let freedom ring the bill of rights. amendment 1 freedom of religion freedom to petition dear mr....

Download Let Freedom Ring The Bill of Rights. Amendment 1 Freedom of Religion Freedom to Petition Dear Mr. President, Freedom of Speech Freedom of the Press Freedom

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  • Let Freedom RingThe Bill of Rights

  • Amendment 1

  • Amendment 2Right to bear armsOwn a gun

  • Amendment 3No quartering (lodging) soldiers in private houses

  • Amendment 4No unreasonable searches and seizuresYou cannot come in without a warrant!

  • Amendment 5Due Process of LawYou have the right to remain silent

  • Amendment 6Right to a Fair, Speedy and Public TrialCourts adjourned!

  • Amendment 7Right to a trial by jury for civil cases$25$5,000$0$1 million$5,000

  • Amendment 8No cruel and unusual punishmentYou cant punish me unfairly!

  • Amendment 9Rights of the people are not limited to those in the Constitution.We have other rights, too!

  • Amendment 10All powers not given to the nation are reserved for the states.The states haverights too!


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