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P. O. J. Y. R. E. D. A. Literary/Poetry Elements. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Literary/Poetry Elements

  • Directions: Divide the class into Team A and Team B. Then divide the teams into groups of 3-4 students. The first group on Team A chooses a category and an amount from slide 3. When the group agrees on an appropriate question to ask in response to the statement, one student asks the question. Other team members can whisper an answer to the group, but if the answer is heard by the teacher before the group is ready to give an answer, the team loses their turn and the play goes to Team B. Teams have 45 seconds to formulate a correct question to the statement. If correct, the team wins the dollar amount. If incorrect, they receive no money. Play then goes to Team B. Play continues until all category amounts have been chosen. The team with the most money wins.

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  • I think miceAre rather nice.

    This illustrates this poetry element.

  • What is end rhyme?


  • Sea rocks blown with fogTime locked in mistlong, long forgotten.

    This is an example of this kind of poetry.

  • What is Haiku?


  • Morning dew clings on branches

    This illustrates this particular SOS MAP word.

  • What is personification?


  • In a little house keep I picturessuspended, it is not a fixd house.It is round, it is only a few inches from one side to the other.

    This an example of which SOS MAP word?

  • What is a metaphor?400

  • This is a pattern of accented and unaccented syllables in a line of poetry.

  • What is rhythm?500

  • This is the poetry element that compares two things, using words such as like or as.

  • What is a simile?

  • This is the repetition of beginning consonant sounds.

  • What is alliteration?200

  • This poetry element uses words to help readers create pictures in their minds.

  • What is imagery (or sensory words, or figurative language)?300300

  • This poetry element is a funny verse in five lines.

  • What is a limerick?


  • The enemy of Harry PotterWas a scheming plotter.I cant tell you what hes called; Id be ashamedTo name he who must not be named.

    This is an example of this type of poetry.

  • What is a clerihew?


  • This poetry element compares something that is not alive with something that is alive.

  • What is personification?100

  • This is a four-lined poem that rhymes at the end of the first two lines, and has another rhyme at the end of the last two lines (AA BB).

  • What is a clerihew?200

  • This poetry element uses words whose sounds make you think of their meanings.

  • What is onomatopoeia?


  • This kind of a poem does not include patterned rhyme, rhythm, or syllables.

  • What is narrative?400

  • The mountain silhouette waves beneath the blue sky

    This is an example of this SOS MAP word.

  • What is personification?500

  • Hurricane Rita Rips Coast.

    What is the SOS MAP word used in this headline?

  • What is alliteration?100

  • Twinkle, twinkle little star,How I wonder what you are!Up above the world so high,Like a diamond in the sky.

    This poem uses this SOS MAP word.

  • What is a simile? (This is also a Clerihew)200

  • And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand,They danced by the light of the moon.The moon,The moon,They danced by the light of the moon.

    This is an example of this poetry element.Two Girls

  • What is repetition?300300

  • The night is a big black cat.

    This is an example of this SOS MAP word.

  • What is a metaphor?400

  • A trap door of depression

    This is an example of this SOS MAP word.

  • What is a metaphor or alliteration?500