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  • 1.LEGAL STUFF 2011 and Beyond, Elliott Hulse & Mike Westerdal All Rights Reserved. International Copyrightwww.LeanHybridMuscle.comThis publication is fully copyrighted and does not come with giveaway or resale rights. You may not sell or redistribute this report. It is reserved solely for paid members ofLeanHybridMuscle.com. Copyright and illegal distribution violations will be prosecuted.This document has been watermarked with a digital GPS identification tag. NOTICE The information presented is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease,nor is it a substitute for medical treatment, nor as an alternative to medical advice.This publication is presented for information purposes, to increase the public knowledge of developments in the field of strength and conditioning. The program outlined hereinshould not be adopted without a consultation with your health professional. Use of the information provided is at the sole choice and risk of the reader. You must get your physicians approval before beginning this or any other exercise or nutritionprogram. This information is not a prescription. Consult your doctor, nutritionist ordietician for further information.

2. Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded is expected to be released onFebruary 8th, 2011. This will be an invitation only 3-Day pre-salebefore it is released to the general public. The updated system will help you build muscle and burn fat even faster. Since you downloaded this special report youre on ourVIP LIsT to get information about the release before anyone else.Plus you get a discount. Having said that.... INTROduCINgTheMuscleshifTing DocTrineWWW.LEANHYBRIDMUSCLE.COM 3 3. You dont need to be a scientist to read this report. In fact my friendElliott Hulse and I are not doctors with access to research facilities. Wearent even trying to peddle any supplements if you can imagine that.Were just two regular dudes that have stumbled upon a very fastway to build muscle and burn fat.The cool thing is, neither of us care about our reputations. Oftentimes people dont agree with us and that is fine. The trainingmethods and information were going to share with you can beconsidered controversial. Check em out and decide for yourself ifyou think this is something that can help you like it has helped somany others.In fact when Elliott and I first startedtalking about building muscle andburning fat at the same time overa year ago it was met with a lot ofcriticism from industry experts.As the results kept pouring in, many of these experts have nowchanged their tune and admitted that it is possible to both build andburn at the same time. Welcome to the bandwagon.Are you sick and tired of bulking up just to gain unwanted fat and thehaving to diet down just to lose hard earned strength and muscle?We sure are! There is a better way.WWW.LEANHYBRIDMUSCLE.COM 4 4. Were here to tell you that it is possible to tone and build yourmuscles while decreasing body fat. Think you cant change your muscle fiber type?Sure you can. Think muscle building and fat burning is all about calories inversus calories out? Think again. Have you been brainwashed to think eating fats are bad for youand going to give you high cholesterol?Who Is This Report For? This isfor anyone that wants to transform theirphysique by creating dense thick musclewhile lowering body fat.This report was also written for those that are willing to break therules and try something new and different. If youre willing to keep anopen mind and think for yourself this report is dedicated to you!We are going to refer to the process of both Building Muscle &Burning Fat in the same training period as MUSCLE SHIFTING.MUSCLE SHIFTING is the process of transforming our physiques tobe stronger and leaner with more endurance.MUSCLE SHIFTING is accomplished by focusing on three mainstrategies that we plan on covering in much more depth over thenext week and a half.WWW.LEANHYBRIDMUSCLE.COM5 5. #1 Training: Using hybrid training to develop muscles withbiologically superior capabilities.#2 Nutrition: We will rotate Nutrition Strategies To Keep TheBody From Adapting#3 Hormones: Using the bodys traffic cops to our advantageCreed 1: Build Type III super Muscles With greaterMitochondrial densityOur bodies are made up of different types of muscle fibers. Type Ifibers are known as slow twitch fibers and have a high resistance tofatigue while Type II fibers are known as fast twitch fibers and havea low resistance to fatigue.Slow twitch fibers support aerobicactivities while fast twitch fibersare built for weightlifting and otheractivities that require short bursts ofenergy.Guys who are built with lots of TypeI muscle fibers make great marathonrunners but terrible weightlifters.Likewise, guys who are mostly madeup of Type II fibers are ideally built toWWW.LEANHYBRIDMUSCLE.COM6 6. lift weights but poorly suited for long-term aerobic activities such aslong distance running.However, by applying certain scientific principles, it is possible tocreate hybrid super muscles that have the best characteristics ofboth Type I and Type II muscle fibers.To create these hybrid super muscles we are reconfiguring Type Iand Type II muscle fibers into a new variety of muscle fiber (Type III)that has endurance, strength and greater mitochondrial density. Thegreater the mitochondrial density, the more energy we have availablefor our muscles.Mitochondria are essentially the muscle cells powerhouses, takingnutrients, breaking them down and producing energy for the musclecells. The form of energy used to power our cells is known asadenosine triphosphate (ATP).When you increase the mitochondrial density of muscle fibers, youboost mitochondrial capacity to burn fat for conversion into ATP. Thisenhanced utilization of fat for energy brings about a process knownas muscle shifting, which results in stronger muscles, increasedlean muscle mass and a decrease in body fat.Also, as part of the muscle shifting process, a key function ofgreater mitochondrial density is to increase the capacity of the TypeII muscle fibers to resist fatigue, thereby pushing them towardsconversion to hybrid super muscles.WWW.LEANHYBRIDMUSCLE.COM7 7. How do we do this? Read the next tactic.Creed 2: utilize Resistance CardioOne of the amazing qualities of super hybrid muscle fibers is thatthey utilize more fat for energy than ordinary muscle fibers.Thats great because one of our primary goals is to keep body fat toa minimum. Our other primary goal though is to build bigger, strongermuscles.Fortunately, muscle shiftingcreating super hybrid musclesprovides the body a tremendous advantage for building lean mass.The advantage stems from the fact that Type III muscles have thebest qualities of both Type I and Type II musclesmeaning that youhave muscle fibers that are both strong and resistant to fatigue.Therefore, because these muscle fibers dont behave like ordinarymuscle fibers, they need to be trained using different techniques,approaches and strategies. Ordinary training techniques wontproduce the results we want. To build super hybrid muscles, youneed to utilize a multi-faceted training approach that incorporateselements that would individually be used to train Type I and Type IImuscle fibers.In other words, we need to combine training techniques used forordinary muscle fibers in order to facilitate muscle shifting andWWW.LEANHYBRIDMUSCLE.COM8 8. address the unique characteristics of the resulting Type III musclefibers.And the best way to do that is to utilize a training approach thatincludes a strong emphasis on both resistance (weight) training andcardio at the same time. Traditional training strategies use one or theothernot both. Combining the two into a hybrid training strategyproduces results far superior to those that you could achieve throughordinary weight training or cardio training alone.EXAMPLESTabata -Using Tabata means alternating 20 seconds of exercise with10 seconds of rest, nonstop for 8 sets. Unlike HIIT we typicallyprescribe for conditioning, but similar in its fat burning effectiveness,this style of training can be adapted any exercise; dumbell presses,barbell rows, jumping rope, rowing, push ups, whatever! Its painful,but the results are worth it!KB swings -The swing maximizes muscular endurance in the backand waist, is a great lower body strength builder andis a highly effective conditioning exercise.1) The starting position of the Two Arm Kettlebell Swing is with thekettlebell on the ground in front of you, knees bent, your weightcentered towards your heels and your back flatWWW.LEANHYBRIDMUSCLE.COM9 9. 2) Start the movement by hiking the kettlebell behind you and thendrive your hips forward to propel the kettlebell through its arc. Themovement is similar to performing a standing broad jump, but ofcourse you stay in the same spot3) Your arms are just hooks and the power comes from themovement of the hips and the muscles of the posterior chain ie,hamstrings, glutes, lower back.4) Swing the kettlebell to about chest height. At the top of themovement breathe out whilst contracting your quads, glutes andyour abs (by tilting your pelvis up).5) Breathe in and hold your breath as you let the kettlebell free fallback between your legs so that it passes through your legs as highas possible (to keep the arc tight and to stop unnecessary pullingon your back). Aim for your groin and then get your groin out of theway by taking you hips back6) Although different trainees will have varying amount of knee bendthe important thing is that the hips go back and thrust forward andthat the quads do not take over the exercise.You should feel the movement in your hamstrings. If your quadsare instead fatiguing then you are not taking the hips back at thebottom of the movement. Kettlebell swings are a fantastic exercisefor fitness and conditioning and to develop strength and power in theposterior chain.WWW.LEANHYBRIDMUSCLE.COM 10 10. Barbell Complexes -Barbell Complexes are