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My "Let's go blue!" presentation for the "Lunchtalks" series at the University Library Frankfurt. I talked about my internship at the U-M Grad Library.


  • 1.Let's go blue! Internship at the Hatcher Graduate Library, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Lunchtalk @ UB Ffm 12/09/2008 Fabienne Kneifel, Frankfurt PublicLibrary

2. Have you ever wondered... ...what an Espresso Book Machine does? ...how libraries can literally be 'ugly'? ...what patrons can do in a Knowledge Navigation Center? ...why (and how!)we would let an elephant into the library? 3. Have you ever wondered... ...how many square feet a library needs to have in order to be called the largest public library in the world? ...how libraries can be innovative with the help of Facebook, Twitter, MTagger and the SOPAC? ...what a wolverine is and why it is so important for a2? 4. Overview U-M, U-M Library, Hatcher Graduate Library - Quick facts & pictures - Web 2.0 - Digital library - Information literacy Ann Arbor District Library Chicago Public Library Ann Arbor: Let's go blue! 5. U-M, U-M Library Quick facts University of Michigan (U-M): - One of the original eight Public Ivys - 41.000 students U-M Library: - 19 libraries - 8M volumes, 72.000 serials - 4M users/year - 1M circulations/year - 9 independent libraries, affiliated with the U-M 6. U-M, U-M Library, Hatcher Graduate Library U-M Library: - Hatcher Graduate Library- Health Sciences Library (HSL) - Art, Architecture and Engineering Library - Law Library - Clements Library - Shapiro Library (Askwith Media Library, Science Library, UGLi) 7. U-M, U-M Library, Hatcher Graduate Library 8. U-M, U-M Library, Hatcher Graduate Library 9. Hatcher Graduate Library Quick facts Hatcher Graduate Library: - 3.5M volumes (11.000 serials, 20.000 eJournals, 500 databases, 1.5M microforms) - 500.000 circulations/year - Two separate but connected buildings - 95 staff members, 26 Subject specialist librarians - Library automation system = ALEPH 500 - Federated search product = Metalib - OpenURL Link resolver = SFX 10. U-M, U-M Library, Hatcher Graduate Library 11. U-M Library Web 2.0 MLibrary 2.0 MTagger Chat & E-Mail Second Life & Facebook MLibrary Labs Next gen catalog a.k.a. OPAC 2.0 12. U-M Library Web 2.0 MLibrary 2.0 - 2007 Forum series - Explore new directions for access & services: library 2.0, social networking, future of searching - Wide range of activities: Presentations Interactive workshops Hands-on experiences Discussions 13. U-M Library Web 2.0 MLibrary 2.0 - Outcome: Library-wide enthusiasm for Library 2.0 concepts and technologies Basic grounding in those concepts and technologies MLibrary 2.0 Website & Wiki Staff bloggers (including Dean of Libraries) Monthly Brownbag session Services like MTagger, MLibrary Labs, Facebook pages 14. U-M Library Web 2.0 MTagger- Tagging tool- Find It. MTag It. Share It.- Save and label things Library web pages Items in the library catalog Digital images Any other web page- Build online collections- Explore collections of others- Discover library tag clouds 15. U-M Library Web 2.0 16. U-M Library Web 2.0 Chat & E-Mail - Chat via IM and Meebo - E-Mail via web form - Integrated into almost all online services (web pages, catalog, databases, ...) - 7 days a week - 40 staff members - 80 hours/week during semester - 270 chat session/month - 270 e-mails/month 17. U-M Library Web 2.0 18. U-M Library Web 2.0 Second Life & Facebook - Second Life (SL): Wolverine Island HSL librarians answer questions and help w/ getting around in SL - Facebook (FB): Search box Library hours Subject guides FB page (w/ basic info, news, chat, ...) 19. U-M Library Web 2.0 20. U-M Library Web 2.0 MLibrary Labs - Some tools that are not quite ready for prime time - Users are asked to try them out and submit feedback - Current experiments: Library RSS Feed Browser iGoogle Gadget Interactive Maps Browser Plug-Ins 21. U-M Library Web 2.0 Next gen catalog a.k.a. OPAC 2.0 - Usability Group discusses software products - Currently tested: VuFind - VuFind offers: Drilldowns Tagging Display of Similar items Reviews & Ratings Personalization (Add to favorites, Save this, ...) Mash-ups w/ external sources (Google Book Search, LibraryThing, Amazon) 22. U-M Library Web 2.0 23. U-M Library Digital library There's an elephant in the library: HathiTrust Espresso Book Machine 24. U-M Library Digital library There's an elephant in the library: HathiTrust - Started off as MBooks - Goal: Digitize the entire print collection of the U-M Library - Now: HathiTrust Collaboration of various US-University Libraries Digital repository of their digitized collections Hathi = Hindi word for elephant Experimental Search (+ access via Library catalog, Public collections, Google Book Search) PageTurner 25. U-M Library Digital library 26. U-M Library Digital library Espresso Book Machine - Book-making machine - Automatically prints, binds, and trims on demand library-quality paperback books in about 7 minutes - Currently on sale: small stock of popular items from the digital collections - In the future: e.g. printing and binding course materials and self-publishing for Ann Arbor authors - $6 - $10 27. U-M Library Digital library 28. U-M Library Information literacy Reference Service Knowledge Navigation Center & Faculty Exploratory Usability Copyright Computer and Video Game Archive 29. U-M Library Information literacy 30. U-M Library Information literacy Knowledge Navigation Center (KNC) & Faculty Exploratory (FE) - Centers for learning about technology - One-on-one consultation over the phone, in person, or over e-mail on a variety of technology issues - KNC = for all users of the U-M Library - FE = designed specifically for U-M faculty to enhance lecturing, research and publishing skills - FE also provides hands-on workshops 31. U-M Library Information literacy 32. U-M Library Information literacy 33. U-M Library Information literacy Usability - User feedback and usability studies are highly important - Usability Group constantly guides and implements usability testing of the Library's web resources and services - Projects: VuFind MTagger MBooks Library Gateway SFX Label & Menu 34. U-M Library Information literacy Copyright - University Library Copyright Specialist - Provides basic information about copyright and scholarly publishing - Offers presentations and workshops on copyright, publishing, and Creative Commons 35. U-M Library Information literacy Computer and Video Game Archive - Academic research collection of computer & video games - Usable archive with hands-on access to the broad and diverse history of video games - Inventory includes: Classic consoles & controllers (e.g. Atari, Sega, PS2) Classic computers (e.g. Commodore Vic20) Games (e.g. Space invaders, Tetris) Books & Magazines 36. U-M Library Information literacy 37. Ann Arbor District Library AADL: - 5 libraries - 340.000 volumes - 3M circulations/year AADL 2.0: - SOPAC - Website = one stop shop - Twitter & MySpace - Gaming - pictureAnnArbor 38. Ann Arbor District Library 39. Ann Arbor District Library 40. Ann Arbor District Library 41. Chicago Public Library 79 libraries 9M volumes 7.5M circulations/year Harold Washington Library Center is largest Public Library building in the world - 10 floors - 756.640square feet (70.294m2) - Winter garden - 385-seat auditorium - Includes a Popular and a Children's Library 42. Chicago Public Library 43. Chicago Public Library 44. Ann Arbor: Let's go blue! 45. Ann Arbor: Let's go blue! http://a2asart.blogspot.com 46. Ann Arbor: Let's go blue! 47. Ann Arbor: Let's go blue! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Annarborskyline.jpg 48. Ann Arbor: Let's go blue! 49. Ann Arbor: Let's go blue! Conclusion Lots of impressions in just 4 weeks + Various events at the U-M Library + Tours through various libraries + Courses at the School of Information Helpful for the Frankfurt Public Library's discussion about a next gen catalog MLibrary 2.0 Forum Series might serve as basis for Library 2.0 workshops in Frankfurt 50. Ann Arbor: Let's go blue! Conclusion Information and media literacy programs help bridge the digital divide Library 2.0 only technology Library 2.0 = new concept for all library services Traditional library services, functional buildings and focus on our user's needs are still key factors Last but not least: meeting great people! 51. http://flickr.com/photos/gi/304120801 52. http://icanhascheezburger.files.wordpress.com/2007/10/lolcats-funny-pictures-questionmark.jpg Fabienne Kneifelfabienne.kneifel@stadt-frankfurt.dewww.tinyurl.com/lunchtalk2008