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Lightweight Backpacking David Fanning Poudre Wilderness Volunteers Ten Secrets to Lighten Your Loa

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Lightweight Backpacking. Ten Secrets to Lighten Your Load. David Fanning Poudre Wilderness Volunteers. Big South Patrol. July 2008. June 2012. June 2012. Secret 1: Question Authority. Need reliable shelter. Be Prepared!. You can freeze out there!. What if?. Filter your water. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Page 1: Lightweight Backpacking

Lightweight Backpacking

David FanningPoudre Wilderness Volunteers

Ten Secrets toLighten Your Load

Page 2: Lightweight Backpacking

Big South PatrolJuly 2008

June 2012

June 2012

Page 3: Lightweight Backpacking

Secret 1: Question Authority

Be Prepared!

Filter your water

What if?

Wear waterproof boots

One is none, two is one

You can freeze out there!

Use a propane stove

Take extra clothes

Need reliable shelter

Page 4: Lightweight Backpacking

Secret 2: Weigh Everything

Everything weighs something!

Page 5: Lightweight Backpacking

Secret 3: Get a Lighter Pack

Gregory Baltoro 6565 liter, 5lb 14oz$299.00

Gossamer Gear Mariposa69 liter, 1lb 14oz$205.00

Page 6: Lightweight Backpacking


Six Moon Design Fusion 50

GoLite Jam Osprey ExosGranite Gear Vapor Trail

Gossamer Gear G4ULA Circuit

Page 7: Lightweight Backpacking

Secret 4: Need a Sleeping Bag?

• Think: Sleeping System (inc. clothes)• I get cold!• I flop around!

1lb 8oz

1lb 2oz 1lb 7oz

Page 8: Lightweight Backpacking

Sleeping Pads

11 oz

15 oz 8 oz8 oz

Page 9: Lightweight Backpacking

Secret 5: Gimme Shelter

REI Half Dome5 lbs 8 oz

Moment Tarp Tent1 lb 12 oz

MSR Carbon Reflex2 lb 14 oz

MLD Duomid16 oz

Page 10: Lightweight Backpacking


Gossamer Gear SpinnTwin14 oz

Warbonnet Big Mama Jamba Tarp14 oz Six Moon Design Refuge

1 lb 10 oz

Integral Designs Traverse2lb 11oz

Notch Tarp Tent1 lb 10 oz Hexamid Cuben Fiber

11 oz

Page 11: Lightweight Backpacking

Secret 6: Embrace Frugality

6 oz$10

1.5 oz$1.25

16 oz, $100

1 oz, $1

Page 12: Lightweight Backpacking

Secret 7: Dress Differently

Page 13: Lightweight Backpacking

Secret 8: Rethink Water Filters

16 oz, $85

3.6 oz, $50

2.0 oz, $15

3.1 oz, $25

Page 14: Lightweight Backpacking

Secret 9: Wear Shoes

Page 15: Lightweight Backpacking

Secret 10: Become Informed

Ultralight Backpacking Books

PWV Ultralight Resources: Resource Page: Ultralight Forum:

Page 16: Lightweight Backpacking

Ultimate Secret: Lite Means FUN!

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