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2. The content1. Structure of the brain2. Miracle of the brain function-brain thinking3. Life style*habits Procrastination4.Treatment of procrastination*change your life style*promodo technique focusing5.how to learn summery6.references 3. 1-structure of the brain 4. Function of the brain 5. Miracle of the brain: Andylouis 6. Brain thinking : 7. Life style of youth : 8. Procrastinationis the practice of carrying out less urgent tasksin preference to more urgent ones, or doingmore pleasurable things in place of lesspleasurable ones, and thus putting offimpending tasks to a later time, sometimes tothe "last minute" before the deadline. 9. Treatment of procrastination*change your life style*priorities*promodo*advise 10. Change your life style 11. balance 12. Memory 13. Nutrition and memory 14. Determine your priorities 15. During study :mind map 16. Pomodoro-trainingshift from diffusing to focus25 minutesNo-interruptionsFocusreward 17. thinking 18. Development of your brain 19. Music and brain 20. Experiment 21. Development of your brain1-planning2-focus3-practice 22. advise 23. Positive thinking 24. References:Learn how to learn online courseHuman resources-alson onlinecourseNutrition book scienceNeuroscience material -science 25. Contact