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This is a lecture I gave on Learning Styles and other Academic Theory for our Business School Students. It contains videos which probably won't work on this format but I've included the links. Most of the 'content' is in the notes section on each slide - I spoke it. Students were given a Twitter #tag to use during the lecture to reply to the questions posed and these where displayed on a twitter wall. There were also links to Excel files containing questionnaires that the students were encouraged to try after the session.


  • By Jacqui Bartram
  • How much do you thinkabout HOW you learn?
  • What areLearningStyles?
  • The Theory:Everybody has a preferredstyle of learningKnowing and understandingyour learning style can helpyou learn more effectively
  • There are TOO MANY learning stylesmodels to coverDunn and Dunn (VAK)JacksonAllinson and HayesHoney and MumfordEntwistleWhetton and CameronKoganHarrison-BransonConti and Kolody McKenney and KeenMarton and SljWeinstein et alGuilfordMillerBartlettGordonBrovermanRichardsonMessickWitkinFelder and SilvermanRichardson
  • Reading/writingVisualAKuditoryinaestheticTactileVAK based learningstyles are aboutsensory inputand types ofmemoryExcel
  • Honey and Mumfords Learning style isabout approaches to learningLink to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Cf-1zx58CU
  • There is only one problem...Link to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIv9rz2NTUk
  • Do YOU think Learning Stylesexist or not?
  • Not all Learning Styles are soeasily killed offEntwistles Approaches to Study SkillsInventory (ASSIST)Vermunts Inventory ofLearning Styles (ILS)
  • Entwistles model focuses on level ofengagement or depth of processingApatheticDeep SurfaceStrategic
  • Vermunts ILS looks at a studentsinformation processing styleProcessingstrategiesRegulationstrategiesMental modelsof learningLearningorientations
  • From this, Vermunt describes4 types of learning styleUndirectedReproduction directedApplication directedMeaning directed
  • What is YOUR motivation forlearning?
  • OtherAcademicTheory
  • Gardners Theory of Multiple Intelligencesinfluences many learning styles modelsLink to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cf6lqfNTmaM
  • Bodily-kinaestheticRecap of the multiple intelligences:Excel
  • Other theorists took theidea of Interpersonal andIntrapersonal intelligenceand called it emotionalintelligence
  • Golemans modelSelf-awareness(recognise own emotionsand act accordingly)Social awareness(empathy, understandingof social networks)Relationship management(ability to influence othersand manage conflict)Self-management(ability to inspire, influenceothers and manage conflict)
  • Constructivism is alearning theory which statesthat people construct their ownknowledge
  • Reflection is the ability to lookback and analyse your experiencesand realise what lessonscan be learnedfor the future
  • Do you think thatlearning about learninghelps you become aBETTER learner?
  • Metacognition(thinking about thinking)If you are thinking about any ofthis academic theory then youare using