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THE ACCOUNTANT’S STRATEGY MAP x x x x = = = = = - - + CONVERSION RATE EXISTING CLIENTS TOTAL CLIENTS RETENTION RATE ACQUIRED CLIENTS LABOUR COSTS EXPENSES PROFIT GROSS PROFIT REVENUE AVERAGE PROJECT VALUE NO. PROJECTS PER CLIENT PER YEAR Active YouTube channel Adverts and listings Alliances Articles Blog Brand make over Brochures Build local credibility Building, vehicle signage Buy database Buy free block or other firms Client education program Client success stories Cloud CRM Contact buyers regularly Contact clients regularly Coordinated marketing strategy Data mining existing database Database - 8 step nurturing program Database - cleansing program Database of SMEs - promote direct to them Differentiation strategy Direct mail - with an offer Downloadable whitepapers Email marketing - with an offer Email signatures Endorsement marketing Enter business awards Feedback from unsuccessful proposals Friends and family GoogleAds and AdWords Guarantee - price/service Incentivise team and clients Information packs Internal marketing workshops Invent new products Links on other sites Local newspaper advertisements Market to niche Media releases More PR/PR campaigns Networking Newsletters Niche Benchmark Report Nurture centres of influence Offer free reports/whitepapers Open another office(s) Preview tours - boardroom briefings Promotional gifts Radio and TV Referrals - Asking alliances Referrals - ask at every meeting Referrals - in eNewsletters Search engine optimisation Seminars, workshops Sit on industry boards Social media profiles - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ Speaking engagements Sponsor community events Tax discussion groups - locate, attend and speak at them Telemarketing Testimonials everywhere - website, brochures, welcome book Time relevant marketing Use marketing specialists Use TRUST online assessments Webinars Website White/yellow pages Write a book(s) 1300/1800 phone numbers Abundance mentality Accept all payment methods Act like you don’t need the work Active listening and active questioning All meetings FREE Always BAMFAM - even 1 year out Articulate the value with client(s) Ask for the business Be seen as the expert Build relationships Build the clients ‘WHY’ into all meetings Case studies Communication training - all client facing team Conduct role plays Consultative selling Define Unique Selling Proposition Deliver REMARKABLE service Document ‘best practice’ conversion rate Drinks/food menu in reception Empathetic discussions Employ specialist sales person Establish list of CNE’s Follow PAN interview process Guarantees and promote them Have best rainmakers train others Language, scripts & dialogues for any situation Leads qualified first Learn how to present value Leverage charity or giving program with clients Listen - ZIP IT! Market research Meeting agendas Needs analysis Next steps very clear Nurturing - send cards Objections and answer list Offer PSS: Business Edition service Position other team members as experts Post sale reassurance Post session discussions Practice objections - sales rugby Presentation quality Projector and smart board in meeting Promote how good your clients are Refine closing techniques Research client business market Research prospects before speaking to them Roadmap on the ‘Awesome 8’ services Sales skills Sales training for team Script processes Selling from stage - educated Set targets Site visit Site visits F2F strategy - meet them SOA technology at presentations - iPads Specialise - niche markets Streamline communications post meeting System for measuring KPI’s Take accountants to client meetings Take an active interest in each client Team incentives Testimonials - have a library of them TRUST questionnaires before meetings Under promise and over deliver Understand your prospects business Up sell, cross sell Use 12 step meeting process 100% of the time Virtual client demos Visit the competition Webinars ‘What if’ selling in every situation Win-win negotiating Annual client survey Ask more questions Benchmarking and GAP analysis Birthday cards/strategy - each client Case studies around service offerings Charity or giving program with clients Client Advisory Boards Client benefit centre Critical non-essentials (CNE’s) Create a REMARKABLE experience Create an online community for clients Determine future needs and provide education Document ‘best practice’ retention strategy Educate clients on services Email, phone, web support Exit interview - formalised process Find client ‘WHY’ Follow through on promises Go out and visit clients Guarantees Hold client events “I was thinking of you” notes Invent new products Invoice inserts of services Leadership in community Longevity incentive Loyalty program Networking functions/promote clients New service offerings Newsletters No pre-judging Offer PSS: Business edition service Offer incentives Office makeover Only have A-class clients Performance standards Proactive phone calls Refer to friendly strategic partners Relationship nurturing program Sack D-class clients Seminars/workshops Set up schedule of contact system Set up the next appointment Share client success Socialise with clients outside of work Special occasion gifts, cards State of success letter - shows progress since joining Superior customer service Team incentives Trade longer/different hours Unexpected gifts Use cloud tools to keep in contact - social media, eCards Administration do invoicing Articulate value with clients Average Hourly Rate focus on every invoice Ban write offs Benchmark against other firms Brainstorm value Broaden objectives - ask question Buddy system Client matrix Communicate with client during the WIP Delegate down, charge same price Document ‘best practice’ transaction value Educate clients on all services Ensure spheres know desired client profile Fire less profitable clients Focus on higher margin services Follow 12 step meeting process Get rid of charge rates $1/hour Have courage Have self belief Job cards - value articulation system Language, language, language Leverage past success Look successful - be an avatar of success No discounts on services Offer options - choice of yeses Practice and role plays Price increase Price list / menu (internal) - educate all team members Price upfront Provide value early Sales process Scripts Select clients on criteria Set critical number (KPI) Standards for quality Strengthen relationships Target more profitable clients Template library Train team in sales skills Unbundle all services Up sell additional services Value pricing Accelerant curve Add new experts Add new service Annual planning session Ask open ended questions ‘Awesome 8’ in checklists BAMFAM Build strong relationships Business advisory services Business improvement services Calendar of contact Client interview sheet Coaching services Consistency of experience Create new products Create WOW experience Document ‘best practice’ number of transactions Documents sales process Don’t give answer right away Don’t pre-judge what they will buy Educate team on finding opportunities Encourage team to spot opportunities Free emails Free meetings Free phone calls Introduce client to specialists in firm Language, language, language Lead clients (’you need this’) Live the ‘Awesome 8’ and offer to all Lower partner productivity Networking Newsletters Nurture loyalty Nurture meetings Offer PSS: Business edition as service Offer Knowledge Factory products to menu of services Role plays Sales skills Scripts Success planning workshops Think of the 4th sale first Unbundle - industry content Unbundle - marketing system Unbundle - pricing system Unbundle - training Unbundle - services Use technology Virtual workshops Wealth creation services P +61 7 3607 6600 A OFFICES IN: USA l AUS l UK E [email protected] © PANALITIX PTY LTD. ALL RIGHT RESERVED. ESSENTIAL BUSINESS ADVISORY SOFTWARE FOR ACCOUNTANTS, WITH HOW-TO & NOW-WHAT GUIDANCE, + A LIBRARY OF TOOLS, TEMPLATES & RESOURCES TO IMPLEMENT, ARE AVAILABLE FROM WWW.PANALITIX.COM LEAD GENERATION multiply clients = = + + + CAPACITY EQUIPMENT Accountants doing accounting work only Break out rooms Buy blocks of fees of firms Career development plans for team members Celebration Charitable giving program Common purpose Correct mix of roles Directors delegating Directors doing high end work only Document ‘best practice’ people development process Employee surveys Employer of choice Empowerment program Enough people in right roles Equipment - coffee machine, TV/DVD, etc Family events Flexible working hours Fun budget - with monthly FUN director Goal alignment Hand written cards to team Hire Accountants Hire Business Manager Hire Client Services Assistants Hire Marketing Coordinator Hire slow - fire fast Implement 1 page plan for Accountants Induction process Involve team in hiring process Open communication Organisation chart Paid above award salary PAN Community logins for all team Participate in sports events Performance meetings Personality profiling, with appropriate training Power plan of action Profiling for team members Recognition of team members - appreciation Rewards, incentives, profit share Roles, responsibilities Sabbaticals Say ‘thanks’ for a job well done Secondment to other offices/divisions Software training for all products Striving for best culture - employer of choice Subsidise study costs Supply food, drink, treats Support charities Take accountants to client meetings Team advance Team day with PAN Team meetings Team monthly breakfasts Team training with Learning Centre videos Team uniform and sports gear Top performers train others Use Member Benefit Centre deals Values set by the team WOW environment WOW recruitment process PEOPLE STRUCTURE AND DEVELOPMENT POLICIES AND SYSTEMS LOWER RECEIVABLES DAYS LOWER WIP DAYS 2-3 screens on each desk Better integrated web connection Cloud CRM system Digital camera Document/knowledge management Fast copier/scanner - individual GoToMeeting/Glance Induction manual Intranet iPads throughout office Laptops for client managers Mini projectors One database only Outsourcing common work Paperless office Policy on IT usage Proactive Success System Projector Remote login access Sales bell Server-less, all in the cloud Skype Smart phones for all client facing team Software productivity tools Speech recognition technology Training on all office equipment Typing skills workshop Use Member Benefit Centre deals VOIP - internet phone system Whiteboards - turnaround time Xero/Sassu for all clients Abide by 18 step workflow system Client classification criteria Client meeting process - 12 step Communicate policies with client Daily huddles - 10@1010 Daily management huddle - 7@747 Dealing with government authorities Document ‘best practice’ policies and systems Don’t start work until all information is in Electronic work-papers Engagement letters Fee preparation Filing policy Flexible working hours Information gathering checklists Initial meeting system Integrate systems that reduce administration Knowledge of all policies Leave calendar Making/changing appointments Monthly board meeting Naming convention of files Online procedures manual Paid before you start Pay above market salaries Phone call meetings - do not return calls Presentation of job Price every job upfront Proposals Quarterly and annual planning process Questionnaire before prospect meetings Returning client records Reviewing the job Send courier company to get information Team training with Learning Centre videos Template everything Time budgets on jobs Use project kits in Success Library Values, Service Standards, Culture banners in all rooms Weekly management meeting Weekly team meeting Whiteboard turnaround time 10 day workflow turnaround KPI Abide by 18 step workflow process Administration to manage workflow Allocate the right team member to the job Appoint a WIP ‘champion’ Bill in advance Block out time to review work Buddy system for trainees Budget monitoring system Budgets for jobs - in hours Calendar to manage work in Clear instructions to do the job Communicate WIP results weekly Don’t start until all work in Finish and invoice daily Get better organised Get rid of bad clients Improve incoming client data Information gathering system Interim bill Job monitoring system Minimise number of open jobs Monitor non-chargeable time Outsource work not qualified to perform Performance standards for turnaround time Pick up job once Preserve client knowledge from year to year Prioritise clients Professional Development Manager Right mix of jobs/projects Schedule work with clients Self imposed deadlines Team accountability Team set targets Team training with Learning Centre videos Tell clients due date Training for team - technical Training for team - using the systems Use project kits in Success Library Workflow management system Allow direct debit Bill in advance - 50%, 25%, 25% Change wording - do on or before Communicate price at the start of the job Receivables champion Receivables system Discount for full payment before start - 10% Document for upfront payment Don’t send statements Explain term upfront Fee funding facility Follow up rigorously Get paid in advance Get tough Improve turnaround time Invoice at final interview Multiple payment options Partners not involved in follow up Pay in installments Stop work on the job until paid Team training with Learning Centre videos Use project kits in Success Library Visual management CASHFLOW create capacity increase cashflow improve profits

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Page 1: LEAD GENERATION CONVERSION RATE ACQUIRED CLIENTS … · Building, vehicle signage Buy database Buy free block or other firms Client education program Client success stories Cloud


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Active YouTube channelAdverts and listingsAlliancesArticlesBlogBrand make overBrochuresBuild local credibilityBuilding, vehicle signageBuy databaseBuy free block or other firmsClient education programClient success storiesCloud CRMContact buyers regularlyContact clients regularlyCoordinated marketing strategyData mining existing databaseDatabase - 8 step nurturing programDatabase - cleansing programDatabase of SMEs - promote direct to themDifferentiation strategyDirect mail - with an offerDownloadable whitepapersEmail marketing - with an offerEmail signaturesEndorsement marketingEnter business awardsFeedback from unsuccessful proposalsFriends and familyGoogleAds and AdWordsGuarantee - price/serviceIncentivise team and clientsInformation packsInternal marketing workshopsInvent new productsLinks on other sitesLocal newspaper advertisementsMarket to nicheMedia releasesMore PR/PR campaignsNetworkingNewslettersNiche Benchmark ReportNurture centres of influenceOffer free reports/whitepapersOpen another office(s)Preview tours - boardroom briefingsPromotional giftsRadio and TVReferrals - Asking alliancesReferrals - ask at every meetingReferrals - in eNewslettersSearch engine optimisationSeminars, workshopsSit on industry boardsSocial media profiles - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+Speaking engagementsSponsor community eventsTax discussion groups - locate, attend and speak at themTelemarketingTestimonials everywhere - website, brochures, welcome bookTime relevant marketingUse marketing specialistsUse TRUST online assessmentsWebinarsWebsiteWhite/yellow pagesWrite a book(s)

1300/1800 phone numbersAbundance mentalityAccept all payment methodsAct like you don’t need the workActive listening and active questioningAll meetings FREEAlways BAMFAM - even 1 year outArticulate the value with client(s)Ask for the businessBe seen as the expertBuild relationshipsBuild the clients ‘WHY’ into all meetingsCase studiesCommunication training - all client facing teamConduct role playsConsultative sellingDefine Unique Selling PropositionDeliver REMARKABLE serviceDocument ‘best practice’ conversion rateDrinks/food menu in receptionEmpathetic discussionsEmploy specialist sales personEstablish list of CNE’sFollow PAN interview processGuarantees and promote themHave best rainmakers train othersLanguage, scripts & dialogues for any situationLeads qualified firstLearn how to present valueLeverage charity or giving program with clientsListen - ZIP IT!Market researchMeeting agendasNeeds analysisNext steps very clearNurturing - send cardsObjections and answer listOffer PSS: Business Edition servicePosition other team members as expertsPost sale reassurancePost session discussionsPractice objections - sales rugbyPresentation qualityProjector and smart board in meetingPromote how good your clients areRefine closing techniquesResearch client business marketResearch prospects before speaking to themRoadmap on the ‘Awesome 8’ servicesSales skillsSales training for teamScript processesSelling from stage - educatedSet targetsSite visitSite visits F2F strategy - meet themSOA technology at presentations - iPadsSpecialise - niche marketsStreamline communications post meetingSystem for measuring KPI’sTake accountants to client meetingsTake an active interest in each clientTeam incentivesTestimonials - have a library of themTRUST questionnaires before meetingsUnder promise and over deliverUnderstand your prospects businessUp sell, cross sellUse 12 step meeting process 100% of the timeVirtual client demosVisit the competitionWebinars‘What if’ selling in every situationWin-win negotiating

Annual client surveyAsk more questionsBenchmarking and GAP analysisBirthday cards/strategy - each clientCase studies around service offeringsCharity or giving program with clientsClient Advisory BoardsClient benefit centreCritical non-essentials (CNE’s)Create a REMARKABLE experienceCreate an online community for clientsDetermine future needs and provide educationDocument ‘best practice’ retention strategyEducate clients on servicesEmail, phone, web supportExit interview - formalised processFind client ‘WHY’Follow through on promisesGo out and visit clientsGuaranteesHold client events“I was thinking of you” notesInvent new productsInvoice inserts of servicesLeadership in communityLongevity incentiveLoyalty programNetworking functions/promote clientsNew service offeringsNewslettersNo pre-judgingOffer PSS: Business edition serviceOffer incentivesOffice makeoverOnly have A-class clientsPerformance standardsProactive phone callsRefer to friendly strategic partnersRelationship nurturing programSack D-class clientsSeminars/workshopsSet up schedule of contact systemSet up the next appointmentShare client successSocialise with clients outside of workSpecial occasion gifts, cardsState of success letter - shows progress since joiningSuperior customer serviceTeam incentivesTrade longer/different hoursUnexpected giftsUse cloud tools to keep in contact - social media, eCards

Administration do invoicingArticulate value with clientsAverage Hourly Rate focus on every invoiceBan write offsBenchmark against other firmsBrainstorm valueBroaden objectives - ask questionBuddy systemClient matrixCommunicate with client during the WIPDelegate down, charge same priceDocument ‘best practice’ transaction valueEducate clients on all servicesEnsure spheres know desired client profileFire less profitable clientsFocus on higher margin servicesFollow 12 step meeting processGet rid of charge rates $1/hourHave courageHave self beliefJob cards - value articulation systemLanguage, language, languageLeverage past successLook successful - be an avatar of successNo discounts on servicesOffer options - choice of yesesPractice and role playsPrice increasePrice list / menu (internal) - educate all team membersPrice upfrontProvide value earlySales processScriptsSelect clients on criteriaSet critical number (KPI)Standards for qualityStrengthen relationshipsTarget more profitable clientsTemplate libraryTrain team in sales skillsUnbundle all servicesUp sell additional servicesValue pricing

Accelerant curveAdd new expertsAdd new serviceAnnual planning sessionAsk open ended questions‘Awesome 8’ in checklistsBAMFAMBuild strong relationshipsBusiness advisory servicesBusiness improvement servicesCalendar of contactClient interview sheetCoaching servicesConsistency of experienceCreate new productsCreate WOW experienceDocument ‘best practice’ number of transactionsDocuments sales processDon’t give answer right awayDon’t pre-judge what they will buyEducate team on finding opportunitiesEncourage team to spot opportunitiesFree emailsFree meetingsFree phone callsIntroduce client to specialists in firmLanguage, language, languageLead clients (’you need this’)Live the ‘Awesome 8’ and offer to allLower partner productivityNetworkingNewslettersNurture loyaltyNurture meetingsOffer PSS: Business edition as serviceOffer Knowledge Factory products to menu of servicesRole playsSales skillsScriptsSuccess planning workshopsThink of the 4th sale firstUnbundle - industry contentUnbundle - marketing systemUnbundle - pricing systemUnbundle - trainingUnbundle - servicesUse technologyVirtual workshopsWealth creation services

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multiply clients


Accountants doing accounting work onlyBreak out roomsBuy blocks of fees of firmsCareer development plans for team membersCelebration Charitable giving programCommon purposeCorrect mix of rolesDirectors delegatingDirectors doing high end work onlyDocument ‘best practice’ people development processEmployee surveysEmployer of choiceEmpowerment programEnough people in right rolesEquipment - coffee machine, TV/DVD, etcFamily eventsFlexible working hoursFun budget - with monthly FUN directorGoal alignmentHand written cards to teamHire AccountantsHire Business ManagerHire Client Services AssistantsHire Marketing CoordinatorHire slow - fire fastImplement 1 page plan for AccountantsInduction processInvolve team in hiring processOpen communicationOrganisation chartPaid above award salaryPAN Community logins for all teamParticipate in sports eventsPerformance meetingsPersonality profiling, with appropriate trainingPower plan of actionProfiling for team membersRecognition of team members - appreciationRewards, incentives, profit shareRoles, responsibilitiesSabbaticalsSay ‘thanks’ for a job well doneSecondment to other offices/divisionsSoftware training for all productsStriving for best culture - employer of choiceSubsidise study costsSupply food, drink, treatsSupport charitiesTake accountants to client meetingsTeam advanceTeam day with PANTeam meetingsTeam monthly breakfastsTeam training with Learning Centre videosTeam uniform and sports gearTop performers train othersUse Member Benefit Centre dealsValues set by the teamWOW environmentWOW recruitment process




2-3 screens on each deskBetter integrated web connectionCloud CRM systemDigital cameraDocument/knowledge managementFast copier/scanner - individualGoToMeeting/GlanceInduction manualIntranetiPads throughout officeLaptops for client managersMini projectorsOne database onlyOutsourcing common workPaperless officePolicy on IT usageProactive Success SystemProjectorRemote login accessSales bellServer-less, all in the cloudSkypeSmart phones for all client facing teamSoftware productivity toolsSpeech recognition technologyTraining on all office equipmentTyping skills workshopUse Member Benefit Centre dealsVOIP - internet phone systemWhiteboards - turnaround timeXero/Sassu for all clients

Abide by 18 step workflow systemClient classification criteriaClient meeting process - 12 stepCommunicate policies with clientDaily huddles - 10@1010Daily management huddle - 7@747Dealing with government authoritiesDocument ‘best practice’ policies and systemsDon’t start work until all information is inElectronic work-papersEngagement lettersFee preparationFiling policyFlexible working hoursInformation gathering checklistsInitial meeting systemIntegrate systems that reduce administrationKnowledge of all policiesLeave calendarMaking/changing appointmentsMonthly board meetingNaming convention of filesOnline procedures manualPaid before you startPay above market salariesPhone call meetings - do not return callsPresentation of jobPrice every job upfrontProposalsQuarterly and annual planning processQuestionnaire before prospect meetingsReturning client recordsReviewing the jobSend courier company to get informationTeam training with Learning Centre videosTemplate everythingTime budgets on jobsUse project kits in Success LibraryValues, Service Standards, Culture banners in all roomsWeekly management meetingWeekly team meetingWhiteboard turnaround time

10 day workflow turnaround KPIAbide by 18 step workflow processAdministration to manage workflowAllocate the right team member to the jobAppoint a WIP ‘champion’Bill in advanceBlock out time to review workBuddy system for traineesBudget monitoring systemBudgets for jobs - in hoursCalendar to manage work inClear instructions to do the jobCommunicate WIP results weeklyDon’t start until all work inFinish and invoice dailyGet better organisedGet rid of bad clientsImprove incoming client dataInformation gathering systemInterim billJob monitoring systemMinimise number of open jobsMonitor non-chargeable timeOutsource work not qualified to performPerformance standards for turnaround timePick up job oncePreserve client knowledge from year to yearPrioritise clientsProfessional Development ManagerRight mix of jobs/projectsSchedule work with clientsSelf imposed deadlinesTeam accountabilityTeam set targetsTeam training with Learning Centre videosTell clients due dateTraining for team - technicalTraining for team - using the systemsUse project kits in Success LibraryWorkflow management system

Allow direct debitBill in advance - 50%, 25%, 25%Change wording - do on or before Communicate price at the start of the job Receivables championReceivables systemDiscount for full payment before start - 10%Document for upfront paymentDon’t send statementsExplain term upfrontFee funding facilityFollow up rigorouslyGet paid in advanceGet toughImprove turnaround timeInvoice at final interviewMultiple payment optionsPartners not involved in follow upPay in installmentsStop work on the job until paidTeam training with Learning Centre videos Use project kits in Success LibraryVisual management


create capacityincrease cashflow

improve profits