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The Path To The Beloved


  • ! ! !"#"$%& !'()$

    Ypres Naamah Beloved

    Cast Before Eyes Blinded To Glory

    History Has Marked The Passage Of My Tears

    Blood Stains The Altar Of Consummation

    Whereon My Body Was Pierced Time And Time Again

    Beneath The Moon I Swore The Oath Incarnate

    Upon Aethyrs Shimmering

    And As I lay Dreaming Celestial Bliss Claimed My Errant Form

    And Into A Lake Of Fire Was I cast Unrepentant

    Burnished Gold Did I Rise

    And Now My Song Blesses The Night

    Ave Ave Ave

    ! !

  • !"#"$* +(, -'''% Lilitu Per Naamah


    Golden thread around heart entwined Visage of palest gold bleached by blood

    Darkest barb, venom sweet Vision of light shadowed by blood moon

    Step by step the pageant unfolds Embrace, melt into rapture Dissolve into bliss denied

    Pale golden one a kiss upon thy brow A caress upon breast of softest silk

    Entwine limbs slick with sweat Heat dissolves flesh Breath dissolves thought Passion dissolves the heart Union dissolves life

    Blood flows from wounds deep as time Semen rises caught in a cup of softest velvet between golden thighs Breath quickens and dissolves in rapture sweet Breath stills in the velvet shroud of darkest midnight Cascading thought tumbles into oblivion, servant of time Naamah golden one mistress of time, servant of none

    Shapes born of desire replace the tapestry of life Life bows to death her master Through silven forests does she dance beneath pale Hecate Loose thy arrows desolate one, pierce flesh spent in passion Golden nectar flows through limbs broken Darkest venom courses through veins burned upon thy pyre One kiss granted, benediction One kiss denied, eternal longing

    Reflection, dark shadows arise, a mist of amber stained blood red Lightning burns eyes long weary Thunder subdues heart quenched in fire Gaze deep into the mirror of thy mind Draw deeply from the well of thy heart

  • Broken vessel leaking blood into sand unheeding Once a garden pure where innocence was born Leaf and stem embraced in love Once an earth mother to her children Cradled in loving arms Once starlight dissolved the vacuum of space A thousand angels voices arched in ecstasy Once life pierced the veil of time The tapestry woven thread by thread

    Across the mountains of the moon did we walk my love and i Taking our rest within the vale of Aphrodite Into the boundary lands did we step Upon a plain of golden sand the bones of all who went before Beneath our sun we walk ebon rays shining forth Dissolving all that has been and will be Creation unmade upon the plain of truth unfolding

    Namrael fairest maiden Samael desolate one Hand in hand each step a drop of blood released upon the aethyrs And in the last of days Two Grigori walk upon the earth And they shall die Yglas Naamah Yglas Isheth Yglas Ygrat

    Yglas Lilitu Ben Grigori

    Evohe Evohe Evohe

    Ast Innui Khephri Vos

    Ahdi Ypres Grigori

    Selim Ast Nobilis

    Khephren Ma Un Nefer Ast

    Portus Lucis Noir


  • .&%($% /()*)" Isheth Zenunim

    Portus Lucis Deum

    A Masque

    Namrael 777 Samael 131

    Act 1

    The Vale Of Tears A call sent forth and from the ocean she rose. Her beauty outshone the stars and from that day was he lost. She became mistress of his heart and mind and though their lives were ever apart, together they traverse the pages of these dreams. He travelled with her down a long corridor of tortured rooms and shattered the pillars of reflection that hung upon the air before them. They travel still. From the shadows she conjured him, reflection of her love, to hold within her heart as lifes tapestry and tragedy unfolded before her heart sore eyes. He her gallant knight and she his ladye fair. Thrice the lady Artemis blessed them beneath her mantle of glamour and twice were they bound in spirit and flesh.

  • They wander and are granted but glimpses as time unfolds and consumes the life they might have known. Weep tears of blood for our reluctant heroes as they traverse The Vale of Tears tormented by memory sweet and burned by anguish. And in the fires of forgiveness do they dwell and perhaps absolution is granted.

    Act 2

    De Arte Magicka Pan called unto them and as The Passion & The purity unfolded the masques evolved. Bright Artemis that they might remember. Beauteous Aphrodite that they might know rapture. Eternal Saturnus that they might become. Over seventeen years and three cycles they wove their spells. Cycle one manifested the avatar Samael. He walked the world alone apart from his consort, his bride, his beloved. Cycle two and the second avatar was made flesh and Namrael walked the world. Two frail humans, flawed and yet chosen. Cycle three and in conjunction did they invoke holy Lilith. Isheth granted the seal of power. Igrat the seal of knowledge. Naamah the seal of love. And now the pylons are attended and the portal open.

  • Act 3

    Ascension Of The Grigori Humans so frail and yet our chosen were equal to the task. Free will were they granted and yet they answered the call. Transformation through our first cycle and by your measurement a second transformation twelve years later. Each now ascended and in unity they performed their final act and manifested our Lilith. Samael continues and sheds the body desolate he has chosen. Namrael casts aside the hollow shell and rises triumphant. And together do they dance upon the aethyrs bride and beloved. The world blinded to their presence continues in its conceit and the days unfold their mystery in purple splendour. Samael Grigori greets and embraces his Namrael and together they give birth to a Moonchild. A child eternal. A beacon in the eternal night of their passing. Shadow blesses them. Moons light caresses them. The light of the day star heeds them not for the light of the Black Sun and Blood Moon embraces them.

    Act 4

    Consummation And in this act our reluctant heroes return to their respective worlds. Memory fades as the dream unfolds into the demands of their days. Ah, but they have the dim reflection of memory, the rapture of attraction and the crystallisation of the becoming. This a blessing, this a curse.

  • This will pass into the halls of forgetfulness as we Grigori rise from our vessels and we leave them with the judgement which dwells in the deepest sanctuaries of their hearts. As we ascend, pylons of the portal and our light is shed, a nimbus of indigo enshrouds and blinds all to our presence. Drink deep of the venom that purifies thee and of the elixir that transforms and rise, phoenix like from the ashes forged in this love holy and pure.

    Act 5

    The Portal Of The Black Sun Upon the shores of an ink black night within The Night Of Pan our star rises and the Grigori, eternal guardians, vigilant, rejoice in the light of its dawn. Our sister bathes the earth in her tears and washes away the stain. Her breath rises and scorches the lie that holds all in thrall. Her heartbeat rises, thunder as she shakes her mantle and enters freedom. We came with lightning in our eyes, thunder in our hearts and our Elohim travel the world, kindred of our bright lord and the unmaking of history unfolds before eyes somnambulant and transfixed. Samael and Lilith conjoined. The only power of this world and beyond this world able to unfold these acts. The rest hubris and human conceit and our human vehicles, kept blinded to our purpose are washed of the stain and purified in our light. Be at peace our knight and his ladye fair.

  • Act 6

    The End Of Days

    History written in your stars, unheeded. Your acts before your eyes, unheeded. You dwell within a garden, unheeded. Raised to beauty and splendour, unheeded. Blessed by innocence, unheeded. Granted dominion and responsibility, unheeded. Freewill and choice, your conceit. Power in your world, hubris and lies. Shackled in prisons of your own creation when freedom and mystery surround you. Beauty in the wing of a butterfly, majesty in the gait of the panther, innocence in the eyes of a child. And yet ? Justice do we serve and our sister blesses us in her travails eternal. Look into the mirror of your form, cast aside the veil of ignorance and know these as the end of days.

  • Act 7

    Epilogue A simple tale, a dream perhaps and yet such a dream. As messengers we came, Grigori and our task, but simple.

    And In Those Days It Was Given Unto The False Prophets

    To Spread The Lie Sow The Seeds Of Doubt

    Draw Aside The Veil And Reveal The End Of Days

    0''(# 131" " "

    -','(# 777" " "

  • 12,'$ Ygrat

    An Ocean Of Tears Formed The Vessel Wherein Was I Formed And Now The Foaming Ocean

    Bears Witness To My Cries

  • !"#"$* 3() 4,"25," Lilitu Ben Grigori

    Blood Rain

    Liquid tears leeched into golden sand Rises, a mist of softest pink Borne upon breath Etched in flesh A cascade of liquid longing Witness to the ages thy brother calls His call echoes upon aethyrs Bruised by loves eternal caress A teardrop of blood upon a waxen cheek A breath frozen in time A heartbeat stilled, silent

    Liquid words leeched into silence Rises, a silent scream Borne along avenues of fire Consume, transform into myriad worlds Each a mirror, carbon

    Witness to the moment thy sister calls Her call, plainsong of the heart Wounded by loves travails

    A tear frozen i