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  • Lecture 21

  • Microbial Energy Sources

    • Respiration:

    • Fermentation:

  • Monod Kinetics

    Acetate-limited Sulfate-limited

    [X] = biomass concentration, KS’ = half-saturation constant for the substrate (see MM kinetics)


    KD’, KA’ = half-saturation constant for the Donor and Acceptor substrates

    Microbial Growth

  • Correcting for the Thermodynamic Driving Force

    • The thermodynamic potential factor (TPF) for microbial kinetics is of a form like: – The ΔGr part is the Q/K term we normally deal

    with, just written differently – The ΔGP part is the energy needed for

    phosphorylation (ATP production) • This reduces the overall free energy of reaction, and is

    often about 40 to 50 kJ/mol

  • Microbial Rate Laws

    • Monod:

    • Dual Monod:

  • Lecture 21 Slide Number 2 Microbial Energy Sources Slide Number 4 Slide Number 5 Slide Number 6 Monod Kinetics Correcting for the Thermodynamic Driving Force Microbial Rate Laws Slide Number 10 Slide Number 11 Slide Number 12