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Lecture material I used in the graduate school class. covers VSM and other basic lean techniques.


  • 1. Improving Service Quality With Lean Process Tools!1
  • 2. Topics:Day 1: Historical and Denition of Enterprise Quality Managing Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Final Projects activity: Project Ideation activityDay 2: Lean Process T&T (Tools and Techniques)Final Projects activity:Presentation of proposed Final Term Project CharterDay 3: Six Sigma DMAIC for process improvementFinal Projects activity:Weekly update and consultationDay 4: Design For Six Sigma (DFSS - DMADV) for process/product innovationFinal Projects activity:Weekly update and consultation!2
  • 3. Topics:Day 5: Six Sigma Program Best Practices and Success FactorsFinal Projects activity:Presentation of draft version Cause Analysis or SystemRequirementsDay 6: Process Performance Measurement and Balanced Scorecard SystemFinal Projects activity:Weekly update and consultationDay 7: Business Process Management (BPM)Final Projects activity:Weekly update and consultationDay 8: Optimizing Process with Business Process Automation (BPA) ToolsFinal Projects activity:Updates on the implementation plan or experiment planDay 9:Review and Consultation on Term Project Paper (1st review)*includes estimated impactDay 10: Final Revalida of Term Project Case Study (Final review)!3
  • 4. Value Stream MappingA Popular Lean Process Tool!4
  • 5. Value Stream Mapping Also called as VSM Tool for identifying process wastes and bottle necks Uses process data for identifying how to improve value streamperformance ie. Leadtime or Turn Around Time, WIP, Quality andProductivity!5
  • 6. Value Stream Mapping!6
  • 7. VSM Commonly Used Symbols!7Available also in Microsoft Visio
  • 8. !8Can you interpret this VSM?
  • 9. Value Stream Mapping Method!9Dene the Value StreamDraw the Current StateDraw the Future StateCreate Improvement PlanImplement the planIdentify the gapsMonitor & Control results
  • 10. !10
  • 11. !11Whose perspective do wecapture in VSM?
  • 12. Lean Process Improvement Techniques!12"Design for Six Sigma + Lean Toolset", Stephen Lunau et al, Springer Publishing, 2009
  • 13. lean Process Improvement TechniquesWorkplace 5S7 Process WastesFloor Layout AnalysisCapacity and QueueingProcess MappingVA/NVA Analysis!13
  • 14. Workplace 5S!14 Sort Systematize Sweep Standardize Self-Discipline
  • 15. 7 Process Wastes (TIMWOOD)!15
  • 16. 7 Process Wastes (TIMWOOD)!16Value Add Non-Value AddTypically 95% of the totalprocessing time is non-value add
  • 17. Floor Layout Analysis (Spaghetti Diagram)!17
  • 18. Capacity and Queuing!18
  • 19. Capacity and Queuing!19
  • 20. Capacity and Queuing!20
  • 21. Process Map & Processing Time Value Analysis!21
  • 22. Updates on the Term Project PaperDue next week May 11, 2013!22
  • 23. Final Term Projects Charter Business Case Problem Statement, Historical Trend Goal or Objective Timeline Methodology Members and Stakeholders Scope Risks Budget!23


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