Lesson 2 Day 5 “The Day Eddie Met the Author”. Question of the Day What kind of books do you like to ready? I like to read __________. Write one or two.

Download Lesson 2 Day 5 “The Day Eddie Met the Author”. Question of the Day What kind of books do you like to ready? I like to read __________. Write one or two.

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  • Lesson 2 Day 5 The Day Eddie Met the Author
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  • Question of the Day What kind of books do you like to ready? I like to read __________. Write one or two sentences that describe the types of books you like and why.
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  • Todays Read Aloud: Breakfast Time Why might people read a story or watch a movie again? For enjoyment or to practice reading. As I read this story I want you to listen to how I read.
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  • Todays Read Aloud: Breakfast Time Leons sister Keisha woke him by shaking his shoulder. Leon rolled over, come on, he heard her say. Its six oclock. Remember our plan? They tiptoed down the steps in their bare feet. Their parents were still asleep. Keisha, who was twelve, led the way into the kitchen. The sun had just started to stream through the window. All right, Keisha said, lets make them breakfast.
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  • Todays Read Aloud: Breakfast Time Leon sat on the floor. He rubbed his eyes. How are we going to make breakfast? he said. mom makes it every day. What do we know about making breakfast? Just watch me and do what I say, Keisha said. She got glasses and bowls from the cabinets. Then, she found a tray. Get the bread and the butter and the orange juice, too, she said. Leon followed her instructions. Soon, they had a beautiful breakfast for their parents, with juice, toast, cereal, and a piece of fruit. Wow, Leon said, you should be a cook, Keisha said. Together, were already cooks.
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  • Root Words; Endings ed, -ing Write these words down in your notebook now! ShapedTradingLiked HuggedSkippingMapped DinedKiddingStored The first row: Words are formed from roots with a final e. The second row: Words are formed from roots that have a short vowel and a single final consonant. The third row: Name and spell the root of each word and tell how the root changes when the ending is added. T184
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  • Root Words; Endings ed, -ing and Spelling 1. Saved: I saved my allowance. 2. Moved: My friend moved to Alaska. 3. Riding: I like riding my bicycle. 4. Waking: Waking up in the morning can be difficult. 5. Pulled: Paco pulled the door closed. 6. Taking: Do you like taking test? 7. Hopped: Ruby hopped on one foot. 8. Baking: Nancy and Chan are baking bread. T185
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  • Root Words; Endings ed, -ing and Spelling 9. Picked: Last summer, I picked some blueberries. 10. Having: Is everybody having a good time? 11. Letting: Mr. Kane is letting us play ball today. 12. Running: Omika is running faster than her friends. 13. Drawing: Maria is drawing a picture of her house. 14. Folded: Charles folded his napkin. 15. Shopped: I shopped for groceries yesterday. T185
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  • Fluency Open your books to page 66! I want you to get with a partner and read pages 66- 69. You are going to be practicing fluency. As you read aloud to each other change your voice for each character to show how that character speaks, feels, and acts differently from the others. T186
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  • Tiger, Tiger What is a character? What is a setting? Im going to read Tiger, Tiger. I want you to listen and find out who the characters are and if you can find the setting. Who are the main characters in this story? What is the setting? How does the tiger feel about books at first?
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  • Vocabulary If you were meeting resistance to your idea of what to play, would you feel frustrated? Explain. Why might the audience have squirmed when the first grade recited a poem? If you were asked to conquer a messy closet, would you feel anticipation for a pleasant experience? Explain.
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  • Vocabulary If a speaker murmured form a stage during an assembly, would people be able to hear that person? Why or Why not? Would a teacher usually dismiss a class right after students had recited the Pledge of Allegiance? Explain. Do you think an outfit that is made up of patchwork of designs is pleasant to look at? Why or Why not? Would you expect to have plenty of friends who are loyal or just a few? Would it be a coincidence if you and I went to a concert together and the singer autographed CDs for both of us? If people squirmed as they modeled new clothes, would they be doing a good job of showing the clothes? Why or why not? T189
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  • DOL 1. do not go neer the water. 2. I am so excited
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  • Grammar: Commands and Exclamations Remember: A statement tells something. It ends with a period. A question asks something. It ends with a question mark. An exclamation expresses surprise, excitement, or other strong feelings. A command tells someone to do something. It usually ends with a period. A very strong or urgent command ends with an exclamation mark.
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  • Grammar: Commands and Exclamations Tell me if these are commands, exclamations, or question marks. I rode my bicycle home Is that a long ride I cannot believe you did that Please wait for me after school T190


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