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The Vivacity Swim Academy delivers the ASA Learn-to-Swim Pathway, an all-inclusive and fun swimming programme for all ages and abilities.


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    Swimming is one of the most essential life skills that a child or an adult can learn and the Vivacity Swim Academy delivers a great programme of tuition and continuous assessment with the focus on fun and swimming enjoyment.

    The Academy is aligned with the Amateur Swimming Associations (ASA) Learn-to-Swim Pathway. This is a national syllabus for delivering swimming coaching and provides a comprehensive programme to support your child in being able to become competent, confident and safe in the water through learning a range of water-based skills.

    This booklet tells you more about the programme and the different skills your child can expect to develop as they progress through their swimmers journey with us.

    To enrol please complete the application form on page 11 of this booklet and hand it in to your preferred Vivacity Swim Academy centre. Alternatively you can enrol online at www.vivacity-peterborough.com/swimacademy.

    If you have any questions you can call one of our centres on 01733 864 000 or send an email to swim.academy@vivacity-peterborough.com.

    Welcome to the NEW Vivacity Swim Academy


    04 The ASA Learn-to-Swim Pathway

    04 Areas of Skill Development & Tuition

    06 Foundation Level and Learn-to-Swim Stages 1-7

    07 Aquatic Skills Stages 8-10 & Advanced Sports Skills

    08 Continuous Assessment

    09 New Online Assessment Tool

    10 Learn to Dive Programme

    10 City of Peterborough Swimming Club (COPS)

    11 Application Form

    12 Venues & Contact Information

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    The Vivacity Swim Academy is accredited by the ASA, the governing body for swimming in the UK.

    The Academy delivers the ASA Learn-to-Swim Pathway, an all-inclusive programme which takes absolute beginners from their first splash in the water and helps develop confidence and competence as they progress through their journey with us.

    The Academy has four levels which are tailored to the various needs and abilities of students:

    Foundation level

    Learn-to-Swim stages 1-7

    Aquatic Skills stages 8-10

    Advanced Sports Skills

    The Academy teaches children a range of water-based skills and swimming techniques, which challenges students as they progress through the programme.

    The small classes of just 12 children ensure that the water-based skills are taught in a safe, supportive and friendly environment.

    The Swim Academy also teaches a range of skills transferable to other sports which are beneficial for the general health, well-being and personal development of children.

    The ASA Learn-to-Swim Pathway

    At the Academy students learn a range of water-based skills that help towards developing their basic movement range. Children are encouraged to undertake activity to develop these fundamental movement skills and the academy can help in the areas which are swim specific.

    Water entry & exits - ensure safe entry and exits in to and from the water, use of side, steps and eventually dives.

    Water safety - understand how to keep safe in and around water.

    Buoyancy & balance - practicing buoyancy and balance in the water and what can affect it.

    Rotation & orientation - turning, twisting and regaining an upright position in the water.

    Streamlining - being streamlined in the water and why it is important.

    Breathing - learning and practicing correct breathing techniques when swimming.

    Travel & co-ordination - developing movement forwards, backwards, sideways and travelling effectively through the water.

    Health & fitness - developing an understanding of why activity is good for you.

    Areas of skill development & tuition

    The Vivacity Swim Academy focuses on learning key skills and swimming enjoyment





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    ASA Learn-to-Swim Stage 1

    ASA Learn-to-Swim Stage 2

    ASA Learn-to-Swim Stage 3

    ASA Learn-to-Swim Stage 4

    ASA Learn-to-Swim Stage 6

    ASA Learn-to-Swim Stage 7

    ASA Learn-to-Swim Stage 5


    Learn-to-Swim Stages 1-7

    Foundation Level

    Aquatic Skills Stages 8-10

    Alpha StepsDuckling

    Competitive Swimming

    Diving Rookie Life Saving

    ASA Learn-to-Swim Stage 9

    ASA Learn-to-Swim Stage 10

    ASA Learn-to-Swim Stage 8

    Advanced Sports Skills

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    At the Academy learning to swim starts at Foundation level. At this level we look at developing early-years water confidence with adult and child and pre-school sessions which focus on developing the basic motor skills.

    Foundation levelChildren learn through fun and games with awards you can collect from your babies first splash in the water!


    A lovely introduction for young children aged 0-36 months with sessions teaching a range of songs which can be used at bath-time.

    Duckling fun sessions

    A session for 18 months+ exploring the fun of learning to swim and growing water-confidence with parents.

    Alpha-Step sessions steps 1, 2 and 3

    A great stepping stone for toddlers in preparation for Stage 1 or for children requiring more confidence.

    Learn-to-Swim stages 1-7These key stages support children in developing fundamental movement skills in the water while focusing on fun and swimming enjoyment.

    Stage 1Learning basic water safety awareness, basic movement and water confidence - with the use of swimming aids such as armbands and floats.

    Stage 2Safe entries into the water, including jumping in, basic floating, travelling on front and back to 5 metres, rotating the body and regaining an upright position - with the option of using swimming aids.

    Stage 3Safe entries into the water including submersion, travelling on front and back to 10 metres, water safety knowledge and rotation skills - without the use of swimming aids.

    Stage 4Understanding buoyancy through a range of skills, refining kicking technique for all strokes and swimming 10 metres to ASA standard.

    Stage 5Sculling, treading water and complete rotation, swimming 10 metres in all strokes to ASA standard.

    Stage 6Effective swimming skills, co-ordinated breathing across all strokes and swimming 25 metres using a stroke of the childs choice.

    Stage 7 Quality stroke technique up to 100 metres, combining skills to a linked routine and completing an obstacle course incorporating all skills learnt in stages 1-7.

    Foundation level &Learn-to-Swim stages 1-7





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    Aquatic Skills stages 8-10This level teaches swim-specific skills which build on those taught in stages 1-7 and are great if your child wants to take swimming to the next level.

    Awards are given on completion of each stage including a variety of distance awards and the ASA Bronze, Silver and Gold Challenge Awards.

    Advanced Sports SkillsThis level teaches swim-specific skills which build on those taught in stages 1-10.

    Competitive SwimmingAdvanced techniques such as long distance swimming using advanced starts.

    DivingStudents are taught a range of diving skills in a safe and fun environment with 6 levels of tuition.

    Rookie LifesavingThe Royal Life Saving Societys programme for water safety, rescue techniques and resuscitation with three levels offering Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.

    A full list of competencies can be found on our website vivacity-peterborough.com/swimacademy

    Aquatic Skills stages 8-10 & Advanced Sports Skills

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    What are the benefits of the NEW Swim Academy?

    The NEW Swim Academy offers expert coaching and tuition with additional benefits to both you and your child:

    Children can progress at their own pace with expert support

    Every child receives a fun swim pack and progress passport

    Colour-coded swim cap for every stage during their membership

    Collect stickers, badges and medals along the way

    With achievement certificates available at every stage

    Friendly classes of just 12 children

    Online assessment tool with real-time progress and feedback*

    *available to those with internet access

    Making swimming fun!

    All children in the Academy are given their own swimming progress passport and can collect free fun stickers and badges during their Learn-to-Swim journey with us. Achievements are encouraged with certificates and medals available at the end of each stage.

    Continuous Assessment To give our students the maximum benefit we now deliver the Vivacity Swim Academy as a continuous assessment swim school and offer a FREE online assessment tool to give you real-time updates on your childs progress.

    The Learn-to-Swim Pathway ensures children learn the required competencies comfortably at each stage before moving on to the next.

  • How to see your childs progessFollow 3 simple steps:

    Ensure we have your correct email address and we will issue you a new Vivacity card which has your unique membership number on the back

    Go to vivacity.courseprogress.co.uk and bookmark the page for easy access

    Click on the register now bu