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  • 1. PRODUCT INDEX Liner Hanger System DESCRIPTION Simplex Liner Hanger Accessories & Running Tool Hydraulic Liner Hanger Mechanical Liner Hanger Hydraulic Rotating Liner Hanger Accessories & Running Tool Liner Top Packer Liner Tie Back Packer Pocket Slip Liner Hanger Hydraulic Release Running Tool Accessories Mechanical Liner Hanger Top Drive Cementing Head Plug Dropping Head Swab Cup Packer
  • 2. LINER HANGER SYSTEM ____________________________________________________ POCKET SLIP LINER HANGER - NON ROTATING Product No- BI 261-5U DESCRIPTION & APPLICATION: The BOTIL Model BPSN Pocket Slip Hydraulic set Non-Rotating Liner Hanger is used to hang the liner string during cementing operations. Specially designed slips deliver excellent hanging capacity and eliminate the risk of the premature setting. Model BPSN can be run with BOTIL Model BE Running tool or Mod BHR hydraulic release Running tool. The design is primarily based on the hydraulic setting of slip segments (Four in number) which distribute the liner weight evenly on the ribs provided On the slips, guided in the pocket of cone. The Hydraulic liner hanger may be set before or after cementing by applying pressure to running-in string. The Hydraulic liner hanger may be rotated during running in and set after cementing by applying pressure against the liner wiper plug after it is landed in Model BS Landing Collar. To set the Hanger before cementing, Model BS Landing Collar with setting ball must be run. Features and Benefits Body is manufactured from seamless tubes to equivalent grade of liner . 80,000 psi to 110,000 psi yield strengths are standard. Other yield strengths and materials available on request. Hydraulic cylinder manufactured matching yield strength of liner Hanger. from material Slips are manufactured to Rockwell C scale hardness of 57-64 for use in the highest grade casing strings. Special Slip and groove design prevent any possibility of pre-mature setting during running in. Most suitable for deviated wells. 27-I
  • 3. LINER HANGER SYSTEM ____________________________________________________ MODEL BAFN SETTING TOOL Product No- BI 281-OU DESCRIPTION & APPLICATION: BOTIL Model BAFN setting cum running tool is an assembly that conveys the liner, wiper plugs, seal assembly and hanger assembly into the well. It also serves as pack-off tool when the liner runs with the liner top pack-offs. The Model BAFN Running cum Setting Tool is provided with slots on the body for circulation purposes. The face of Setting Dog of the Running Tool is knurled for sufficient grip. After the completion of cementing the tool is released by right hand rotation. With the Liner hung and the setting tool released the string is picked up to release the setting dogs. Setting Weight back down on the string will activate and lock the pack off in the set position. 29-I
  • 4. LINER HANGER SYSTEM ____________________________________________________ INTEGRAL BODY CEMENTING HEAD Product No- BI 278-30 DESCRIPTION & APPLICATION : The Integral Body Cementing Manifold (IBCM) suspends drill pipe weight from the rig elevators while retaining the plug so that it can be released after cementing has been completed. The IBCM also connects the cementing lines to the running string during liner operations, and includes a heavy-duty swivel for easy string manipulation with the cementing lines in place. This swivel mechanism and drill pipe plug retainer are built in below the elevators for unobstructed operation. A ball drop assembly is integral with the plug dropping manifold for use with hydraulic-set liner systems. Features and Benefits Maximum strength and toughness from quenched and tempered alloy steel construction. Displacement fluid and cement are diverted below or above the plug through an external manifold. Manifold rated to 5,000 PSI working Pressure. Cementing flag sub for visual indication of drill pipe wiper plug release is integral with the Plug Dropping Manifold. Heavy duty swivel permits easy manipulation of the string without having to break down the cementing lines. 37-I