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Making money online is much easier that you think! This ebook is for beginners with little experience in online marketing. Essential concepts are explained and essential resources that will get you up and running and earning an online income quickly are given on the last 3 pages. Anyone, no matter your experience, from anywhere in the world can do this, why not start now. If you want to be on the free mailing list indicated in the pdf, visit http://letsmakemoneyonline.universeofopportunity.com/ and enter your name and email address there.


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2. 2 A QUICK INTRODUCTION Welcome to the world of Internet Marketing! This guide is designed especially for those who are new to the world of internet marketingor, IM as some may call it. With this guide, you will be introduced to the basic policies of this industry and also to the much higher-end and more complex systems of internet marketing. The rewards of being a successful online entrepreneur are huge!! Earning US$1000 a day is nothing for people that apply themselves and the goal of this guide is to set you on the path to huge paydays. However, as with most things in life, you have to put in the effort and work to make things happen! However, before reading this guide, open your mind to the enormous possibilities of the marketing world. At some point, you may find some of the things that will be discussed too complicated for you in the beginning. However, these topics and pieces of knowledge will all fall into place and will further help you understand this systematic way of marketing. In the long run, this will guarantee your overall success in this journey. 3. 3 Just to keep in mind as you read this guide that there are 3 extremely valuable resources from three very successful internet marketers on the last 3 pages of the guide. Visit their websites and make use of the advice and systems they offer to very quickly get you up and running and if you apply yourself, earning a decent online income as soon as the end of this week! Also, with this guide, you will get continual, free updates, guidance and tips from us via email on a regular basis. Make sure that our email address, admin@universeofopportunity.com is on your safe senders list, so that our emails do not end up in your spam folder. You can unsubscribe from the free mailing list at any time you want. Internet marketing concepts and being able to make a sound income from internet marketing is not Rocket Science! You can very quickly make a very good and reliable income with internet marketing and this guide is a first step that will put everything in perspective. The most attractive thing about internet marketing is that is does not require a big budget to get started and to be successful. 4. 4 The fact that you are reading this guide indicates that you have basically almost everything you need to get started, a computer and an internet connection. All you need now is the knowledge. Internet marketing is a business that has very low barriers to entry, so basically anyone that knows how to use a computer and is willing to put some time and effort into this endeavour will reap massive benefits! You can do this from ANYWHERE in the world, as long as you have a computer and decent internet access. As a successful internet marketer, I have had the opportunity to travel the world extensively and have lived in many different countries. As of now, I have made Cape Town (Rated by the New York Times as the worlds best travel destination in 2014!), in South Africa my temporary home. The ability to do what you want, when you want is one of the best perks of being an online entrepreneur and it is the goal of this guide to give you the tools to financial freedom through internet marketing. Just try to think of this mini-guide as a bunch of puzzle pieces which will eventually connect to give you a complete picture in the end. AND, DONT WORRY, ITS EASIER THAN YOU THINK! Sound exciting? Great! Let's begin 5. 5 WHAT IS INTERNET MARKETING? Internet marketing is now called so many other names e-marketing, web marketing, i- marketing, digital marketing, online marketing and the like. However, in plain and simple language, it can be defined as the marketing of one's products or services that a business or person offers through the use of the internet. This type of marketing encompasses a very broad area of the subject as it also includes many types of marketing strategies like e-mail and wireless media marketing. Under this general scope of internet marketing also falls the aspects of ECRM or electronic customer relationship management and digital customer data. Why is internet marketing a big advantage to many businesses? The world wide web has given us many unique and essential benefits. This technology enabled the entire world to be connected with each other in a matter of seconds. In terms of online businesses, the internet has provided a global portal in which goods and services can be sold and bought by almost anyone and in any part of the world. 6. 6 With internet marketing, all types of businesses have enjoyed the lower costs of information dissemination and advertisements. The internet's interactive nature has benefited business marketing through instant responses and its ability to elicit them in the fastest way possible. Furthermore, internet marketing has tied together all the aspects of creativity, technicality, advertisement, sales and product development. With its inexpensive cost, internet marketing has also enabled businesses to save on their means of reaching their target market or audience. Through a small fraction of the cost of traditional advertisements, businesses can further allow their customers to conduct research and eventually purchase their products in the most convenient way. This also makes them more appealing to their clients because they can provide results in a very short span of time. Internet marketing has also allowed these businesses to measure their statistics in a much easier and inexpensive way. Since almost all the aspects of this marketing type can be measured, tested and traced through the use of ad servers, advertisers can easily use and observe their data as to which ads reap the most customer views or purchases. This 7. 7 way, online businesses will be able to determine which of their advertising messages are more appealing to their target customers. The results of all their campaigns can be tracked right away since this marketing initiative simply requires a customer to click the ads, visit a certain website or perform a desired action like filling out a form or purchasing a product or service. Now as a beginner in the world of internet marketing, you will be responsible for the task of bringing in potential clients by providing them the services or the company that suits their needs or preferences in various internet venues. You will help these customers find the product that they are looking for. The targets are the people who have computers with internet access. Entrepreneurs like you can visit your online store anytime. Consumers can also do the same whenever they want. So, if you are determined to make it successful for you, you may just find yourself enjoying the benefits of having an online business that will give you more profit in the long run. With that said, internet marketing brings you many advantages of incurring minimal costs in starting up your business including cheaper advertising options, a global marketplace, becoming your own boss, promoting stuff that you are passionate about and profiting from 8. 8 these passions along the way. Sounds amazing doesn't it? Though there are many benefits from internet marketing, it does come with its own share of risks and investments. Your time, diligence, persistence and passion for learning more are very important in your success in internet marketing. Though many businesses have become extremely successful in a very short space of time, you will find that those who have failed in this venture have simply wished to become overnight millionaires. The realities of a physical business are still applicable to your online business, including tax payments, customer services and even hiring employees if you grow large enough. Furthermore, it is important that you know that starting an online business is not free. However, costs are usually much less than those associated with building a physical business. Continue to read some of our emails and we will show you how you can cut down massively on some of these costs and even get some very useful services for free. Another reality of having an online business is site downtime. Yes, your site may go down due to technical difficulties or glitches, and this will probably bring a lot of frustration not 9. 9 just on your part but also on the customers end. Every single minute or second that your site is unavailable to visitors and potential customers, you will be losing money. You need to be prepared for this. A marketing tactic that worked for someone in the past may not work for you at all in the future. Therefore, it is very important to keep yourself updated with new technologies and marketing trends. This is the benefit of our continual updates via email. Competition will always be around so if you do not keep yourself informed and you do not work hard, you will not stand out from the crowd. You have to make an impact! Work hard because if not, you can be sure that one of your competitors is out there doing so. Besides, if you want your business to be a long-term investment, your first profits should go back to your site's services and advertising efforts. Maximize your profits and do not just cash out your first earnings. It will also be helpful to learn about taxation and other related laws that affect this industry. This way, you know what your tax and legal advantages are once you set up your business. This will also help in protecting your assets, thus, it should never be overlooked. 10. 10 With all these realities in mind, you will need to be very determined to stand out in this industry. You should be flexible in learning new strategies and trends in order to keep up with your competition. Now that you know what internet marketing is and all the good and bad that comes with it, you will now learn the marketing methods that online businesses have been using in order to promote their services and products to the global marketplace. The following methods tha