Lean UX: Getting out of the deliverables business

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This is an expanded presentation detailing how to focus on leaner user experience design methods and reducing the amount of deliverables in your work. It advocates focusing on the actual experience being created and not the deliverable itself as the end state of a project by reducing waste and choosing the right tool at the right time at the right depth. See also bit.ly/LeanUX


<ul><li> Lean UX<br />Getting out of the deliverables business<br />http://img.blog.yahoo.co.kr/ybi/1/1c/f6/cliffordmlarsen/folder/717992/img_717992_1359004_3?1103025176.jpg<br /></li> <li> Who is this guy?<br />Im just doing this for the lanyards.<br />Jeff Gothelf<br />Currently: <br />Director of UX at TheLadders.com<br />Previously: <br />Publicis Modem, Webtrends, AOL, Fidelity and an assortment of startups<br />Blog: <br />www.jeffgothelf.com/blog<br />Twitter: <br />@jboogie<br />Email: <br />jgothelf@theladders.com<br />#LeanUX<br /></li> <li> In the beginning<br />UX began with Information Architecture which no one had ever heard of<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br />http://www.ucdesigners.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/stockxpertcom_id21589-world1-1024x794.jpg<br /></li> <li> Deliverables helped define the practice<br />And this was good<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> IA evolved and expanded into IxD and her sisters<br />Darwinism at work<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> Deliverables helped define the practice<br />And this was good<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> Value has ultimately been placed on the deliverable<br />Not on the experience being created<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> With interactive experiences evolving rapidly<br />The deliverable is just not enough<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> Lean UX<br />Inspired by Lean Startup and Agile development theories, its the practice of bringing the true nature of our work to light faster, with less emphasis on deliverables and greater focus on the actual experience being designed.<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> Agile<br /><ul><li> Individuals and interactions over processes and tools </li> <li> Working software over comprehensive documentation </li> <li> Customer collaboration over contract negotiation </li> <li> Responding to change over following a plan</li></ul>Lean<br />Lean Startup initially advocates the creation of rapid prototypes designed to test market assumptions, and uses customer feedback to evolve them much faster than via more traditional software engineering practices.<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> It goes a little something like this<br />Look familiar?<br />Just the UX process<br />Prototype<br />Concept<br />Validate Internally<br />Test Externally<br />Learn from user behavior<br />Iterate<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> You cant hide behind your monitor any more!<br />Seriously. Its time to come out.<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br />http://www.flickr.com/photos/yamagatacamille/4799648425/sizes/l/<br /></li> <li> Get it out there. Fast.<br />In public. (Yes, where people can see it.)<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> What Lean UX is NOT<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> Lazy.<br />Sorry. You still have to work hard.<br />the best part is that the team is doing a F@&amp;K-TON of UX. They document a ton of stuff explicitly on the walls and implicitly in shared understanding among team members.<br /><ul><li>Austin Govella</li></ul>commenting on Whitney Hesss Why I Detest the Term Lean UX<br />http://whitneyhess.com/blog/2011/02/27/why-i-detest-the-term-lean-ux/<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br />http://www.steadyburn.net/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/lazy-cat5.jpg<br /></li> <li> The only thing being removed is waste.<br />You leave that stuff laying around and it starts to stink!<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br />http://www.flickr.com/photos/mims/326748812/sizes/l/<br /></li> <li> This is NOT design-by-committee!<br />We all know where that leads<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br />http://www.flickr.com/photos/mims/326748812/sizes/l/<br /></li> <li> What Lean UX is<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> Control<br />Youre still in charge<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> But Im giving up control of my work!<br />Youre not, actually. It just feels that way.<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br />http://www.flickr.com/photos/alshepmcr/4561517216/sizes/l/<br /></li> <li> You dont need The Spec to keep control<br />Its the last mile of the value you bring to the team<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br />http://talkingtraffic.org/wp-content/images/stack_documents.jpg<br /></li> <li> If you spend 3 months perfecting a design only to find out it fails to meet customer and/or business needs, youve just wasted 3 months of your life, not to mention your teams<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> Designers shouldnt be expected to get it right the first time<br />Nobody else has to<br />From Design Criticism and the Creative Process by Cassie McDaniel on A List Apart, 11 Jan, 2011.<br />http://www.alistapart.com/articles/design-criticism-creative-process/<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> You are the Keeper of the Vision<br />The greater goal of the design is YOUR responsibility<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br />http://www.flickr.com/photoshttp://www.flickr.com/photos/kubina/1386979654/sizes/l/<br /></li> <li> Momentum<br />Everyones engaged. Everyones motivated.<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> Keep everybody moving forward<br />Your clients, stakeholders, your design and you.<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br />http://www.flickr.com/photos/37541410@N03/3901861703/sizes/l/<br /></li> <li> Quality<br />Dont compromise<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> Speed first. Aesthetics second. <br /> Jason Fried, 37Signals.com<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> Going for the bronze. <br /> A Creative Director I used to work with<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> What about the quality of the design?<br />Iterations mean quality continually improves.<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br />http://stockthemind.files.wordpress.com/2008/04/project-cartoon.jpg<br /></li> <li> Feasibility<br />Make sure it can be built (and built well)<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> Prototype it!<br />But not all of it.<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br />hthttp://3.bp.blogspot.com/_mQ4dc8irsc0/S_TZkx7B_3I/AAAAAAAAAM0/lwh7NTbtKMo/s1600/PopGlider+assembled+2.jpgtp://www.flickr.com/photos/alshepmcr/4561517216/sizes/l/<br /></li> <li> Once validated, demo to the team.<br />Presto! Instant documentation (no additional deliverable needed).<br />No additional deliverables are needed!<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br />http://www.flickr.com/photos/koolwaaij/152426460/sizes/o/<br /></li> <li> Then show it to your customers.<br />Keep it light and cheap.<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br />http://www.flickr.com/photos/forakerdesign/3657336793/sizes/l/<br /></li> <li> Fill in the gaps<br />What did you not think about?<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> The more you talk about it<br />The more you realize whats missing<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br />http://www.flickr.com/photos/adysmiles/4822749055/sizes/l/<br /></li> <li> Can it be done?<br />A tale of two cultures.<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br />http://www.flickr.com/photos/kadelmann/3564028694/sizes/z/<br /></li> <li> The internal software/web design shop.<br />Well within your grasp.<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br />http://www.istudyathes.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/microsoft-20team-201978.jpg<br /></li> <li> You are in the problem-solving business and you dont solve problems with design documentation. You solve them with elegant, efficient and sophisticated software. <br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> The interactive agency.<br />Tougher sell. Worth it in the end.<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> Agencies are in the deliverables business.<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> Recapping the internal Lean UX process.<br />Remember?<br />Just the UX process<br />Concept<br />Validate Internally<br />Test Externally<br />Learn from user behavior<br />Iterate<br />Prototype<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> For agencies it looks slightly different<br />Give your clients the power. They like that.<br />Validate w/client<br />Validate w/client<br />Concept<br />Prototype<br />Iterate<br />Learn from user behavior<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> Consultants are specialized mini-agencies<br />Success with Lean UX will be determined by attention level<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> Reducing deliverables efforts reduces revenue<br />In theory<br />Fewer deliverables<br />Fewer billable hours<br />$$$$<br />Project delivered faster<br />Happier, more empowered client<br />Repeat customer<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> Invest in your clients success<br />It shows the confidence you have in your work<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br />http://www.flickr.com/photos/19638298@N00/143127498/sizes/z/<br /></li> <li> Is this good for every project?<br />Use it where it makes sense.<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br />http://www.krackblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/david_hasselhoff_gary_coleman-e1275077640952.jpg<br /></li> <li> Functional, task-flow projects work well.<br />Theres a clear end goal.<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> Highly experiential marketing projects will struggle.<br />Time to ideate and create options is essential.<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> What about content heavy experiences?<br />Some up front planning is necessary.<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> Distributed teams do it remotely!<br />If theyre a part of you, its on! If not, not bloody likely.<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br />http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2361/2076450897_be1b8ace7c.jpg<br /></li> <li> Case Study<br />100 Days of Collaboration<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> Problem Statement:<br />Youre like Monster, but I have to pay for it.<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> 3 days, 3 themes:<br />Acquisition and conversion<br />Resume services<br />A human in every interaction<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> #LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> #LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> #LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> #LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> #LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> How do I get started?<br />Heres one way. Get everyone involved early.<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> Can you guess who sketched this?<br />The answer will shock you!<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br />http://www.flickr.com/photos/janekeeler/4677093058/sizes/l/<br /></li> <li> Can you guess who sketched this?<br />The answer will shock you!<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br />http://www.flickr.com/photos/janekeeler/4677093058/sizes/l/<br /></li> <li> Can you guess who sketched this?<br />The answer will shock you!<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br />http://www.flickr.com/photos/janekeeler/4677093058/sizes/l/<br /></li> <li> The whole execution team did in a modified design studio.<br />You can also call it collaborative sketching.<br />Design studios<br /><ul><li> Cross-functional team </li> <li> Everybody draws, presents and critiques </li> <li> Refine ideas through 3 rounds </li> <li> Generate tons of raw ideas </li> <li> Huge headstart for UX </li> <li> Early team-wide alignment </li> <li> Team-wide feeling of ownership</li></ul>#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> Start small.<br />6 of your best ideas as fast as possible.<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> Refine to 3 or 4 better ideas.<br />Add detail.<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> And once more to one, final, detailed idea.<br />Let your one best idea shine.<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> <li> Designers are used to being heroes. <br />Lean UX is distinctly, anti-hero.<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br />http://www.abegoodman.com/Images/greatest-american-hero.jpg<br /></li> <li> This is an evolution. Not a revolution.<br />Evolve to stay relevant.<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br />http://www.flickr.com/photos/freejay3/2387714157/sizes/l/<br /></li> <li> Lets get back to the experience design business.<br />Its where its at (as the kids say)<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br />http://www.flickr.com/photos/expressmonorail/3057998218/sizes/l/<br /></li> <li> Thanks!<br />Ask me some questions. Here. Now. Or later.<br />jgothelf@theladders.com<br />@jboogie<br />www.jeffgothelf.com/blog<br />www.slideshare.net/jgothelf<br />bit.ly/LeanUX<br />#LeanUX | @jboogie<br /></li> </ul>