lexisnexis academic bibliographic export bibliographic export gives users the ability to download...

LexisNexis Academic Bibliographic Export Bibliographic export gives users the ability to download bibliographic
LexisNexis Academic Bibliographic Export Bibliographic export gives users the ability to download bibliographic
LexisNexis Academic Bibliographic Export Bibliographic export gives users the ability to download bibliographic
LexisNexis Academic Bibliographic Export Bibliographic export gives users the ability to download bibliographic
Download LexisNexis Academic Bibliographic Export Bibliographic export gives users the ability to download bibliographic

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  • LexisNexis® Academic Comprehensive. Credible. Quick. Unparalleled access to business, legal and news information from over 17,000 of the most trusted and authoritative sources available worldwide.


    Every day, millions of professionals in business, law and government turn to LexisNexis® for powerful, precise and authoritative results for their critical research needs. With LexisNexis® Academic, students and faculty can access this valuable research tool from their home, office or other campus locations. This powerful, easy-to-use, Web- based service is tailored for the academic library, and is currently available in virtually all academic research libraries in more than 2,000 colleges and universities worldwide.

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  • Academic

    Powerful Customized Interface LexisNexis Academic makes it easy to get relevant results quickly.

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    Supporting the Mission of the Academic Library LexisNexis® Academic & Library Solutions is dedicated to meeting

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    Fast and Easy Access Campus-wide access using IP authentication, support for secure

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    Portable Search Widgets Portable Search Widgets allow you to put a live LexisNexis Academic

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    Interoperability LexisNexis Academic works with your existing systems to manage

    your electronic holdings and put the right content in front of your


    • E-journals systems

    • Article linking

    • Federated search/metasearch

    Content Review LexisNexis aggressively pursues appropriate new content. Our

    advisory committee, made up of librarians from diverse academic

    institutions, reviews content additions and adheres to our collection

    development policy.

    Training and On-Demand Support for Librarians Our academic training team conducts on-site and Web-based

    training sessions throughout the year. Customer support

    representatives are on call to provide technical assistance and to

    answer questions about content, product features and search

    strategies at any time. Additional training and product support is

    also available through:

    • LexisNexis® Academic Product Knowledge Center

    • LexisNexis® Academic Training Videos on YouTubeTM

    Powerful Source Selection Search for a source by name OR identify sources by type,

    language, topic, geography or other facets. Use the Source

    Information feature to display coverage details, publication

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    LexisNexis SmartIndexing TechnologyTM

    LexisNexis SmartIndexing TechnologyTM ensures relevant results by

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    nomies to all LexisNexis news and business content. The Source

    Selection tool includes such attributes as publication type, language,

    geographic region and topic coverage.

    LexisNexis SmartIndexing Technology taxonomies are built and

    maintained by the LexisNexis Taxonomies and Indexing team,

    which consists of information professionals, lawyers, subject matter

    experts and analysts. The team also develops rules for index terms,

    which are assigned automatically to documents and sources, using

    a unique approach that combines the best features of human and

    automated indexing practices. All news and business content is

    reindexed every quarter to ensure that indexing is consistent, com-

    prehensive and up to date.

  • Academic

    Results Clustering Results clustering technology provides an instant, multi-faceted ana-

    lysis of the distribution of hits in each results set, allowing users to filter

    results and go directly to relevant information. After running a search

    in LexisNexis Academic, and obtaining results that contain more than

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    Permalinking Capability Permalinking enables users to easily capture and share links to docu-

    ments for a variety of purposes, including:

    • Bookmarking documents in a Web browser for easy access

    at a later time

    • Adding document-level permanent links to user guides or

    course syllabi

    • Sharing links with others on social media sites

    • Emailing links instead of full documents

    Bibliographic Export Bibliographic export gives users the ability to download bibliographic

    information in .RIS format, which can be imported into any other

    citation service, such as Zotero® or EndNote®. In addition, citations

    can be displayed in MLA, APA and Chicago formats, then copied and

    pasted to bibliographic pages.

    News Access the full-text of international newspapers, wire services,

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    sources. LexisNexis Academic includes more than 2,500 news-

    papers from around the world, many of which are available online the

    same day as publication. More than 1,000 magazines and journals

    and over 600 newsletters also are available on LexisNexis Academic.

    Sources like: The New York Times, The Associated Press, Agence

    France Presse, The Washington Post, Library Journal, etc.

    Hard-to-find broadcast transcripts from the major television & radio

    networks: ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC ,NPR.

    Newspapers in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Italian,

    Dutch, etc.

    WebNews New to LexisNexis Academic, Web News expands access to more

    than 3,000 local and regional newspapers, blogs and other Web

    sources. Web News aggregates relevant information from the web-

    sites of newspapers that are not formally included in a LexisNexis

    Academic subscription.

    Legal Research LexisNexis Academic has everything you need for robust legal re-

    search, from primary sources like case law, statutes and regulations

    to secondary sources, such as legal news and law reviews. Retrieve

    a case by citation or name, search within legal headnotes, or search

    for names of counsel and judges. LexisNexis Academic includes

    the Shepard’s Citations Service, a cornerstone of the legal research

    process. Other legal research sources include:

    • Law review articles from over 1,000 journals

    • Over 1,700 legal newspapers, magazines and newsletters

    • U.S. Supreme Court decisions from January 1790 to present

    • New Landmark U.S. Legal Cases source group

    • U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decisions

    • U.S. District Court decisions from 1789 to present

    • Decisions from Bankruptcy Courts; U.S. Court of International

    Trade; Tax Courts; Courts of Customs and Patent Appeals;

    and Veterans, Commerce and Military Courts

    • State court decisions for all 50 states and territories

    • All federal laws from 1988 to present

    • Federal regulations: Federal Register, Code of Federal Regula-

    tions, U.S. Attorney General Opinions, and Federal Acquisition

    Regulations and Supplements

    • Codes for all 50 states and territories, plus constitutions, court

    rules and Attorneys General opinions

    • The Internal Revenue Bulletin, IRS regulations, ABA’s The Tax

    Lawyer, AICPA’s The Tax Adviser® and more

    • Patents from 1790 forward, searchable by keyword, patent

    number, classification number, lawyer, assignee, inventor or


    • European Union law from the LEX EU law database and

    international case law from a number of other countries

    • UK and Commonwealth

    • Law sc