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Download Lever Locks and Latches - Briton Hardware  Locks and Latches October 2007 Uniclass EPIC CI/SfB ... hotel locks and advanced access control ... lock, to the medium

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    LeggeLever Locks and Latches

    October 2007

    Uniclass EPIC


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    Security & Safety with Style




    Door controls and hardware products

    Coloured nylon design systems

    Scandinavian stainless steel design systems

    In addition, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies manufactures Briton, the UK's No.1 brand of door controls and is at the forefront of supplying products that meet the new European CPD requirements.

    Randi, an architect-designed suite of stainless steel door furniture and bathroom fittings, manufactured at its factory in Denmark.

    An extensive series of coloured nylon and stainless steel products are manufactured in the companys German facility under the Normbau brand. The range incorporates lever and pull handles as well as complementary accessories, a comprehensive railing system and products for people with special needs.

    Manufactured in Italy and designed to suit even the most demanding professional requirements in the security sector, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies' CISA range incorporates traditional hardware products, hotel locks and advanced access control systems with 'smart card' .

    When specifying a product from Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies you can be assured that an uncompromising attention to detail has been given to every stage of design and manufacture. This ensures that its products and systems meet the highest possible quality and conformity certifications and exceed the requirements of all applicable European Standards.

    A global leader in every sense of the word, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies has an unrivalled track record in satisfying the demands of architects, designers, specifiers and building contractors throughout the world.

    Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies manufactures a portfolio of market leading products, including Legge security products. The Legge name is synonymous with quality, reliability and durability.


    SchlageCommercial and domestic security systems

    CISAHotel locking and security systems

    EMS 66705

    FM 00401

  • Locks & LatchesLegge

    The Legge lock range provides a multi-level approach to door latching and locking solutions to suit all projects, door applications and budgets. From the simplicity of a tubular mortice latch to the highly engineered BS Kitemarked 5 lever locks there is a lock product to meet your needs.

    Legge Platform Latches & Bathroom Locks

    A series of mortice locks ranging from a simple latch ideally suited for use with sprung furniture to fully sprung architectural latches with bathroom privacy function.

    Dimensionally co-ordinated with Legge Lever locks Reversible latchbolt Suitable for bolt through furniture fixings

    Legge Tubular Latches

    A series of tubular latches with and without privacy locking function.

    Lifetime guarantee Suitable for sprung lever furniture

    Legge Nightlatches

    A series of surface mounted nightlatches for use with rim cylinders suited to contemporary or period domestic applications.

    Surface mounted for inward or outward opening doors 5 pin rim cylinder Deadlocking and non deadlocking options Hold back function Multiple finish options

    Legge Rim Locks

    A series of surface mounted rim locks ideally suited to traditional or period domestic applications.

    Suitable for use with a selection of knobs with 8mm spindle Deadlocking function by key or snib Brass latch and/or deadbolt

    Legge Platform Lever Locks

    The Legge range of lever locks includes a series of mortice lockcases which are dimensionally co-ordinated to form a wide range of security options from the same platform.

    Dimensional co-ordination BS 3621:2004 compliant 5 Lever and 3 Lever security options Range includes non-modular 2 lever locks Choice of backset and case sizes Suitable for bolt through furniture fixings Reversible latchbolt Brass deadbolt with hardened steel inserts (5 lever locks) Hardened steel deadbolt (BS compliant locks) Up to 10 year guaranteeLegge Platform Lever Lock

    Legge Bathroom Lock

    Legge Nightlatch

  • Platform LocksLegge

    Co-ordinated Modular Platform LockcasesThe consistent matrix of dimensions, including the size and position of latch bolts and deadbolts, provides a significant number of real benefits to specifiers and end users.

    All locks in the Legge range which fit the Platform dimensions are marked in this brochure with an icon.

    InterchangeabilityUpgrade or change lock function within standard door preparation, during installation or anytime in the future. For example, upgrade from a 3 lever lock to a BS compliant 5 lever lock without having to re prepare the door in any way.

    Common door preparationInstructions for door preparation can be given early, even before the final decision on hardware, reducing delays on door supply.

    Factory preparationSimplified lock dimensions enables accurate factory preparation of doors. This greatly improves the quality of the installation by making on site fixing of the hardware quicker and more accurate. As a result the operation and durability of the hardware can be improved and the risk of damage to finishes is greatly reduced.

    Single key profileA single steel key profile is used across the complete Legge Platform range of locks as an integral part of the product and guarantee package. Limiting the supply of key blanks ensures keys are not copied without proper authorisation.

    Locks keyed alikeThe standard 5 lever and 3 lever locks can be 'Keyed Alike' so that doors fitted with 5 lever locks can be keyed to also operate 3 lever locks (but not vice versa) thereby creating a hierarchy of security. All 'Keyed Alike' locks are available through Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies' Newcastle office.

    2 backset options2 case depth options

    2 ca

    se t


    Dimensional uniformityThere are 2 lock case types, a full case used for sashlocks and bathroom locks and a small case for deadlocks. Within each type there are 2 backset options. The case sizes and backset options are consistent across the range of BS compliant 5 lever, 5 lever, 3 lever, 2 lever and bathroom lock options.

  • Legge Lever Locks

    Legge lever locks offer a scale of security from the high security of a BS 3621:2004 compliant 5 lever lock, to the medium security solutions offered by 3 lever lock cases, or the simplicity of a latch.

    Legge Platform locks are ideally suited to applications where doors can be factory prepared (even before final hardware details have been decided), or where possible future change of use would enable the door to be upgraded from 3 lever to 5 lever, or from non BS to fully BS compliant without having to recut the door.

    Legge 2 lever economy locks are non-modular.

  • Legge

    The Legge range of lever locks includes a range of 5 lever and 3 lever locks which are co-ordinated within the Platform range of locks. The conformity of lockcase dimensions allows a high degree of interchangeability and upgrading from 3 lever to 5 lever operation (see page 2) and the common preparation details encourage factory preparation of the door. Other lever locks include 2 lever low security options.

    2 part forend with cover plate to conceal the case fixing screws. The forend is available in stainless steel or brass finishes

    Unique 'Twist Reversible' latch takes just seconds to switch from left hand to right hand door installations and without the need to dismantle the lockcase. Once fitted the latch cannot be reversed without removing the forend cover plate.

    Robust lockcase construction from the BS compliant versions are carried over to the other locks within the Platform range improving the resistance to forced entry.

    Hardened steel anti drill plate to prevent attack from drilling (BS compliant locks only).

    Hardened steel deadbolt protects the bolt from attack by sawing (BS 5 lever locks only).

    Latch withdrawal is effected with only 54 rotation of the follower to provide a more efficient operation.

    Anti pick protection is provided across the lever key to prevent forced entry by picking.

    Heavy gauge preformed flat strike plate (3 lever locks) or heavy duty box strike (BS & 5 lever locks) available

    Powder coated case

    Legge 5641, 5761, 5642 and 5762 mortice locks are fully compliant with BS3621:2004

    Legge lever locks have been successfully included in fire door tests to EN 1634 for use on 30 and 60 minute timber fire doors and 4 hour steel fire doors.

    Legge lever locks are supplied with up to 10 year guarantee (see individual product details)

    Lockcases are pierced for bolt through furniture fixings for greater security and durability.

    Legge 5642 shown

    Lever Locks

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  • Features

    Dimensional co-ordination of platform range

    BS 3621:2004 compliant

    20mm deadbolt throw

    5 close gated levers with anti pick device

    1000 differs

    Anti-drill plates

    Hardened steel deadbolt

    Twist reversible latchbolt

    3 plated steel keys

    10 year guarantee5641




    Product ref: case size (a)



    backset (b)





    Product ref: case size (a)



    backset (b)

    5641 / 5761 5 Lever Deadlock5642 / 5762 5 Lever SashlockSteel case powder coated black with integral anti-drill plates.Steel box strike brass or satin chrome plated.Unsprung lever furniture with an 8mm spindle should be specified for use with the sashlock.

    Forend: SS (stainless steel) PB (pol


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