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  • 8/8/2019 Legacy (Part 1) - Jedi Master Shi'yi Qui-li




    The Jedi Archives were often considered a place of thought and reflec-tion for its visitors. It had been destroyed and rebuilt numerous times, by

    the same conflicts it now records into endless towering shelves of Galactic


    Shiyi sat cross-legged at the base of one such shelf, sifting through the

    old holocopies of her masters journals. She cradled the holopad in her lap

    while she read and felt the warmth from it on her legs. There was nothing

    more comfortable than a good book in a grand room.

    It took her a few hours to find it, but she didnt mind. Wandering the

    Archives was wandering through history. She was surrounded by tales,

    stories, and entire pasts. The records of entire star systems and eras rising

    and falling, thousands of centuries prior to her life. And still, there was an

    unimaginable amount of stars in the galaxy today, and only a fraction of

    them were described by the Galactic Alliance as known space. Shiyi

    often thought spacethe very concept of itwas impossible to under-

    stand, let alone describe.

    That was before she found the Force.

    Reading through her masters journals provided her with a reminder, a

    guideline she was taught long ago when training, that the Force was space.

    It connected all things, all planets, all feelings and all thoughts. It was

    what was. That was simply the truth. Shiyi believed now that understand-

    ing the universe wasnt the question, but understanding the beings that

    inhabit it.

  • 8/8/2019 Legacy (Part 1) - Jedi Master Shi'yi Qui-li


    Her master always taught her that space is only dark and cold when

    there is no one to light it. And after his death, Shiyi always tried to light

    up everything and everyone around her. Including her former Apprentice.His footsteps echoed throughout the endless aisles of information

    stored in the First Hall. Shiyi looked up from the journal she was reading

    and smiled as she saw him trotting towards her.

    Obviously youre here. Zee said. His voice echoed in the halls as


    Obviously. She smiled and got up, sliding the journal back into its

    labelled spot. The holocopys spine turned bright blue when it slid back in.

    What is it?

    Well, it seems like theres a mission.

    Finally, your first one! She laughed and abruptly hugged him.

    Good for you; dont think you need me anymore, she started patting

    him on the back since her arms couldnt reach his shoulders.

    Zee scoffed and pulled her away. Yes, Im well aware, but its not for

    me. Its for you. Councils waiting.

    Really? And all the way up there? Shiyi groaned.

    Yes, Master. He bowed mockingly. She responded with smacking

    him on the head.


    ItsformerMaster now, got it? What kind of mission?

    Reconnaissance, I beli

    MASTER QUI-LI!WHERE ARE YOU?! A voice bellowed from

    the far end of the hall.

  • 8/8/2019 Legacy (Part 1) - Jedi Master Shi'yi Qui-li


    Here, Master Dj. Please, you can contact me through the Force, yell-

    ing is quite unnecessary. A frail Mriss in over-sized robes waddled

    slowly towards them. His colourful wings flapped sporadically, feathersfalling behind him, as if he were trying to gain flight to get to them faster.

    Both of them waited patiently while Master Dj came within talking


    Hello, Master, Zee said almost robotically.

    Master Dj looked at him with his sharp avian eyes, his beak slightly


    Then suddenly he spurted, Whats his deal? You a synthdroid or


    Jedi Baohe is not accustomed to talking informally to superiors. His

    recent knighting hasnt yet set in, has it?

    No, I dont think so. Should I just call youNurat then, Master? Zee


    Master Dj returned to a blank stare at him. He blinked, and looked back

    at Shiyi.

    I dont think youve taught your apprentice enough.

    Shiyi sighed deeply and crouched down to the Masters diminutive

    height. His wings flapped twitchily, exposed from his robes, and a few

    more feathers fell to the floor.

    She talked slowly and in fragments so Master Dj could register the


    What is it, Master? Why have you called me?

  • 8/8/2019 Legacy (Part 1) - Jedi Master Shi'yi Qui-li


    Oh, well the Council wishes to see you, Master Qui-li. You have a

    mission! His feathered hands swung in excitement. Shiyi glanced back

    at Zee who shrugged back at her, while hiding his laughter.Thank you, Master. Please, continue your Chief Librarian duties, Im

    sure you have much archiving to do.

    Oh, yes. Ofcourse I do. Good luck, Master Qui-li. And congratula-

    tions, Jedi Baohe.

    Thank you, Master, they both said in unison.

    They bowed as he turned around and slowly snailed his way back into

    the endless aisles.

    Did he ever battle? I mean, does he even have a lightsaber? Zee


    Nurat Dj fought in seventeen battles as a Jedi Guardian, three on his

    home planet. He lost five apprentices during that time. His connection to

    the Force was strong in those days. But all that fighting probably drained

    him. Now he just delves in books, like people of his species are supposed

    to do, because its peaceful, and quiet. Nobody to lose. No death.

    She looked on as Master Dj finally turned the corner, and then

    shifted her attention to Zee, who was staring intensively at his former

    master. She could tell that her words had spoken to him, but Zee experi-

    enced no true battle yet, nor did she think he wanted to. Nevertheless,

    Shiyi recognized that stare of anticipation and wonderment, and of equal

    anxiety towards the prospect of conflict, and the thought of death.

    She broke the silence. So, the Council?

    Zee regained his train of thought. Oh. Ah, yes. You leave today.

    And you?

  • 8/8/2019 Legacy (Part 1) - Jedi Master Shi'yi Qui-li


    I guess I wait for you to come back, Master. He smiled coyly.

    Nice to see the life of a Knight is treating you well. Dont get lost in

    these halls.She began walking towards the Archives exit to the upper levels.

    Zee shouted, Already am!

    Shiyi shook her head and smiled. She thought about what Master Dj

    had said about Zee, but she knew the truth behind it. Master Dj was known

    for his attempts at humour, albeit dry at times. It was a side-effect of

    spending several decades roaming the Archives as a Chief Librarian. His

    sarcasm was often hard to pick up on, but Shiyi understood.

    Zee was her first apprentice, but the entire Order held good faith in

    him, and good faith in Shiyis tutelage. Like her master once saw in her,

    Shiyi knew it immediately. The Force was strong in this one.