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  • AgendaIntroduction to LinkedInStrategies for Increased Visibility:Setting up your foundation: Profile OptimizationLinkedIn Blogging Platform - NEWExporting your LinkedIn contacts & importing them into workable Excel fileRequest a recommendation

  • Because it is the worlds LARGEST professional online network geared towards engaging with business connections.

    * (300 million strong and growing) Why LinkedIn?Each Month 184,000,000 Unique VisitorsEvery Day 172,000 New Signups

  • LinkedIn: TheB2B Communication Network

  • Why LinkedIn?Connect. Find. Be Found.stay in touch with colleagues, prospects, partners, and brand advocatesUseful for those interested in making business connections, cultivating leads, developing personal brandsPower your careerDiscover professional opportunities, business deals, and new ventures50% of members are more likely to purchase from companies when they engage with them on LinkedIn.Learn and shareGet the latest news (LinkedIn Pulse), inspiration, and insights.Can provide a rich online networking experience and can help you quickly ramp up your visibility.

  • Purpose, Goals, TacticsFirst You Must Ask: What is your purpose and priority WhyPosition yourself as credible an authoritative/thought leader, personal branding, business development, lead gen?You need to know who you are and who you serveWho is your audience? What do they want to know?

    60% of members are interested in industry insights43% are interested in new products and servicesVisibilityLeverage in and outside of your network by sharing valuable content and strategic distribution OptimizationHeadline, summary, groups, targeted keywords, testimonials Lead Generation/Qualifying LeadsUtilizing a soft sell approach to reach clients and prospects

  • Profile OptimizationYour LinkedIn Profile is not your resume. Use it to demonstrate the value you bring to your clients. (*Optimize using Keywords and URL links)Profile PictureClear, professional, 40% higher response rateHeadlineWrite a descriptive headline which includes relevant topics and keywords Who you are, who you serve, what you do, whats the outcome?

    (Example: B2B Software Professional | Specializing in Custom Software Solutions for Better Business Results)Summary30 second elevator pitch; 3-5 sentences; use bullet points if possibleDescribes who you are, your purpose and goals, Include CTA (contact you), visit the websiteYou to tell a compelling story that will capture the attention of your ideal buyer. Keep it short and engaging (think of the buyers journey). Who are your prospects and what are the keywords that they are using? How are your clients benefiting?

  • Profile OptimizationKeywordsHelp prospects and clients find you online. You will receive higher profile views and expand networkThroughout your profile..Add links and upload files: you can feature white papers, case studies, rich media such as videos, pictures, blogs (hint: repurpose existing content from your company blog page)

  • Customize Your URL!

  • Increase Visibility: Nurture Your NetworkProvide Insight into or advice about a challenge someone is facing Send an article you know will interest the recipientIntroduce two people in your network to each otherLet someone know about a meeting of a professional organization, a networking event, a speaker, or some other event you think will interest themInvite them to attend that event with you Add an insightful comment to a post in LinkedIn Groups stay engaged with your audience. Ask thoughtful questionsPublish a Blog on the LinkedIn blogging platform and distribute to relevant groups - ALWAYS include a clear Call to Action > when compared to updates without links, including a link can drive 2x the engagement

    The key to nurturing your network is to be intentional by creating a plan, a system, or a structure so you can easily stay in touch.

  • LinkedIn Publishing PlatformLinkedIn has a blogging tool for creating long-form posts which will surface your content with far more visibility and aid in your credibility *OTHER THAN PROFILE, ONLY OTHER PLACE THAT PULLS KEY WORDS FOR OPTIMIZATIONPublishing allows you to further establish your professional identity and credibility Recommended: Posting once/twice a week MAX, do not overload audience with information. You dont need to be creating brand new content for LinkedIn. Instead you can repost content from your own website, blog, etc.

  • *The best times to post on LinkedIn: Tuesdays & Thursdays, between 7am 9am Local time

  • LinkedIn Publishing ContinuedWhen you publish a long-form post on LinkedIn:Your original content becomes part of your professional profile. It is displayed on the Posts section of your LinkedIn profileIts shared with your connection and followers (For extended visibility and reach, share posts within groups that your prospects would find relevant)Your long-form post is searchable both on and off LinkedIn.Keywords increase your chances of getting foundOnce you finish publishing a post DONT FORGET YOUR KEYWORD TAGS and call-to-action (CTA)Add different formats and LINKSVideo, picture, PDFs, etc.According to LinkedIn company status updates with links resulting in 45% higher engagement than those without links


  • LinkedIn Publishing: Content is KING!Try Different Topics:Industry newsTrendsFun FactsBusiness Updates

    As people like, comment, and share your posts your viral reach will continue to growBefore you know it, your updates and posts will mark you as someone in the know someone that your network can count on for the latest and greatest


  • Demo: Exporting ContactsLeverage your existing natural networkCan provide a rich online networking experience and can help you quickly ramp up your visibility.Exporting into ExcelBy Exporting your LinkedIn contacts you can sort, filter and edit. From there you can easily add contacts to your CRM, create prospecting lists, and keep in touch with your connections.

    Step 1: Go to your LinkedIn homepage, click on the tab connections

  • Step 2: Click the Settings symbol in the top right corner of the pageStep 3: Click Export LinkedIn Connections in the right column of the page

  • Exported Excel spreadsheet captures your connections contact information including:First name, last name, email address, company, job titleImport file into your CRM or email marketing platform to nurture contacts

    Step 4: Choose Microsoft Outlook (.CSV file) and click export Step 5: Save the document

  • RecommendationsRecommendations are your validationViewers are influenced by recommendationsThis is a place where employers, clients, or colleagues can give you reviewsA good recommendation:Describes how youve worked together gives specific examples of how the client/employee/friend benefited from working with you. Make it EASYCreate the recommendation you are requesting. It may seem a little odd, but your connection will appreciate you drafting this up. Let them know it can be modified to their satisfactionThank them!

  • Recommendations: How ToHover over your profile photo in the top right corner of any LinkedIn pageChoose Privacy and Settings from the drop down menuUnder the Settings header on the Profile tab select Manage Your RecommendationsClick on the Ask for Recommendations tab at the top and follow the prompts

  • Additional Insights/RecommendationsProfile Optimization/KeywordsSoftselling Leveraging LinkedIn for broader reach, prospecting, and strategic salesHarnessing the Power of Groups through LinkedIn PulseGroups: communities within LinkedIn that focuses on a particular topic or interestGroups have an established user baseAdditionally, once you understand who your target audience is, find out what groups they associate with, what do they want to know, what are they talking about?


  • 10 Tips to Leverage LinkedIn(and gain new wins in lead generation from your LI network) When you invite people to your network, be sure to always tell them why you want to connect and never send the default invitation. This starts building the relationship in a positive way that the invitee is more likely to welcome more conversation w you in the future.Make an effort each week to follow-up with a minimum of 5-10 people who are already contacts in your network. Circle back around and let them know that you are reaching out to touch base.If you have specific people you are trying to nurture a relationship with, pay attention to any status updates they post and then write a comment with the idea of creating a conversation around the comment. By asking a question in reply they are likely to respond back keeping the exchange going. (Licking like never gives you the same result.)Be committed to post 3-5 posts (updates or blogs) per week that offer relevant content to your connections. If you are posting curated content be sure to add your comment in the status update as to what you find valuable in the content you are sharing. When your connections continue to see you posting regularly with good content, you increase your credibility and value.Choose several key groups to be active in. Being active means starting discussions that are interesting with topics that will engage the members of the group. Ask the group a question that will solicit some type of response and then be sure to reply to all comments. Move the relationship off line by inviting someone to meet with you. Again adopt the strategy of specifically letting the person know why you want to meet and what you hope to accomplish in the meeting.

  • 10 Tips to Leverage LinkedIn(and gain new wins in lead generation from your LI network) Create content that offers value and give it away for free. By offering a free PDF or slide shar