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There are many tools available for listening to thechatter in various social media circles, with varyingdegrees of effectiveness.

But the information that these tools only scratch thesurface of a much richer, complex and valuable story.

using monitoring tools, we can: identify hotspots of activity based on keyword selection track value, tone, origination, trends and topics ofconversation generate a comprehensive list of key conversationinfluences, top platform activity, and areas ofopportunity for content development help establish benchmark readings for later ROIdevelopment6

defining how social media should be leveraged andintegrated into overall communications plans, andachieve corporate objectives.

Strategy is a holistic, effective and actionable planthat delivers a desired end result.10

As much as you want everyone to love your brand, there willalways be detractors, people looking to vent, or simply to make mischief.

When that time comes (and it will come), it is best to be prepared and know how to appropriately respond.

multiple parties managing your brandpresence may seem like schizophrenia.You have spent a fortune trying to keep a consistent tone ofvoice in the market, but in the uncontrolled world of social mediawhere speed of response is critical, going through layers ofapproval for each message will be impractical.12


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