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  • 817-03-222E (08/01/2016)199 Bay Street, Suite 600 PO Box 279 STN Commerce Court Toronto ON M5L 0A2

    Section 3 To be completed by relinquishing institution and faxed to B2B Bank at 1.866.941.7711.

    Section 2 Borrower instructions to transferring institution.

    Section 1 To be completed by the client. All information is MANDATORY.

    Letter of Direction

    Check the appropriate box:

    My Investment Loan at your institution will be paid in full by B2B Bank. I want to repay my loan at your institution that was used to purchase RRSP-, RESP-, or TFSA-eligible investments.

    Borrower name

    Co-Borrower name

    Loan account number

    Name of financial institution


    City Province Postal code

    Contact name

    Telephone number Fax number

    Upon receipt of funds to repay the loan detailed in Section 3, please execute the following.

    Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Borrower Signature Co-Borrower Signature

    Loan account number

    (a) $

    (b) $

    (c) $

    Total (a+b+c) $



    Principal balance outstanding, as at

    Accrued interest

    Any other amount owing (including fees & penalties)

    Per diem rate of interest

    Next payment due date

    M D Y

    M D Y

    Please forward the mutual fund or segregated fund collateral to B2B Bank or one of the following subsidiaries designated by B2B Bank: B2B Bank Financial Services Inc., B2B Bank Securities Services Inc., or B2B Bank Intermediary Services Inc.

    Please proceed with the enclosed Transfer Authorization for Registered Investments form.

    $Current market value of above RSP (if applicable)

    EASE #:

    Print: reset: EASE: 1-LOD: 2-LOD: 6-LOD: 3-LOD: 7-LOD: 4-LOD: 8-LOD: 9-LOD: 10-LOD: 11-LOD: 12-LOD: 13-LOD: b: (14-LOD: a: )15-LOD: 16-LOD: 17-LOD: 18-LOD: 21-LOD: 21-1-LOD: 22-LOD: 22-1-LOD: 23-LOD: 23-1-LOD: 23-2-LOD: 23-3-LOD: 20-a-LOD: 20-b-LOD: 20-c-LOD: 24-LOD: 025-LOD: 28-LOD: 28-1-LOD: 29-LOD: 29-1-LOD: 30-LOD: 30-1-LOD: 30-2-LOD: 30-3-LOD: 26-LOD: 27-LOD: