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  • 1. Libraries + Teens why libraries need teens why teens need libraries Angie ManfrediLos Alamos County Library System

2. Who Am I? Why Am I Here?

  • Member of YALSA since 2006.
  • Head of Youth Services in Los Alamos, New Mexico.
  • Los Alamos was interested in pursuing a teen program, basically from scratch.
  • Not a lot of dedicated teen services staff in NM libraries.

3. Teens Need Libraries

  • Search Institutes 40 Developmental Assets are positive experiences and qualities that help influence choices young people make and help them become caring, responsible adults.

4. A Sample

  • Search Institutes Developmental Assets
    • Young person receives support from three or more nonparent adults.
    • Young person perceives that adults in the community value youth.
    • Young person reads for pleasure three or more hours per week.

5. Blah-Blah-Blah

  • The Developmental Assets are a great way to build community support.
  • They are nationally recognized, well-known, and have research to back them up.
  • They are an easy way to make a case for teen services to reluctant community members, even outside your library.

6. Teens Need Libraries Because..

  • We bridge their digital divides.
  • We help them make sense of information overload.
  • We provide access to popular materials.
  • We advocate for them within the community.

7. Digital Divide

    • NY Timesarticle (6-17-11) about the digital divide in the Hispanic community in California: at a recent neighborhood [the Mission district in SF] event for sixth to eighth graders, 30 percent didnt have e-mail addresses.
    • July 2010 Pew Internet poll: Fifty-one percent of Hispanics and 46 percent of blacks use their phones to access the Internet, compared with 33 percent of whites.

8. Information Literacy

  • Digital natives still need road-maps.
  • The Doesnt Google mean we dont need libraries? issue.
  • Not only doallstudents and teens need information literacy skills but they continue to need them at a younger age.

9. Teens Dont Read

  • New York Public Library
    • Mockingjayby Suzanne Collins
      • 4 holds on 308 copies
    • Divergent by Veronica Roth
      • 3 holds on 67 copies
  • Salt Lake City Public Library
    • Mockingjayby Suzanne Collins
      • 2 holds on 57 copies
    • Divergentby Veronica Roth
      • 30 holds on 2 copies

10. It costs money to buy

  • 50+ volumes of a manga series.
  • DVDs, musical CDs, magazine subscriptions.
  • The sheer number of YA books being published and sold.
    • Pretty Little Liarssold 2.4 million copies
    • Last Sacrificesold 484,849 copies
    • The Necromancersold 202,614 copies

11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. Teens + Libraries

  • YOU must advocate for teens in your library.
  • YOU must shareyourenthusiasm and first hand experience.
  • You would never give up on programming for any other age group.
  • Teens need YOU to not give up on them.
  • If you dont like the tone, YOU have the power to change the tone.