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  • Learn VM WARE at AMC Square Learning

  • WHAT IS VMWARE?VMware is virtual machine softwareIt runs multiple operating systems on a single computerAn administrator can manage and optimize resources globallyIts an excellent testing and development platformIts an enterprise-class server

  • FLAVORS OF VMWAREVMware WorkstationGSX ServerESX Server

  • VMWARE WORKSTATIONCurrent version is 5.5Evaluation license key is valid for 30 daysThis is a full working versionVMware has extended this for additional evaluation time if necessaryRuns on Windows or LinuxRetails for ~$189Upgrades after a year are ~$95 a workstation

  • GSX SERVERAble to run multiple servers or workstations on a single boxMeant for a small size server environments and larger-scale test environmentsScales to allow a test Active Directory domain, client/server environment, etc.Can run on Windows or LinuxRetails for ~$1400 for a dual processor system

  • ESX SERVEREnterprise-class virtual serverThis is meant more for a live environmentESX Server is built directly into a custom Linux kernel to optimize performance, stability, and modularizationPricing: call them. A purchase for a 2 processor system with a bundled package should run ~ $3500.

  • WHY VMWARE WORKSTATIONSaves the average administrator and developer hundreds of hours a year by allowing rapid, modular and convenient testsYou can run Windows on Linux and Linux on WindowsYou can do presentations involving OS-based demonstrations on the same piece of hardware as the presentation using multiple VMware systemsIts cheap

  • WHY GSX SERVER Its less expensive than ESX ServerIt allows for multi-processor environments and rapid tests of multiple systemsYou can run a few servers or workstations on a single systemIf youre not comfortable with Linux, you can use a Windows Server as the host OS

  • WHY ESX SERVER Create new systems faster with reduced hardware needs allowing for tailored and scalable memory and processor utilizationDecouple application workloads from underlying physical hardware for increased flexibility- read this is to separate your server applications and services onto individual servers (DNS, DHCP, SMS, IIS, AD, FTP, Brightmail, Sendmail, whatever).Dramatically lower the cost of business continuity- if your virtual system dies, crank of a new box and run a restore in just a few minutes