limonce o north ?· spaghetti con polpette 15 spaghetti pasta in a basil tomato sauce and homemade...

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Limonceo NorthAntipastiBRUSCHETTA 8Tomato, garlic, virgin olive oil,basil, crostini

FRITTO MISTO 15Crispy fried Calamari & Shrimp,lemon, marinara

NONNA MARIAS MEATBALLS 10House-made meatballs, housemarinara with ricotta cheese

ANTIPASTO MISTO 15Salami, provolone, prosciutto,black olives, mozzarella, pickledvegetables in olive oil

BURRATA 12Mozzarella cheese, prosciutto,arugula, x virgin olive oil

InsalateLIMONCELLO SALAD 7Seasonal mix, sweet tomato, redonions, zesty lemon vinaigrette

CAESAR SALAD 8Traditional house-madedressing, anchovies, parmesan

PEAR & GORGONZOLA 10Seasonal lettuce, walnuts, pears,Gorgonzola, zesty lemonvinaigrette

Soups 6Our chef creation of the day

GLUTEN FREE AVAILABLE20% min. gratuity 6 pll or more

CarniPOLLO /VITELLO PARMIGIANA 21Bread crumb crusted Chicken orVeal served with Fettuccine

POLLO /VITELLO AL MARSALA 21Fettuccine, butter, marsala wine,seasonal mushrooms

POLLO /VITELLO PICCATA 21Fettuccine, white wine, butter,capers, lemon zest

PORK OSSO BUCCO 25braised pork shank, tomato,barolo demi, risotto

PesceSALMONE AL LIMONCELLO 26Fresh Scottish salmon, lemonbutter-caper, white wine, rissoto

FRUTTI DI MARIlinguine , Mussels, scallops,shrimp, clams, seafood broth

RISOTTO AI GAMBERI 21Risotto rice, jumbo shrimp,seafood stock, cream

BRANZINO DAILY SPECIAL MPcrispy skin, thin Medeterraneansea bass

FETTUCCINE AL LIMONCELLO 19Fettuccine sauteed with bayscallops, spinach, grape tomatogarlic and limoncello

FETTUCCINE BOLOGNESE 16Fettuccine pasta in a housemade three meat sauce

FETTUCCINE ALFREDO 16Classic house-made fettuccine increamy parmesan

RIGATONI CON SALSICCIA &PEPPERS 16Italian sausage,roasted redpeppers-marinara sauce

PENNE ALLA VODKA 16Pancetta, cream and tomatosauce, absolut

LASAGNA BOLOGNESE 18Classic lasagna, beef meatragout, mozarella, bchamel

PAPPARDELLE SALMONE 24norwegean salmon, asparagus,cream sauce

EGGPLANT PARMIGIANA 17Crispy eggplant, layeredmozzarella, marinara

PastaChicken $6/ Shrimp $8/ Salmon $9

SPAGHETTI CON POLPETTE 15Spaghetti pasta in a basil tomatosauce and homemade meatballs

SPAGHETTI ALLE COZZE ORVONGOLE 19Mussels or Clams, chardonnaybutter,sweet grape tomato, garlic

SidesBroccoli rabe 6

Spinach 5Meatballs 8




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