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  • Esafety QuizBy Lewis Allen

  • Your ProfileWhich one below would be the most suitable for a username in a chatroom?

    Your first nameYour First name and surnameA nicknameSxcbabe

  • Your ProfileWhat information is OK to give out on the internet.Any personal informationYour name, age and where you go to schoolYour hobbies and interestsWhere you live and your phone number

  • Making friendsWhich of the following is ok to do with someone youve met online.

    P2P chatGive them your real nameMeet up with themChat in a chatroom

  • Trusting PeopleWho should you make as your contacts?People you knowStrangersRandomPeople you met on the net

  • CyberbullyingWhat should you do if somebody is Cyber bullying you?

    Block them then print or keepthe e-mail or text to show a parent

    Just block themDo nothingChat back

  • Responding to nasty messagesWhat is the best thing to do if you get a nasty text or e-mail?Show it to a parentDelete itLeave itClose

  • Where to ClickWhat do you click if your being cyber bullied?CloseDo nothingBlock Delete