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  • LIKE this, regram that, Retweet this,

    snap that

  • facebook

    The most common among all the social media and the 2nd most popular website in the world - 1st one is Google.

    It has forced users to participate rather than observe.

  • facebook

    The most common among all the social media and the 2nd most popular website in the world - 1st one is Google.

    It has forced users to participate rather than observe.

  • facebook

    Fb uses the social graph and activities to target people and that makes Facebook Advertising awesome.

    Every fan who has liked your page is truly interested in what you have to offer.

  • what does it mean being on facebook?Being on Facebook is like dating. If you dont build a great relationship you wont accomplish much. Build the trust.

    Interact! People love to see that there is a real person behind your brand.


    Twitter is quick, frequent and has the smartest of the audiences.

    It is great for grabbing people's attention quickly and drive them to your website or product.

  • 3 things you will only find on


  • 1. Celebrity access

  • (faster than anywhere else)2. News breaking

    Paris attacked


  • (not even the hashtag)3. The Retweet

  • Being on Twitter means being at a random party, talking to a bunch of people: who do you listen to?

    If you want people to listen to you, act as the guy you would like to talk to at a party.

    what does it mean being on twitter?

  • What is an #hashtag

  • On Twitter, the pound sign - or hash - turns any word or group of words that directly follow it into a searchable link.

    This allows you to organize content and track discussion topics based on those keywords.

    Its all about joining the conversations.

  • What is a Trending Topic

  • Twitter Trends are automatically generated by an algorithm that attempts to identify topics that are being talked about more right now than they were previously.



  • The Trends list is designed to help people discover the most breaking news from across the world, in real-time.


    The Trends list captures the hottest emerging topics, not just whats most popular.



    Instagram has grown faster than every other social platform, ever.

    On Facebook you have to build strong relationships. On Twitter you have to say something smart quickly.

    On Instagram you have to share your moments through pics. Who does not love taking pictures?

  • 4 things that make instagram


  • Immediacy Beauty

    Evocation Continuity

  • 4 very creative instagram accounts

  • @tsff2015 @ikea_ps_2014

    @rickandmortyrickstaverse @gla_build_your_own


  • snapchat

    Snapchat is a photo and video messaging app. It launched in 2011.

    Snapchat is unique in that all photos and videos only last a brief amount of time before they disappear forever. The app's users were sending 700 million snaps a day.

    Everything is in the moment.

  • why snapchat is unique

  • social media epic fails(and The Epic Win Ever)

  • social media: professional

    vs personal

  • As social media continues to mature and new platforms and ways to interact on social media evolve, you must consider the image you want to present professionally and personally.

  • key differences

  • Professional Social media is your multi-media resume complete with endorsements. It provides you with a platform for building your thought leadership.

    Personal Social media is a way to engage with family and friends, regardless of their current location. It keeps you connected with people you may have lost contact with otherwise.

  • Name Images

    Bio Connections


  • If you dont have anything

    nice to say, dont say it

  • Claudia Consiglieri snap/ig @chincaglia

    Anna Chiara Maggiolini snap/ig @annamaggiolini

    Milan - March, 30th 2016