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  • Center for Social Success (972)404-3001

    12880 Hillcrest Rd, Ste J105 Dallas, TX 75230

    Office Hours

    Monday-Thursday 9:007:00 Friday 9:0012:00

    Saturday 9:002:00 (972)404-3001

    Susan Istre, PhD, LPC-S, BCPC

    Owner & Clinic Director Voted 2012-2015 Mom Approved Doctor

    Dr. Susan Istre is a board certified professional counse-lor and LPC-supervisor who has been counseling fami-lies in Dallas since 1991. The Center for Social Success (CSS) was incorporated in 2000 and now includes spe-cialists in early childhood, tweens, teens, adults, couples and families. Puppies complete the team and comprise our pet-assisted therapy program. We can help you with any personal concerns or relationship challenges with children, spouses, friends, coworkers, parents, extended and/or blended families. Contact us today!

    Holly Fedro, MS, LCSW-S

    Adolescent/Adult Division Director Holly is a licensed clinical social worker supervisor who has worked at the Center for Social Success for over 15 years. She specializes in tweens, teens, youth in transition, adults and families. Holly addresses common issues such as:

    Holly does individual, marital and family therapy using a cognitive-behavioral and family systems framework. She helps parents to step back so teens can step up, while still maintaining a safety net to assure their ulti-mate successful transition to adulthood.

    Social Skills/Dating


    Peer Pressure

    Young Adult Transitions

    Adjustment to Change

    Risk-taking Behaviors

    Marital Therapy

    Family Conflicts


    Animal Assisted Therapy Braxton is one of the pups we use in therapy to help calm motivate and educate our clients of all ages! He is especial-ly helpful at teaching concepts like stress management and picking up on non verbal cuesand is always a source of unconditional love!

  • Erin Lozano, MEd, LPC-S, RPT-S

    Early Childhood Division Director Voted 2014-2015 Mom Approved Therapist

    Erin is a licensed professional counselor supervisor and a registered play therapist supervisor. She has worked at the Center for Social Success for over 15 years. She specializes the following areas:

    Jennifer Storm, MS, LPC

    Tween & Teen Boys/Biofeedback Jennifer is a licensed professional counselor who has worked for the Center for Social Success for 5 years. She sees clients individually and also leads tween/teen boy groups. Jennifer incorporates biofeedback and stress man-agement techniques with all her clients. Common topics of discussion are listed below:

    Melanie Houchin, MEd, LPC Tweens, Teens, & Asperger's Boys

    Melanie is a licensed professional counselor who has worked at the Center for Social Success for 2 years. She has worked with both neurotypical boys as well as those with high functioning Autism. Melanie sees clients individually and in groups. Topics include:

    Kittie Campbell, MS, LPC

    Tween &Teen Girl s Voted 2015 Mom Approved Therapist

    Kittie Campbell is a licensed professional counselor who has worked at the Center for Social Success for 4 years. She specializes in tweens and teens struggling with a variety of issues:

    Kittie sees clients individually and in groups. She has great success reaching challenging teens and helping to increase good decision making skills, self-reliance, and self-esteem. Its a tough time to raise a daughter, but Kittie is in your corner!

    Social Skills



    Sibling Rivalry

    Home Behavior Plans

    Divorce/Blended families

    School Challenges


    Erin does play therapy with children and works with parents to develop positive behavior plans at home. She leads multiple social skills groups for children 3-5 and 6-8 years of age. Erin can help you and your child navigate early childhood and successfully transition to adoles-cence.

    Ellen Storm, MA, LPC-Intern Erin Lozano, LPC-Supervisor



    Social Skills

    Sibling Relationships

    Girl Drama/Bullying

    Divorce issues

    Parent-Child Conflicts

    Grief Counseling

    Stress Triggers

    Coping Strategies

    Social Skills


    Peer Pressure

    Parent-Child Conflicts

    Self Awareness/Motivation

    Family Relationships

    Social Skills

    Parent Training

    Life Skills Coaching

    Young Adult Transitions

    Active Listening

    Nonverbal Cues


    Bully Proofing

    Ellen has a masters degree in counseling from SMU. She is doing her internships at CSS with a focus on

    play therapy. Her goal is to be dual licensed as a licensed professional counselor and registered play


    Our counselors are trained to help children, teens, and adults solve their

    own problems in more positive and productive ways.