Lets Go on a Field Trip! (Physically & Virtually)

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Find resources at http://shellyterrell.com/resources/webinars/ & http://Bit.ly/eltlinks & http://Pearltrees.com/shellyterrell/field-trips/id11881202


  • Bit.ly/eltlinks   ShellyTerrell.com/webinars   Let’s Go On a Field Trip!
  • “Congratulations! Today is your day. You're off to Great Places! You're off & away!” - Dr. Seuss Dreamin'  -­‐  Hot  Air  Balloon  Rides  by  Jesse  Millan,  Flic.kr/p/4ERZkv  
  • City Services Media Stations Landmark Excavation Sites Animal SitesMuseum Factory Business Corn Maze Field Trip by Lori, Flic.kr/p/6tP649
  • Field  Trip:  First  Grade  Outdoor  EducaKon  by  woodleywonderwork,  Flic.kr/p/7hc7G7   Keep them learning with tasks & short presentations
  • Engage them with mobile devices!
  • Cell  phone  camera  by  L-­‐ines,  Flic.kr/p/ghNmC   Take a series of shots to create a brochure, flier, poster, or commercial!
  • Tackk.com
  • Smore.com/7kbr
  • Collages, Magazines, Quotes, Scrapbooks! Frame  ArKst   Pic-­‐Collage  IOS/   Android   You  Doodle   Image  Chef  
  • Buncee.com
  • Buncee Backgrounds, Stickers, Quotes
  • Buncee Free IOS App
  • BiteSlide.com
  • Thinglink.com/scene/500859588443111424   Create an Interactive Map
  • Animoto.com for a Commercial
  • Create infographics with Piktochart.com
  • Scan the QR codes & choose 3 to present!
  • Scan the QR codes & choose 3 to present! Choose 3 & provide hints for a peer to find! Or
  • Create a more engaging QR code with the information!
  • Budding  Photographer  by  Dinuraj  K,  Flickr   Great apps!
  • Character Texts Introduce an exhibit or area with Tellagami Tellagami.com  IOS  &  Android  App
  • Freakngenius.com/yak/8024   Make the art or animals speak with YakIt Kids IOS App
  • Wikitude  augmented  reality  browser  in  London  (step  3  of  4),  by  Francis  Storr,  Flickr   Wikitude
  • Create a Scavenger Hunt 20 20 10 90
  • Fieldtripper.com
  • Go on a virtual field trip!
  • Virtual field trips with Google.com/culturalinstitute
  • Google Earth http://www.google.com/earth/index.html
  • GoogleLitTrips.org • Free downloadable files that mark the journeys of characters from famous literature on the surface of Google Earth. • Placemarks with pop-up windows containing discussion starters, links, real world references, & multimedia • Make suggestions • Help create
  • Museumlink.com/virtual.htm
  • Tips …
  • Day6:(Findand)signpermissionslips!ByBritt Reints,flic.kr/p/dL4Wcd Getparentpermission!
  • Invite parents to chaperone or suggest places!
  • Safety is key! First Aid Kit & Key by Felix E. Guerrero, Flic.kr/p/7K7eX7
  • Always take a First Aid Kit! Image by Noelle Noble, Flic.kr/p/bnGchz
  • FixingwoundsbyVivianEvans,Flic.kr/p/bzexs3 Teach students first aid!
  • Pearltrees.com/shellyterrell/field-trips/ id11881202
  • “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” - Henry Miller IMG_4634  by  ChrisKna  Spicuzza,  flic.kr/p/85taeP  
  • Bit.ly/eltlinks Bit.ly/ShellTerrell T: @ShellTerrell Facebook.com/ShellyTerrell Google.com/+ShellySanchezTerrell ShellyTerrell.com/webinars