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SCOTTISH PROCUREMENT Public Procurement: key developments in care and support CCPS Membership meeting 13 March 2014 Susan Duncan. Scottish Procurement. Lets look at ……. Guidance and new legislation Opportunities and connections Next steps. Scottish Procurement. Guidance and new legislation. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



    Public Procurement: key developments in care and support

    CCPS Membership meeting13 March 2014Susan Duncan

  • Scottish ProcurementLets look at

    Guidance and new legislationOpportunities and connectionsNext steps

  • Scottish ProcurementGuidance and new legislation

    Procurement Reform (Scotland) Bill_____________

  • Scottish Procurement

  • Concerns -conduct and outcomelack of consultationImpact on quality Impact on usersPEOPLE&CARERS Guidance on the Procurement of Care and Support Services

  • Guiding principlespositive outcomes for users and deliver personalised servicesinvolve service users and carersPromote collaboration within context of strategic commissioningStaff follow care standards and employers provide training and development opportunitiesAchieve Best Value and incorporate benefit and risk analysisHave strong leadership at senior level and need a skilled and competent workforceComply with procurement rules and meet National Care StandardsGuidance on the Procurement of Care and Support Services

  • Scottish Procurement

  • Transposition by April 2016Optional elements consultationKey changesSelf-declarationMore lotting of contractsMandatory electronic tenderingShortened timescalesFocus on social and environmental issues

    New Procurement Directives

  • The Directives and health and social care procurement

    Lighter-regime, above 750,000 onlyNew rules for Can ban lowest priceFocus on quality issues

    New Procurement Directives

  • Scottish Procurement

    Procurement Reform (Scotland) Bill_____________

  • AIM

    Toestablish a national legislative frameworkfor sustainable public procurement that supportsScotland's economic growthby deliveringsocial and environmental benefits including community benefits,supporting innovation and promoting public procurement processes and systems which are transparent, streamlined,standardised, proportionate, fair and business-friendly.Procurement Reform (Scotland) Bill

  • Content of the Bill as introduced to ParliamentProcurement Reform (Scotland) Bill

    THRESHOLDSDutiesProposed MeasuresTreat relevant economic operators equally and without discrimination and act in a transparent and proportionate mannerComply with the sustainable procurement duty1. Procurement strategy and report against the strategy annually2. Contracts Register3. Consider Community Benefits for all major contracts4. Supported Business access to lower value reserved contracts5. Regulations about the use of technical specs6. Prohibit charging for participation in procurement process7. Use a standard PQQ8. Publish advert and award notices9. Exclusion of bidders10. Climate Change (Scotland) Act 200911. Debriefing of unsuccessful biddersREMEDIES

  • Impact on health and social care services?Procurement Reform (Scotland) BillFocus on commissioning and strategic approachNeed to consider impact of procurement decisionsQuality of outcomes matterStage 2 - amendmentsFor health and social care contractsCan awarded contracts without seeking offersPublish guidance

  • Public Procurement: key developments in care and supportCommissioning and strategic procurementFocus on impact and outcomesQuality and principles matterOngoing engagement

  • Our next steps

    Support the Procurement Reform Bill though the Parliamentary process (Stages 2, & 3)

    Transpose the new Directives & implement Bill

    Statutory guidance / capability

    wider public procurement reform programme

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