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Sticking to a workout routine can be a challenge for most of us, here are some of the techniques you can use to stick to your workout routine and be able to lose weight.


<ul><li> 1. Learn How to Stick To Your Workout Routine By www.loseweightlegit.com </li></ul> <p> 2. Sticking to a workout plan is one of the biggest challenges that we all face. I have fallen victim to it a couple of times and learned my lessons. You start up all psyched up, sign up for fitness classes, get new shoes workout outfits then a month or two weeks down the line all the motivation is gone and you quit. All the willpower and motivation is out the window and you go back to your normal life where you dont work out or diet. However there are those who stick to their workout plans in the long-term, you can borrow their tactics and learn how to do it. Most people want to work out and be fit but dont have the willpower, to go for a walk or visit the gym a few times a week. Lack of willpower is one of the reasons why most people cant dedicate their time to fitness and health 3. WILLPOWER Lack of willpower is the reason why people quit gym, skip workouts or cheat on their diet. Here are some of the reasons why people lack willpower and how you can increase your willpower. Stress, Loneliness, Anxiety and Depression- All of these things are definitely not good for us whether you work out or not. They keep you destructed and lose focus in whatever you are doing. Its hard to work out if you are stressed or anxious because you will not be able to put your mind into it. Lack of enough sleep, Lack of sugar in your brain- Lack of sugar in our brains will not only affect your willpower but will also affect day to day routines and decisions. 4. Lack of willpower training- Did you know that you can train your willpower? Yes you can! Its just like muscles; if you train they become stronger if you dont you lose them. Thats how willpower works too. Heres what you can do to increase your will power: Exercise and Healthy eating- To increase your willpower you need to exercise and eat right. Also here are some other things you can do as well: spend time with friends, listen to music, meditation and yoga, spiritual training and everything that reduces your stress level and makes you happy. Eat regularly and get enough sleep- Eat every 3 to 4 hours provide your body with energy and your brain has enough sugar for you to make the right decisions. Dont do starvation diets. Sleep at least 7 to 8 hours per night. 5. Increase and train your willpower- Work on your willpower and increase it. Instead of waiting at the end of the day to work out, create some time to work out every morning when your willpower tank is full. There you have it, work on your willpower and you will be able to make rational decisions and stay motivated all the time. What else can you do to help you stick to your workout plan? Do Outdoors training Training outside will make it easy for you to train at your own convenience other than waiting for gym hours then finding excuses not to exercise. 6. Research has shown that people who train outside are able to stick to their workout plan more than those exercising indoors. As you train outside you will be able to gradually increase your exercise time easily. Start Slow Start with the simple exercises then increase the intensity gradually as time goes by. Work your way up until exercising becomes a habit. If you start with too much intensity its easy to be discouraged and give up in no time. Keep a Log Use a calendar to help track your workouts. Write down your daily workouts; the number of sets and reps done every day. This will help track your progress and will keep you motivated. 7. Have a Backup Plan Purchase a few workout items that you can exercise with when you are not able to get to the gym or go train outside. You can buy the basic stuff like a mat and two 5-pound free weights. Also do other exercises like crunches and squats, you dont need any equipment to do these workouts and they are highly effective. Stay Fresh Doing the same thing over and over can be boring, do new things that will keep you motivated. Keep fresh music in your iPod other than listening to the same songs every day. Get new workout outfits regularly, this will encourage you more to go to the gym. 8. Train with a Partner Last but not least, train with a partner. Having someone to train with will be good for both of you because you can encourage each other. You will also be liable to another person other than yourself. Learn How You Can Naturally Lose up to 10 pounds a Month </p>