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Part 3 of a Linked Data Workshop for library staff at University of Oregon and Oregon State University Libraries.


<ul><li> 1. Linked Data in Oregon Digital Oregon Digital Linked Data Workshop, Eugene Oregon November 25, 2013 Karen Estlund kestlund@uoregon.eduTom Johnson</li></ul> <p> 2. Oregon Digital CONTENTdm Fields 3. Mapping Terms 4. Term Use Principles / Process 1. Use Existing Terms / Predicates a. Use Dublin Core as a base element set b. Use additional Linked Open Data (LOD) predicates c. Use additional established terms &amp; make LOD2. Create New Terms / Predicates a. Only if specialized but useful for wider audience b. Make available as Linked Open Data3. Dont use Term a. Archive term &amp; value in previous version of record4. Identify Controlled Vocabularies for Field Values / Objects a. Follow principles 1-3 above 5. Sample Vocabularies / Terms Used 6. The Migration Process 1. Copy files from CDM server 2. Map to full resolution files (if applicable) 3. Metadata Cleanup a. Clean up field values through script (e.g. unicode problems, spelling, compacting like terms) b. Map field values to LOD through script (e.g. geonames) c. Use field mapping script for new predicates4. BagIt! 5. Ingest 7. Mapping File Example mappings: title: dct:title digita: dct:isPartOf creato: marcrel:pht date: dct:date dmcreated: dct:created dmmodified: dct:modified descri: dct:description subjec: dce:subject object: dct:type spatial: method: geonames identi: dct:identifier item_url: dct:replaces fullrs: oregon:full find: premis:originalName 8. Record in Fedora Example "Picking potatoes" . "Braceros in Oregon Photograph Collection" . "1947" . "Mexicans picking potatoes on lake bottom farm belong to Scott Warren, Klamath Falls" . "Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Harvesting; Potatoes" . "Klamath County (Ore.)" . . "Film negatives" . "Extension and Experiment Station Communications Photograph Collection (P120)" . "P120: 2599" . "Permission to use must be obtained from OSU Archives." . "2002-10-14" . "2011-12- 9. Custom Terms Controlled Vocabularies: Conversions from vocabs used in ContentDM Defined in Dublin Core Abstract Model Predicates/Ontologies: Misc. Terms (e.g. fullResolution, digitizationSpecification) Sheet Music Ontology 10. Draft New Ontology Term Example Sheet MusicA word or phrase that names the resource being described.scopeNote&gt; The "alternative title" data is used for other titles not covered elsewhere in the metadata record. First Line The "First Line" data is a direct transcription of the first line of lyrics appearing in the song. </p>


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