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  • Lincolnshires Community Support Networks Aaron Hall Community Support Networks Apprentice Sophie Deeks Community Support Networks Lead
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  • Three Networks Lincolnshires Managed Care Network for Mental Health Shine Mental Health Support Network Lincolnshires Dementia Support Network
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  • Shine Mental Health Support Network
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  • Shine is an independent network of people, groups & organisations that share an interest in supporting people with mental health problems.
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  • Shine Mental Health Support Network 317 organisations registered on Lincsshine 837 Members 107 Ambassadors
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  • Shine Activities LincsSHINE website Shine Ambassadors Administration / Membership Staying Well Fit and Well Short Breaks Goods and services The Lincolnshire Mental Health Newsletter Positive About Mental Health Prompt Tele-messaging & graduated support Excellence in Peer Support Sun Shine Local Shine hubs
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  • Lincolnshires Managed Care Network for Mental Health
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  • Mental Health Promotion Fund (MHPF) Between Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and Lincolnshire County Council. Invests in projects across Lincolnshire which Promote positive mental health Provide support for individuals experiencing mental ill health and their carers So far the fund has invested 1,258,000 across 4 waves of funding
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  • Examples of Projects Physical Activity Creative writing, Arts & Crafts Money Advice Tranquility Health checks Sports coaching Peer Support & Advocacy Social Activities Mentoring Horticulture Formal & Informal Learning One-to-one Help Parental Mental Health Awareness Help for Homeless People Volunteering Vocational Training Woodland Activities Social Enterprise Information & Social Networking Staying Well small grants Early onset psychosis support Eating & Living Well Hearing peoples viewsPerforming Arts Relaxation Carers Support Prompted & Graduated Support Short breaks
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  • Lincolnshires Managed Care Network for Mental Health 80 Projects over 97 Locations Projects arent working alone Network to join projects together Hosting events to promote and link the support available in Lincolnshire
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  • Going Forward Wave 5 - 320,000 fund The deadline for wave 5 applications has closed 5 th wave projects to be announced in September Hoping to close the gaps in the networks support
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  • For More Information Our Managed Care Network Project Leaflet contains our details and details of network projects in each location in the county. Join our mailing list to find out about new funding opportunities and events.
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  • Lincolnshires Dementia Support Network
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  • Dementia Support Fund Joint collaboration between Clinical Commissioning Groups, Lincolnshire County Council and Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. Invests in projects that provide support and activities for people experiencing dementia and their carers. 167,000 invested in its first wave of funding
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  • 5 7 8 6 9 1011 12 Where we are now Countywide Projects 1 Projects for the 1 st wave of the Dementia Support Network announced 14 th July 2015 10 members 13 projects 17 locations 2 3 4
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  • Wave 1 Dementia Support Network 5TrinityDementia CafEast CCG 6Desire ChangeMemory RetreatEast CCG 7Green SynergyDementia Friendly Garden GroupEast CCG 8Magna VitaeDementia Friendly WalksEast CCG 9Alzheimers SocietyActivities for People With Work Age DementiaWest Lincs CCG 10Alzheimers SocietyActivity Group for People with DementiaSouth West CCG 11Alzheimers SocietySinging for the BrainSouth West CCG 12Spalding Health and WellbeingExercise, Dementia CafSouth Lincs CCG OrganisationProjectCovering 1Revival LincolnshireCommunity ConnectionsCountywide 2Age CareDementia CompanionsCountywide 3Citizens Advice BureauCitizens Advice Dementia SupportCountywide 4Alzheimers societyDementia Friendly CommunitiesCountywide
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  • Wave 2 Funding Looking for applicants to apply for a share of the Dementia Support Funds 186,000 Deadline for applications September 1 st
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  • Lincolnshires Community Support Networks

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