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BIBB Vortrag: Qualittsentwicklung im L3 Projekt

LEARNING COMMUNITIESFrom education to learning...Ulf-Daniel Ehlers Duale Hochschule Baden-WrttembergLEACOMM // 19 February 2016

1The talk has to do with all the big questions...Quality, innovation, prepare Minds and doing that with e-learning...


Strong TiesWeak Ties



Question Network Community Reflection Network


experiment & explore networking, build clusters,develop projects experiment, practice, work conceptualisation through reflection & peer-learning Presentation/ Teaching Reflection/ Feedback




Dr. Ulf-Daniel Ehlers ::: European Foundation for Quality in E-Learning ::: ulf.ehlers@icb.uni-due.de

E-Learning 1.0LMS as island


Dr. Ulf-Daniel Ehlers ::: European Foundation for Quality in E-Learning ::: ulf.ehlers@icb.uni-due.de

E-Learning 2.0LMS as a Gate


Dr. Ulf-Daniel Ehlers ::: European Foundation for Quality in E-Learning ::: ulf.ehlers@icb.uni-due.de

Changing Faces of E-LearningFrom Distribution Learning Management SystemsMaterials onlinePresentationInformation

to Collaboration and Reflection

E-PortfoliosWeblogsCommunicationCollaborationWiKisCommunitiesTransmissive LearningExpansive LearningBroadcasting LearningE-Learning 1.0E-Learning 2.0Technology = IslandsTechnology = Gates


From education to learning

Anno 1088http://isdsbologna2013.org/blog/location/bologna/#!prettyPhoto-205/0/

Exclusivelyfor the chosen few...

Anno 1965

http://www.rd.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/imperia/md/images/rd/plasma/news/luftbild_rub_s__dwest.jpgIndustrialisation,Massification, Standardisation

Anno 2014

http://web.mit.edu/jsaa/www/photos/stata.jpgPostmodern, Individualised, Disaggregated

The career of an idea... Where does that leave us?The traditional model: Exclusively for few chosen.The modern (massification) model: Standard model for masses.The post-modern model: Individualised and diversified HE (Rip and Mix Approach/ Patchwork)

Consequences of Connected LearningModern (Massification) Education Model Postmodern Adult Learning ModelDefined degrees Short and patchwork study cyclesStudy in a degree frameworkStudy according needs and interestCurriculum is oriented to professionsNo clear curriculum, but certifiation needsExpert led/ Prof. led knowledge transfer Students are peersExam driven/ Certification boundLearning experience in the foregroundCertifiation of knowledge/ achievementsAssessment of competencesInstitution boundDe-institutionalisedInstitutions reputation determines valueExperience + practice value gain importanceClear timebound structure of degreesFlexibilisation Disciplins are structure givingInter-disciplinary/ trans-disciplinaryDisciplin oriented: canon of methods and knowledgeProblem orientedAcademic status, traditions, clothingIndividualisedDifferentiation against non-higher educationContinuum through ed.-sectors + levels

The path of illusion

With online collaboration and availability of (OE)resources learning will improve!

Challenges Ahead...Challenge 1: Guidance and Inclusiveness Guidance in potentially unstructured learning contextParticipation requires autonomous and self-directed learning competencesChallenge 2: Learning Goals and RecognitionInformal, non-formal learning vs. Documentation and recgnition of learning achievements(IPTS Study 2013)

Regardless of the abundance of open resources and networks available on the Internet, not everyone is able or motivated to use them. It is important for adult learners especially, who have previously been disengaged from learning, that externally set learning pathways continue to exist in the future, which will offer the support and guidance that is needed for these learners to benefit from the increasing scope and variety of learning and training opportunities.16

Open Education Practice

Learning Community




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