lifting the veil - reading java bytecode during lunchtime

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  • 1.Lifting The Veil Reading Java ByteCode During LunchtimeAlexander ShopovCisco Lunch&Learn

2. Alexander ShopovBy day: Software Engineer at CiscoBy night: OSS contributorCoordinator of Bulgarian Gnome TPContacts:E-mail: ash@kambanaria.orgJabber: al_shopov@jabber.minus273.orgLinkedIn: Just search al_shopov 3. Please Learn And Share License: CC-BY v3.0Creative Commons Attribution v3.0 4. DisclaimerMy opinions, knowledge and experience!Not my employers. 5. Contents Why read? How to read? JVM Internals; JVM Data Types; JVM Opcodes. Lets read some code. What next? 6. Why Read Byte code? Understand your platform It is interesting and not too hard How does Java function? How does X function? Job interviews Catch compiler bugs/optimizations Learn to read before you write Source may not correspond to binary C/C++ people know their assembler Java language evolution vs. Java platform evolution 7. Bad News And Good NewsBad:Good:We will be Easiest readingassemblerassemblerin world 8. What Is The JVM? Stack based, byte oriented virtual machinewithout registers easily implementable on 32 bithardware. 206 (