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  • Choosing the right extrusions coding solution

    Linx Printing Technologies Ltd.

  • Overview

    The construction industry

    Choosing the right coding solution ways to minimise waste

    Coding technologies

  • The construction industry

    Extrusions mainly used in construction, a very healthy sector in the UK:

    Employs about 10% of the total UK workforce and contributing almost 90 billion

    annually, according to the Confederation of British Industry

    The Construction Products Association (CPA) believes that the construction

    industry will grow about 10% and contribute nearly 11 billion to the UK economy

    over the next two years

    Across Europe the average growth of construction is also forecast at 1.8%

    per year from 201416

    Rising costs a key concern raised by the CPA the industry requires reliable

    coders that are easy to use, working effectively but unobtrusively



  • Choosing the right coding solution

    - Ways to minimise waste

    Those coding for the extrusions industry need to keep on top of waste to

    capitalise on the growing sector:

    Minimise errors easy, intuitive message creation through easy-to-use interfaces as

    well as remote monitoring reduce scrappage costs from errors

    Built-in reliability IP55 or IP65 rated coders reduce stoppages with enclosures to

    protect against the hot, dusty or damp conditions encountered in the

    production process

    Flexibility non-contact CIJ and laser coding systems provide flexibility to change

    messages at the touch of a button with a vast range sizes, styles and on many

    substrates; without having to stop the printer

    Quality control pigmented inks in a range of colours ensure codes stand out with UV

    resistance to withstand fading when stored outside, or permanent laser codes

  • Coding technologies

    Continuous Ink Jet

    Can print on most plastics

    Range of inks available, including

    pigmented & UV cure inks

    Delivers multiple lines of text and

    simple graphics

    Can place it where needed on the

    production line either before or after

    a water bath, providing the printer has

    the relevant IP ratings to cope with the


    Laser Coding

    Permanent codes on plastics, with

    highly visible colour change

    on PVC

    Marking into the product means no

    smudging or fading

    Low downtime and no consumables

    ensures low cost of ownership

  • Coding technologies

    Large Character Marking

    Well-suited to printing large characters of information such as

    company logos or industry standard marks

    Can print at high resolution quality

    Easy to set up and adjust as required

    Predictable cost of ownership

    Cost effective alternative to application of pre-printed labels onto

    secondary packaging