execution / control and released project budget

Page 25: LBNL Enterprise Computing


ECSC Project Execution and Control

• Project Change Management• Risk Management• Status and progress reporting

—Monthly updates to CIO / Program Coordinator—Quarterly to ECSC

• Issues / Action Items log

Page 26: LBNL Enterprise Computing


ECSC Project Close

• End deliverables review and acceptance—Project Sponsor—CIO / ECSC

• Close-out post implementation—Lessons learned—Business case analysis (ROI) follow up