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Learning Arcsoft PhotoStudio 5.5. How to Scan an Image. Hook scanner to computer via the USB port Open PhotoStudio Click on the Acquire shortcut Click Preview (You may hit cancel after your pictures are in view) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>LearningArcsoft PhotoStudio 5.5</p></li><li><p>How to Scan an Image Hook scanner to computer via the USB port Open PhotoStudio Click on the Acquire shortcutClick Preview (You may hit cancel after your pictures are in view)The picture should have a box around it NOTE: If you have multiple pictures, resize the box to be over only one picture, then draw a box around the next picture, continue until all pictures have a box around them.Click Scan (If you have multiple photos, it shows the how many cropped)Once Scan is done, you must close out of this window</p></li><li><p>How to Save Pictures to Student DriveClick on picture you are working on to make it activeFile, Save As (or the Save shortcut it looks like a disk)Route to your student drive and open any folders if neededType in a filename (it will save as a JPEG file) </p></li><li><p>Image Size and ViewingTo view image size press F2 (or View, Image size)For our purpose, a width of 600 in normally big enough. If you change the width, the height will automatically change. </p><p>NOTE: The size of the picture you see on the screen is not the actual size. PhotoStudio automatically adjust view size to fit in the window. To see actual size go to View, Actual View. To get rid of scroll bars, go to View, Fit in Window</p></li><li><p>Tool Palette SelectionLassoFill BucketStampGradient FillCropMovePaintbrushCloningShapeEye DropperTrashNOTE: When using a tool and you dont like what happen, just press undo!Color Palette</p></li><li><p>Color Palette </p><p>Lets you choose an active swatch and alternative swatch of colorClick on the active swatch to select itClick on the color grid on the Color Palette, choose color for active swatchClick on alternative swatch to select itClick on the color grid on again, choose color for alternative swatch NOTE: Which ever swatch in on top of the other will become the active swatch.</p></li><li><p>Eye Dropper </p><p>Allows you to find a color and places it as your active color.Click on the Eye Dropper ToolClick on the color in the picture you wantIt is now the active color in your color palette.</p></li><li><p>Fill Bucket </p><p>Allows you to fill an area with a color or a pattern.Click on the Fill Bucket NOTE: You may change your bucket to a pattern fill (R click)Make sure the color in the Color Palette is correctClick to Fill </p></li><li><p>Selection Tool </p><p>Select all or a part of your imageClick on the Selection Tool (right click to change shape)Click and drag over the part of the picture you want selected (you will receive dancing ant to show what is selected)</p></li><li><p>LassoThe lasso will let you select object in any shape.Click on the Lasso Tool (If you R Click and choose Magnetic Lasso, it will make the lasso stick better)Outline what you want to keep, clicking will make the lasso stick, to finish come back to the start point and double click</p></li><li><p>Moving an ObjectYou may move an object with the picture to a different spot.Click on the Move ToolClick on the part of the picture you want moved. NOTE: If you want to move only part of the picture, use the Selection Tool and get your dancing ants. Now you can move this small part of the picture.Note: If you have layers, you must click on the Layer to make it active before moving.</p></li><li><p>CroppingCropping will allow you to remove items out of your pictures that isnt needed.Select the part of the picture you want to keep with the Selection Tool, Lasso Tool, or Magic Wand ToolSelect the part of the picture you want to KEEP!!! (you will receive dancing ant to show what is selected)Click on the Crop Tool (removes everything outside the dancing ants)</p></li><li><p>Paintbrush </p><p>Allows you to place color on a certain area of your picture.Choose color wantedClick on the Paintbrush ToolYou may choose from paint brush, pencil, and spray can depending on you needs.You may choose round or shape for style Click and drag to draw If shape, click where you want shape Note: If shape is too small, you picture size can be made smaller to have the shapes appear bigger.</p></li><li><p>Stamp </p><p>Allows you to place a pre-made stamp on your pictureClick on the Stamp Tool Make sure the color in the Color Palette is correctYou may wish to change opacity % (how dark the stamp color is)Click on the desired stampClick and drag to draw the stamp on the picture </p></li><li><p>Shape </p><p>Allows you to edge your pictureClick on the Shape Tool Click on the desired shapeClick and drag over the area of the picture you want to keep this will give you a white edging NOTE: If you didnt edge the entire picture, you may need to crop out the extra white space.</p></li><li><p>Shape to Colored Background</p><p>Allows you to edge your picture but have a color in the edging versus white.Press F2 to determine image size (write down height and width)File, New and type in height and widthUse the paint bucket, fill bucket, or gradient fill (see next slide) to recolor the empty pictureGo to original image, R Click and CopyGo to empty picture, R Click and PasteEdge as normal and the coloring should show through, Crop if needed</p></li><li><p>Gradient Fill </p><p>Allows you to fill an area with a gradient fill.Choose the colors for your active swatch and alternative swatchClick on the Gradient Fill ToolIf you dont want Linear, choose the style you wish from the collapsible list. Click and drag (center of picture) to see gradient fill NOTE: Pattern of the fill will change depending on how big of little you click and drag. Smaller more repeat; Bigger less repeat.</p></li><li><p>Cloning </p><p>Allows you do duplicate a part of a picture. You may also take part of one picture and clone it into a different picture.Click on the Clone ToolYou may wish to change clone sizeHold down the Shift key and click and drag over what you want cloned (source area)Let up on the shiftNow click and drag over the area you want the cloned area to show up. NOTE: IF you are cloning to a different picture, you may need to adjust image size to the clone source isnt too big or too small.</p></li></ul>