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<ul><li> Liang LianEngineering Co., Ltd. </li> <li> Company Goals Integrity Quality Innovation Growth </li> <li> Company Background Subsidiary CompanyLiang Lian Engineering Co., Ltd. Hann Yang Engineering Co., Ltd. Chairman: Ms. Y. H. Wang Chairman: Mr. L. T. Hsueh Capital: NTD 220,000,000 Capital: NTD 12,000,000 (USD 7,500,000) (USD 360,000) Established in 1995 Established in 1996 Address : No.27, Gongye 2nd Rd., Renwu Dist., Kaohsiung City 814, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Tel : +886-7-3756918 Fax : +886-7-3737313 Web: Email : </li> <li> Headquarters and Work Shop Name/Area Location Main-Products(1) Headquarters 27 Industrial 2nd Road, Ren-Wu Pressure Vessel and Industrial Dist ., Kaohsiung, Taiwan, (Tower / Heat exchanger Ren-Wu Shop R.O.C / Tank) , Steam Drum &amp; ------------------------------------- Header etc., (30,400M2) 40 min. from K-H Airport (by car). Special Material (9,196) Fabrication. 40 min. from K-H Harbor (by car). 15 min. from K-H HSR Station (by car). Special Heater, Furnace / Duct etc. The size superior limit of transportation Specific Mechanical (see Note). Equipment 4,500m/mx25,000m/mLx150Tons Fabrication.(i.e.,Esp,GT Inlet Filter etc.,) Local Project Construction (civil, steel structure, equipment, piping installation, E&amp;I, fire proof, insulation). </li> <li> Name/Area Location Main-Products(2) Da-Fa Shop 19 Huadung Road, Da Fa Pressure Vessel (6,945 M2) Industrial District, (Tower/Heat (2,100) Kaohsiung County, Taiwan, exchanger/Tank). R.O.C. Special Material ------------------------------------- Fabrication . 20 min from K.H. Airport (by car). 30 min from K.H. Harbor (by car). The size superior limit of transportation (see Note). 4,500m/m25,000 m/mL150 Tons. </li> <li> Name/Area Location Main-Products(3) Lin-Yuan 31 Lane 270 Industrial 2nd Road, Special materialShop 1 Lin-Yuan, fabrication (4,462 M2) Kaohsiung County, Taiwan, R.O.C Steel structure (1,350) -------------------------------------- Piping prefabrication 20 min from K.H. Airport (by car). 30 min from K.H. Harbor (by car). The size superior limit of transportation (see Note). </li> <li> Name/Area Location Main-Products (4) Lin-Yuan 66 Lane 380 Industrial 2nd Road, Open-yard outdoor Shop 2 Lin-Yuan, fabrication (39,670 M2) Kaohsiung County, Taiwan, R.O.C. Large size equipment (12,000) ------------------------------------- assembly 20 min from K.H. Airport (by car). Packing and storage 30 min from K.H. Harbor (by car). The size superior limit of transportation (see Note). 4500m/m25,000 m/mL150 Tons.NoteFor oversize knockdown products may perform the assembly work at Kaohsiung Harbor. </li> <li> Quality Assurance (Certificate)ISO 9001ASME U2US PP StampSQLA2 (Pressure Vessel fabrication under 100kg/cm2)Taiwan Government Certificate (CNS)First Class Pressure Vessel/ Boiler/ High Pressure GasFabrication CertificateAPI 560 Standard:High Pressure Gas Fired HeaterHigh Pressure Gas Cracking Furnace </li> <li> Number of Employee293Administration (Management) : 10Sales : 7Procurement : 4Design : 10 (Excl. Cooperative Design Co.)Fabrication : 52 (Incl. Welding Engineer 2)QA : 16 (Excl. NDE inspection Co.)Project construction staff : 16HSE staff : 12Sub-total : 127 </li> <li> Technician (incl. foreman) Kind of technician Local Foreign Total Fabrication / assembly (incl. cutting) 92 12 104 Welder (SAW/SMAW/GTAW/FCAW) 42 5 47 Mechanical processing / Testing 2 - 2 Common labor (incl. security guard) 12 1 13 Sub-total 166 </li> <li> Design Ability MethodPressure Vessel Software : [PV Elite]Seismic Data : G LoadingWind Data : User defined wind profile.Heat Transfer Calculation : Associate with Design Co.Piping Design : Liang Lian or associate with Design Co.Steel Structure, Foundation : Liang Lian or associate with Design Co. </li> <li> Design Manpower (Include Cooperative Design Company) Mechanical &amp; Equipment : 40 Piping : 60 Civil : 16 Instrument : 16 Process : 6 Drawing : 40 </li> <li> Source of Main material / Forming partsCommon pressure steel plate (under 80m/mt) : CSCCommon pressure steel plate (Above 80m/mt) : Japan, EuropeSpecial pressure steel plate : Japan, EuropeSUS material : Local maker / Japan makerClad material : JSW, JFE (Japan maker)Common forge material : Local makerSpecial / large forge : Japan, KoreaHeat exchanger tube : Kobe Steel Japan / Sumitomo JapanCommon piping / Steel structure / Fitting material : Local / Foreign makerCommon forming parts (End plate, conical shell) : Local maker (incl. Expansion Joint)Special forming parts (End plate, conical shell) : JapanCommon Valve / Bolts, Nuts / Gasket : Local makerSpecial Valve / Bolts, Nuts / Gasket : Japan maker </li> <li> NDE NDE Qualify Certificate list: (Designate Inspection Organization / ASME System) Kind of NDE Level- Level-Radiographic Test (RT) 2 1Ultra Sonics Test (UT) 3 1Magnetic Test (MT) 2 1Penetrative Test (PT) 2 1 </li> <li> NDE Equipment Equipment Name Manufacturer Liang Lian Sub-ContractorRadiation Source AMERSHAM TECH / OPS 664N 4Radiation Source INC 1X-Ray Machine RIX-250MC 1Radiation Detector LVDLVM MODEL 6 5Personal Radiation Alarm NDS MODEL ND-15 2 20Film penetration Meter ASTM, JIS 18Film Reading Lamp 1 8Film Dryer 3Dark Room Equipment 2Ultrasonic instrument Krautkramer USN50L 1 2Magnet Yoke Ronjing 1 3Dark Light Lamp Black-Light (A-100 Type) 1 3 </li> <li> Location Ren Wu Factory &amp; Headquarter Taipei No.27, Gongye 2nd Rd., Renwu Dist., Kaohsiung City 814, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Tel: +886-7-3756918 Da Fa Factory No.19, Huadong Rd., Daliao Dist., Kaohsiung City 831, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Tel: +886-7-7889393 Lin Yuan Factory No.66, Ln. 380, Gongye 2nd Rd., Linyuan Dist., Kaohsiung City 832, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Tel: +886-7-6450263Kaohsiung </li> <li> Workshops Information Ren-Wu Factory Da-Fa FactoryArea: 30,400 M2 (327,200 ft2) Area: 6,945 M2 (74,750 ft2) Lin-Yuan Factory Area: 44,132 M2 (320,479 ft2) </li> <li> Company History1995/11 Established in Kaohsiung, with a capital of NTD10,000,0002001/04 Set up Da-Fa Shop (located at Da-Fa Industrial Area, Da-Liao, Kaohsiung)2002/09 Increased capital to NTD20,000,0002003/08 Obtained ISO 90012000 certification Obtained CNS Pressure Vessel, Boiler &amp; High Pressure Gas Equipment2003/10 Fabrication license from the labor Inspection Office, Labor Commission, Executive Yuan Obtained CNS Boiler Fabrication Facility license from the Labor Inspection2004/01 Office, Labor Commission, Executive Yuan2005/02 Da-Fa Shop obtained ASME "S","U &amp; "PP" certifications2005/09 Increased capital to NTD50,000,000 Obtained Special Equipment, Pressure Vessel A2 Fabrication Certificate2007/01 from PRC2007/08 Set up Ren-Wu Shop (located at 27 Industry 2 Road, Ren-Wu, Kaohsiung)2009/04 Increased capital to NTD 80,000,000 (USD 2,500,000)2009/08 Ren-Wu Shop obtained ASME "S","U", "U2 &amp; "PP" certifications2010/08 Increased capital to NTD 110,000,000 (USD 3,547,500)2011/09 Increased capital to NTD 150,000,000 (USD 5,000,000) </li> <li> Organization Market Development Sales Department Cost Estimation Cost Analysis Planning &amp; ControlChairman Engineering Project Management Department ConstructionPresident Manufacturing Shop Fabrication Technical Department Produce Planning Consultant Design Design, R&amp;D Section Vice Quality AssurancePresident Q. A. Quality Control Director Department Test &amp; Inspection Safety &amp; Health Administrative Planning Department Procurement Room HR &amp; General Affair Financial Cashier Department Accounting </li> <li> Main Clients China Steel Corp. Dragon Steel Corp. Taiwan Power Company Chinese Petroleum Corp. Chinese Petroleum Development Corp. Formosa Plastics Group (FPC,FPCC,FHI,FCFC) China Steel Chemical Corp. CTCI Corporation Babcock-Hitachi K.K (Japan) Yamashita International Enterprise Co., Ltd / Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Liquide Engineering Japan Co. </li> <li> Main Equipments3M x 45tmm, 2.4M x 30tmm Bending Roller2,000 &amp; 1,000 Tons Hydraulic PressOverhead Crane ForkliftFCAW, GTAW, SAW, SMAW Welding MachinesCNC Plasma Cutting Machine (3.5mWx 13mL)Auto Supporting Roller (20Ton~120Ton)Assembly Level TableInspection Instrument </li> <li> Delivery Conditions Ren Wu Factory 25KM to Port Da Fa Factory 20KM to Port Kaohsiung Port Lin Yuan Factory 20KM to PortTransport by Trailer or TruckTransportation Limitation: 4.5M , 25ML , 200 MTClearance can be done at Kaohsiung Port </li> </ul>