let me tell my story: story creation apps for early learners

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  • Let Me Tell My Story:

    Story Creation Apps

    for Early Learners

    Gayle Berthiaume

  • Storytelling promotes expressive language development, both in oral and written form.

    The storytelling experience assists children in generating stories and encourages their dictation and story writing.

    (Nelson 1989)

  • Considerations

    By Gayle Berthiaume

  • Developmentally Appropriate Interface

    Suddenly It Clicks!

    From: Using an iPad with Your Preschooler

  • Images for Stories

  • PhotoBoothCamera

    Pixabay Drawing Pad

  • Built-in Camera

    Learning to take photos

    Asking permission

    Talking about the pictures

    Making books or projects with photos


  • Story Creation Apps

  • Tell About This

    ChatterPix Kids

    Shadow Puppet Edu

  • GarageBand

  • Puppet Pals HD

    Toontastic 3D

  • The Making of a Digital Story

    Gather or create digital images and audio

    Make your story come alive

    Share your story

    Brainstorm ideas for a story

    Decide who is your audience and what is your purpose

    Write a script or a story

    Create a storyboard

  • Kidspiration for Brainstorming

    Kidspiration Maps Lite

  • Kidspiration Maps Lite for Word

  • StoryboardName:

    Group Members: Scene 1 (Beginning) Scene 2 (Middle) Scene 3 (End)

    Words Words Words

    Camera or illustration Camera or illustration Camera or illustration

  • Book Creator


    Explain Everything

  • Book Creator

  • Bats fly at night. They eat TONS of insects. They really like mosquitoes. People should like bats because they hate mosquitoes.

    By Mitch


  • The Story SpineOnce upon a time . . .

    Every day . . . But one day . . .

    Because of that . . . Because of that . . . Because of that . . .

    Until finally . . . Ever since then . . .

    The moral of this story is. . .

  • Once upon a time

    there was a cute cat who liked to catch mice.

  • Every day

    the cat caught mice.

  • But one day

    the mice did not show up.

  • Because of that

    the cat was hungry.

  • Because of that

    the cat got sick.

  • Until finally

    one mouse showed up and helped the cat get better.

  • Ever since then

    the cat only eats fish.

  • Create Your Story

  • Sharing Stories and Favorite Apps

  • Thank you for encouraging your young learners to tell their stories.

    Gayle Berthiaume




  • Questions & Evaluation