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Lessons Learned. IU 13 LDC Webinar May 16, 2013. Check on Tech. Audio Wizard Elluminate tools Hand raise Microphone Smiley face Checkmark Chat box. Virtual Meeting Norms. Please… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Lessons Learned: Task 2 and Student Work

Lessons Learned

IU 13 LDC Webinar May 16, 20131Check on TechAudio Wizard

Elluminate toolsHand raiseMicrophoneSmiley faceCheckmarkChat box

IU 13 LDC Webinar22Virtual Meeting NormsPlease

participate by using the microphone, answering poll questions, collaborating in breakout rooms and using the chat window.

raise your hand to indicate that youd like to use the microphone when it is time for questions.

release the microphone when you are finished.

use the door to indicate that you are away from your computer if you need to step out. IU 13 LDC Webinar33Goals for This AfternoonProvide an opportunity for discussion about implementation of the second module.Share exemplary modules to promoter awareness of LDC quality standards/jurying.Provide participants with a forum to discuss lessons learnedIU 13 LDC Webinar4

4Survey SaysQuestion: Where are you in the process of implementing your second LDC module?Implementation is complete, and I am finished with scoring my student work.Implementation is complete, and I am in the process of scoring my student work.I am in the process of providing instruction for the task.I havent begun to implement the task yet.

IU 13 LDC Webinar5Your Turn: Sharing Your ExperiencesWith regard to instruction, what are some of your lessons learned?

What were some of your successes?

What did you learn about your students?

What were some of your aha moments?

Would you change anything about your instruction for next time? What?IU 13 LDC Webinar6

Survey SaysWere you able take part in a collaborative scoring session in your buildings (with one or more members of your team)?YesNoIU 13 LDC Webinar7

Your Turn: Sharing Your ExperiencesWith regard to scoring student work

What questions do you have about the rubric or the scoring process?

What were some of your lessons learned about the process of scoring student writing?

What were some of your lessons learned from your analysis of your students work?IU 13 LDC Webinar8Contact Us!Barbara Smith- LDC Site LeadEmail: barbaraa_smith@iu13.org Phone: (717) 606-1374Cell Phone: (717) 644-1144Twitter: @BarbSmith2Kelly Galbraith- LDC ConsultantEmail: kelly_galbraith@iu13.org Phone: (717) 606-1667Cell Phone: (717) 419-4069Skype: kelly.galbraith.iuTwitter: @galbraith_kellyRuth Manthey-LDC Program AssistantEmail: ruth_manthey@iu13.org Phone: (717) 606-1939

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