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The next three months will be the springboard to a record breaking year. I encourage you to get involved; harness the power within, attend the training, talk to more people and don’t be afraid to ask us for help.


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    Q2 2015 highlights ................................................1

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    Entrepreneurship is for the young: OR IS IT? ...........4

    Member of the quarter ...........................................5

    4 mistakes to avoid in Direct Selling .......................5

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    Interesting facts from DSAs around the world .........6

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    Our mission is service to mankind through unleashing human potential. This is why we started LEO and what I am passionate about. Education and skills training products are our core offering, but its not going to help anyone if we keep them closely guarded secrets. That is why I encourage the Directors to go out in the field and share their knowledge. The Founders Tour, together with all the Power of LEO training events being run by our regional and local offices will help each and every one of you to develop your skills, knowledge and, above all, provide you with powerful tips on how to grow your business. The next three months will be the springboard to a record breaking year. I encourage you to get involved; harness the power within, attend the training, talk to more people and dont be afraid to ask us for help.

    Quarter 2 2015 highlights

    LEOcoin Foundation

    Click here to enter the quiz, for your chance

    of winning LEOcoins

    Celebrating 150 Weeks of LEO


    SPECTACULAR. I was so pleased to see so much interest from our Members and the Worlds press and TV. More than 10,000

    people are now trading on the LEOxChange and activity is

    growing every day. This new digital currency has the potential to change the way that business is done across the world. These early months have been very encouraging and I am excited about the future of this revolutionary new digital currency which celebrated its first birthday on 22 June.

    IN THE LAST MONTH THE LEOCOIN FOUNDATION OPENED. This is an independent, not-for-profit, organisation that will champion the transformative impact that LEOcoin and other digital currencies can have on global business. This Foundation will develop the digital currency ecology through supporting technological developments, holding events and engaging with influential people across the world.

    IN APRIL WE CELEBRATED 150 WEEKS OF LEO. Its extraordinary to look back and realise how far we have come. We starting thinking about LEO at a small, almost intimate, meeting in Dubai. We had great ambitions back then and its incredible to see how far we have come. With just 4 people, led by Atif and me, we took the seeds of an idea and with hard work and dedication by all involved, a staggering 160,000+ in over 40 countries now share the same vision. Who were the others? They were the far sighted entrepreneurs Hans Pasveer and Farhat Mirza.

    Remembering that meeting reminds me of the power of the LEO Vision. It should excite all of us with the power of what it can achieve. We have done so much in just 150 weeks, but we have a 100 year vision and theres so much more that we can do. There are even more exciting new business opportunities for LEO members to come, and we remain passionate and focused on our core mission service to mankind through unleashing human potential.


    Many of our members will

    have been to see an event

    on the Founders tour. Atif,

    my co-founder and LEOs

    Chief Marketing Officer,

    has been driving a fantastic

    series of events across the

    whole planet. Ably assisted

    by Geraldine Aquino, our

    Chief Operating Officer, Atif

    has conducted Power of LEO

    and Discover LEO training

    sessions in Russia, Kuwait,

    Philippines and Brazil to

    name a few, with many more

    planned over the coming


    This drive for new markets

    is infectious. Directors

    Johnny, Michelle, Wendy

    and Mahboob have been

    promoting and running

    sessions across North

    America, Middle East and

    Asia Pacific. Members from

    Slovenia, Turkey and The

    Netherlands, supported by

    Hans Pasveer, have been in

    Brazil for most of June. They

    have been spreading the

    word by holding awareness

    meetings and delivering

    LEO business opportunity

    seminars. It is just fantastic

    to see our Leaders take

    up the challenge and run

    these initiatives and help

    to spread the power of LEO

    across the world.

    NEW YORKThe USA is the biggest, and oldest, market for Direct Selling. LEO pre-launched in New York on 25th April and has started its application for the US DSA. I have tremendous faith in our North American staff and Members and look forward to reporting on their success very soon.

    PRODUCTSThese are our core offerings and Im delighted that over the last 3 months we have launched over 30 new eLearning products under the CoreLine brand and 14 new eTutoring products.

    More can be learned from the CoreLine site http://CoreLine.LearnEarnOwn.com but to give you some examples:

    Dr Aleksander Sinigoj: Talk to 10 new people every day and The unspoken secret

    Ryan Coelho: How to network like a pro and #1 Tip for online and offline sales

    Julian Bolster: Creating a positive team and Motivation vs Inspiration

  • LEO works hard to ensure that the opportunity to become an entrepreneur or successful business owner is open to everyone.

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    Generation Z

    How are countries coping with the growth of the younger population, and ensuring that they have jobs and business prospects to go to?

    Over the 10-year period between 2011-2020, Turkeys population is projected to expand by 8.3%, to become the second most populated nation in Europe after Russia. By 2020, Turkey will hold the youngest population, providing continuing opportunities to businesses across various sectors. Continued population growth is set to pressure

    the Turkish job market, as a greater number of people will expect jobs. World of Direct Selling Newsletter.

    It is not just Turkey that has an obligation to ensure that the coming generation have jobs to go to. World-wide we need to think more and more about providing jobs for the next generation. More importantly, we need to make sure that this Generation Z, who will have fresh new ideas for business opportunities and entrepreneurship, have access to the right platforms and educational products that will help them achieve

    their goals and improve their lives.

    Every Member has the opportunity to get involved in this initiative. LEO products can certainly provide the skills that this generation needs to secure employment; whether on their own or as part of an established organisation. We must help them achieve their dreams.

    Entrepreneurship is for the young: OR IS IT?

    According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), there are over 4.5 million people in the UK who are self-employed. This is higher than it has ever been.

    Thanks to the continuous growth of technology, to become an entrepreneur is much easier now.

    Whats most interesting is that entrepreneurship and starting a new business is no longer

    thought of as something only suited for the young. ONS noted that between 2008-12, 80% of those who became entrepreneurs or self-employed were aged over 50.

    This is fantastic news; LEO works hard to ensure that the opportunity to become an entrepreneur or successful business owner is open to everyone.

    So whatever your age, you can talk to people of your own generation and provide them with the right skills development products, support and knowledge that will help them become a success.

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    Larisa Sharmankina joined LEO on 8th Feb 2015. She is a Russian national who has long held the belief that if you want to be successful in your life you need to try new things.

    When she heard about the LEO opportunity from Johnny (Zhou Ning), LEOs General Manager, Eurasia Region she knew she was going to have to work hard. But this did not deter her at all.

    Larisa started building her business in the two markets she knew well, Russia and Kazakhstan. After only one month she had developed her business so dramatically that

    she won the incentive to go to both the LEOxChange launch events in London and Hong Kong.

    Such is her willingness and ability to follow Dans advice to talk to more people that she is now working to develop a new market in Irkutsk.

    As Johnny says Larisa is an example to all of our members. She is totally committed to LEO and the opportunity it offers to everyone, and she will never give up!

    Her tip for success is to work hard and believe in yourself.

    Member of the quarter

    4 mistakes to avoid in Direct SellingThis quarter, the focus seems to be firmly on entrepreneurship around the globe, the education around it, and how to encourage it to future generations. When starting out in entrepreneurship or business, you will undoubtedly make a mistake. Those mistakes are usually small, they are easy to recover from and will provide you with an important lesson to keep in mind as you move forwards with your business. What we want to do is ensure that you avoid the mistakes that could stop your business dead in its tracks.

    Make sure you have full training before you start; you will never be able to talk to the field and explain what you do and what you can do

    for them, if you havent had the correct training. Speak to experts, ask questions, take the LEO eLearning course, come to a Live Seminar, join Train the Trainer.

    Dont allow a negative answer to knock you back; there will always be a difficult person but dont get scared off easily. Do your research so that you are prepared, and remember that at times the person you are talking to may just need time to digest the information you have given them.

    Its okay not to have an answer for everything; you can be as prepared as you

    like but sometimes someone will ask you something that will really make you think. Feel confident in telling them that you are unsure and reassure them that you will work hard to give them an answer as soon as you know it.

    Ask the right people for advice; reach out to those that have been in the industry and have a lot of experience. Everyone loves to share their stories. Remember that there is also the DSA websites in different countries that you can reach out to for advice and information.

    All who have attended the weekly Global Associate Meeting will know we love to recognise the achievements of our Members. Recognition is part of the reason people work hard. In order that we dont forget that LEO Corporate staff are also working beyond their official duties, we have started recognising, in public, LEO employees who deliver outstanding achievement as well. They are measured on LEOs 5 precepts; principally on the first one: Our Members are the Heart of our Business.

    April: Tim Venables. Global Operations Manager Without him and people like him the company would not be where it is today. Dan Andersson CEO & Co-Founder

    May: Fan Fan. Members services North America. This girl is a gem and definitely deserves to be recognized globally for her efforts and dedication. Michelle Smith. Training and Sales Director

    Take a look at the accolades and the videos on the WelcometoLEO.com site under Team/ Hall of Fame.

    Employee of month

    Global direct sales increased by 6.4 percent in 2014 to $182.8 Billion.

    The US is number one in the Direct Selling industry, followed by China and Japan. The UK is 10th, and Canada is currently 17th.

    The US has $34,470 million in retail sales which is an

    increase of 5.5%, and they have 18,200,000 Independent Sales Contractors.

    China has $30,217 million in retail sales which is an increase of 18.6%. There is no data on number of Independent Sales Contractors.

    Europe has $32,609 million in retail sales which is an increase of 3.4%, and they have 13,970,212 Independent Sales Contractors.

    There has also been a huge growth in the under 25s and over 50s becoming Direct Sellers.

    25% of Direct Sellers are men.

    It is exciting to see such a huge growth for entrepreneurship, especially

    in both the younger and older generation.

    It confirms that regardless of where you are in life, you are able to achieve anything you want to, especially with the right platforms and education behind you.

    If any of your contacts doubt that direct selling is a legitimate business occupation, you can shock them with the size of these numbers. You are not on your own. You have millions of people that are making direct selling their occupation of choice. Millions of references on the opportunity that a direct selling business, like LEO, gives to people. An opportunity that is too good to miss.




    Interesting facts from DSAs around the world

    If you are looking to refresh your skills then we would recommend that you enrol on the Train the Trainer course. On this 3 day course you will learn best techniques to deliver engaging training that will improve the skills of your team. Contact your Regional office for the latest training schedule.

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    Coming up





    11th July Power of LEO

    in Novosibirsk, Russia

    Global Leaders Summit in Germany and France


    O G


    B AL L E

    A D E R S SU




    In this 2 centre event held over 7 days, qualifiers will be

    treated to LEO VIP Business Meetings

    and the opportunity to attend the Live

    Seminar before being whisked off to Paris on a LEO jet. The GLS

    culminates in a spectacular event in Le Manoir in Fontainebleau.

    Buy in packages available.



    18th September Power of LEO in Kazakhstan

    Details of these events can be found in your back office.

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