Live Oaks School Dates: Monday, September 26th: After school, Kids Yoga Class begins Tuesday, September 27th: After school, Bricks for Kids begins Room Parent Tea, after school Friday, September 30th: After School Art with The ...

Download Live Oaks School  Dates: Monday, September 26th: After school, Kids Yoga Class begins Tuesday, September 27th: After school, Bricks for Kids begins Room Parent Tea, after school Friday, September 30th: After School Art with The ...

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<ul><li><p>Important Dates: </p><p>Monday, September 26th: </p><p>After school, Kids Yoga Class begins </p><p>Tuesday, September 27th: </p><p>After school, Bricks for Kids begins </p><p>Room Parent Tea, after school </p><p>Friday, September 30th: </p><p>After School Art with The Giggling Pig </p><p>begins (Session FULL!) </p><p>Monday, October 3rd: </p><p>No School </p><p>Wednesday, October 5th: </p><p>Early Release 12:45 pm, Conferences </p><p>Thursday, October 6th: </p><p>Early Release 12:45 pm, Conferences </p><p>Friday, October 7th: </p><p>Early Release 12:45 pm, Conferences </p><p>Friday, October 14th: </p><p>LOS Trunk or Treat, 6-8 pm </p><p>In this issue: </p><p>Open House I </p><p>News You Can Use II-III </p><p>Live Oaks Leadership IV </p><p>After School Yoga Series Flyer V </p><p>After School Makerspace Flyer VI </p><p>After School Bricks for Kids VII </p><p>LOS Trunk or Treat VIII </p><p>Chess Club FlyerSession FULL </p><p>Giggling Pig FlyerSession FULL </p><p>September 23, 2016 Volume 2016-2017, Issue 4 </p><p>Live Oaks School </p><p>575 Merwin Avenue </p><p>Milford, CT 06460 </p><p>(203) 783-3564 </p><p>Rose Marzinotto Bonnie Etense </p><p> Principal Teacher Leader </p><p>Live Oaks School </p><p>Connections </p><p>Live Oaks School Open House! </p><p>What an amazing turnout for Open House! We hope you enjoyed the </p><p>opportunity to meet your childs teacher and learn more about they school </p><p>days here at LOS. THE LOS STAFF </p><p>Lunchroom Updates </p><p>New this year, guests to our lunch room will have reserved seating for an </p><p>opportunity to enjoy lunch with their student. In an effort to be fair and equi-</p><p>table to all, we also ask that lunchroom visits be limited to one time per </p><p>month per student. Thanks for your cooperation! </p><p>WE ARE. </p><p>LIVE OAKS! </p></li><li><p> II </p><p>News You Can Use </p><p>LOS After School Activity Schedule! </p><p>Please take a few moments to review the flyers at the end of this newsletter. If youre interest-</p><p>ed in signing your child up for an activity, simply print the form, submit payment, and be sure to </p><p>put in an envelope clearly marked with the activity and your childs name. </p><p>NEW!!! LOS Makerspace begins on October 6th! Space is still available for Playful </p><p>Practice Yogabegins this MONDAY! </p><p>Please be mindful of pick up times. Often times our instructors for after school classes </p><p>have additional classes scheduled. Help them out by picking your child up on time in the </p><p>main lobby. </p><p>Monday Playful Practice Yoga, Begins Monday, September 26th, 3:05-3:45 pm - A few </p><p>spots are still available!! </p><p>Tuesday- Karate, Begins September 20th, 3:15-4:00 pm </p><p> Bricks for Kids, Begins September 27th, 3:15-4:15 pm </p><p>Thursday-Chess Club, Begins September 22, 3:05-4:05 pm (pick up in library, SESSION FULL) </p><p>Friday Giggling Pig, Begins September 30th, 3:15-4:15 pm (SESSION FULL) </p><p>Support our LOS Makerspace LOS Makerspace is an after school activity where students can design, create, and explore new </p><p>interests. Our PTA has graciously supported our launch by providing us with a wide range of ma-</p><p>terials. We are reaching out to our LOS Families for donations of the following you may have </p><p>around the house: </p><p> Yarn scraps </p><p> Left over skeins of yarn </p><p> Crochet hooks </p><p> Origami paper </p><p> Blocks (wood, plastic, etc.) </p></li><li><p> III </p><p>Is your student ready to ride a bicycle to school? </p><p>Per the Milford Public Schools Parent Student Handbook: </p><p> Only students in grades 3, 4, and 5 may ride their bicycles to </p><p>school at the elementary level. By state law, all bicycle riders must wear a </p><p>helmet. All riders are to walk their bicycles once on school property and </p><p>park them at the bicycle rack. Bikes are to be locked at all times. The </p><p>school is not responsible for the loss of or damage to bicycles. </p><p> Rollerblades and skateboards are not allowed on school grounds and will be confiscat-</p><p>ed and returned to parents. </p><p>IMPORTANT: If you are planning on sending your student to/from school by bicycle, please </p><p>send in a note to update your childs arrival and dismissal procedure. </p><p>We want to keep them safe! </p><p>PTA UPDATE! </p><p> Only current, paid members can view the LOS PTA Facebook page. </p><p> After school Yoga begins Monday, September 26th </p><p> After school Giggling Pig begins, Friday, September 30th </p><p> Next meeting: Wednesday, October 19th, 7 pm ~ Child care provided! </p><p>LOS Staff Takes on the Gulf Beach Half Marathon! </p><p>The Before </p><p>Mrs. Etense, Mr. Armando, and Ms. Costantini And the after! We did it! </p></li><li><p> IV </p><p>Live Oaks Leadership </p><p>What leadership opportunities are available for Live Oaks students? </p><p>Student Leadership Team: </p><p>Who: Grades 4 &amp; 5 Students </p><p>How: Application process, including recommendations from teachers and parent/guardian </p><p>Dates: Year long </p><p>Info: Student Leadership Team (SLT) began last year at Live </p><p>Oaks with 20 student members. Students met to plan and </p><p>organize various community service and kindness projects </p><p>throughout the year. The focus for this group is to promote </p><p>a positive school climate and to encourage student activ-</p><p>ism. </p><p>Safety Patrol: </p><p>Who: Grade 5 Students (There may be some opportunities for Grade 4 Bus Safety Positions) </p><p>How: Application process, including recommendations from teachers and parent/guardian </p><p>Dates: 1/2 year positions (some availability to continue for full year) </p><p>Info: Safety Patrol consists of both Hallway Helpers and Bus Safety Patrollers. All Safety Patrol-</p><p>lers participate in leadership lessons including listening, communicating, and how to be helpful </p><p>to others. Students wear a safety badge and sash while on duty. </p><p>Morning Announcement Team: </p><p>Who: Grade 5 Students </p><p>How: Interested students signed up during lunch </p><p>Dates: Students will be selected to announce on a rotating </p><p>schedule for the school year. </p></li><li><p>Playful Practice </p><p> Kids After School Yoga Series hosted by </p><p>Live Oaks School </p><p>Get in the yoga flow! </p><p>Slither like snakes, hop like frogs and take a yoga adventure! This class will incorporate music, </p><p>movement and sequential yoga poses. Imaginative breathing exercises and creative decision </p><p>making is introduced in this well-rounded series. </p><p>6 Week Series Beginning: Monday, September 26th </p><p>Monday afternoons </p><p>$35 for the Six-week Series, Checks </p><p>Beginner Yoga Series Session Schedule: </p><p> First Session, September 26th: Bugs &amp; Slugs </p><p> Second Session, October 10th: Into The Forest </p><p> Third Session, October 17th: Things That Fly </p><p> Fourth Session, October 24th: A Growing World </p><p> Fifth Session, November 7th: Water &amp; Ice </p><p> Sixth Session, November 14th: Rainforest Fun </p><p>All props and mats needed will be provided for class time. Students should wear comfortable clothing to </p><p>move freely. Learn More about the instructor, Haley Proto on the back of this flyer. </p><p>____________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>Playful Practice, Kids After School Yoga Series </p><p>Childs Name: _________________________________ Grade: ___________ </p><p>Teacher: _____________________________________ Room #: ___________ </p><p>Payment enclosed: CASH or Check made payable to Haley Proto </p></li><li><p>H.A.P.Y </p><p>Haley Alexandra Proto Yoga </p><p>Haley believes that everyones body and mind can benefit from the yoga </p><p>journey. She began her own journey in 2002, when she signed up for Yo-</p><p>ga 101 as part of a gym requirement for college. It was there that she </p><p>was introduced to the various styles of yoga and learned basic postures </p><p>as well as breathing exercises. She enjoyed the increased flexibility, </p><p>strength, and the clarity of a calm mind; and immediately fell in love! </p><p>Haley loves learning and sharing what she has learned with others. She </p><p>enjoys teaching mixed-level hatha, vinyasa flow and restorative classes </p><p>that offer an introduction for students new to yoga while encouraging ex-</p><p>perienced students to deepen their awareness of technique, breath and </p><p>movement. </p><p>Haley completed her 200-hour training from The Breathing Room Yoga </p><p>Center in New Haven, CT. She also received a 20-hour Children's Yoga </p><p>certificate from Full of Joy Yoga and a 20-hour certificate for Color Har-</p><p>monics Light Therapy Level 1. </p><p>Visit her website: </p><p></p></li><li><p>WaiverandReleaseForm</p><p>HAPYogaChildsName:_________________________________________________DOB:__________________M/FParent/Guardian/s:_____________________________________________________Address:__________________________________________________________________City/Zip:__________________________________________email:__________________________________Telephone:________________________(H)________________________(C)_____________________(W)Pediatrician:___________________________________________phone:______________________________Incaseofemergency,contact____________________________________at__________________________IwouldliketoenrollmychildinHAPYogaclasses,Ifyourchildhasamedicaloreducationaldiagnosisthatwouldbehelpfulforustoknow,oriscurrentlyexperiencinganymedicalconditions(ex.Injury,asthma,epilepsy,allergies)thattheinstructorsshouldbeinformedof,pleasespecifyhere:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Ifyourchildiscurrentlytakingmedicationsshouldbemadeknowntomedicalpersonnelincaseofemergency,pleaseindicatethemhere:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Ifyourchildhasanyallergies,pleasenotethemhere:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________I,theundersignedparentorguardian,understandthatYogaisnotasubstituteformedicalattention,examination,diagnosisortreatment.Inthecasewheremychildhasaninjury,medicaldiagnosis,oranythingelsethatmaybeaffectedbyphysicalactivity,Ihaveconsultedwithaphysiciantoensuremychildcantakeyogaclasses.Irecognizeitismyresponsibilitytonotifytheinstructorofanyseriousillnessorinjurybeforeeveryyogaclass.Iunderstandthattheinstructor,assistants,andthehostingfacilitiesarenotliableforanyinjuryordamagestopersonorpropertyresultingfromthetakingoftheclass.Parent/GuardianSignature&amp;Date:________________________________________________________________</p></li><li><p>A new after school adventure is headed to LOS this year. We are so excited to announce the launch of Makerspace where students can design, create, and explore new interests. Our PTA has graciously supported our launch by providing us with a wide range of materials and supplies including: origami, knitting, Legos, circuits, and so much more. Students can even use Kindle Fires to find instructional videos. Our students will be in control of selecting their own activities and working on their own projects week to week. </p><p>Activities will be self-guided, yet supervised. </p><p>Space is limited to 20 children, so please reply ASAP. </p><p>The six-week session will cost $60. 100 percent of the program fees will be reinvested in new equipment and material for future Makerspace programs. </p><p>Thursdays from 3:10 4:30 pm ~ Program Dates: 10/6, 10/13, 10/20, 10/27, 11/3, 11/10 </p><p>Makerspace After School Program Please make $60 check payable to LOS PTA. </p><p>Student Name _____________________________ Grade _____ Room# ____________ </p><p>Parent/Guardian Name &amp; Phone# _________________________________________ </p><p>Parent/Guardian Email Address: __________________________________________ </p><p>Name/Phone# of person picking up child if different from above </p><p>__________________________________________________________________ </p><p>Photo Release: </p><p>I give permission for the child(ren) listed above to be photographed during the Makerspace Program. </p><p>________________________________________ ______________________ Signature of parent/guardian Date </p></li><li><p>Bricks 4 Kidz in conjunction with the Live Oaks PTA is pleased to offer you another fun and exciting after school enrichment program.</p><p>Tuesdays 3:15 4:15PM (60 minutes)8 week program Dates: Sept. 27, Oct. 4, 11, 18, 25, Nov 1, 15, 22</p><p>No Class Nov 8 Professional Development DayLocation: LOS Media CenterCost: $145</p><p>Sibling discount: 10% OFF applied for siblings enrolled in the same session</p><p>Join Bricks 4 Kidz for a Lego STEM experience at the Woodbridge Recreation Center. Our projects,designed by engineers and architects, motivate children by reinforcing STEM based principles whileenhancing self-esteem, improving fine motor skills and teaching important math skills. Our Legomodels are fully MOTORIZED. We will build vehicles, contraptions, inventions, animals and muchmore. Come join us in this educational fun! We Learn, We Build, We Play with Lego Bricks!NEW model builds EVERY SEMESTER!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you would like your child to participate in this program, please complete and return this form with acheck made payable to Bricks 4 Kidz by September 23, 2016. Please submit this to your childs teacherin an envelope marked Bricks 4 Kidz. Thank you.</p><p>Childs Name: Age:Current Grade: Classroom #Parents Name: Phone #:Email:Photo Release: Yes NoBy checking Yes, I grant permission for a photo/image that includes my child without any other personal identifiers to bepublished on the public internet site, including but not limited to:, Facebook, Youtube</p><p>Ask us about our birthday parties, in school field trips and team building events!Call 203-805-STEM</p><p></p></li><li><p>Join us for the Live Oaks annual </p><p>Trunk or Treat Friday, October 14th 6:00-8:00pm </p><p>(Rain Date: Friday, October 21st) </p><p>TRUNKS NEEDED: Trunks will be accepted on first come first serve basis. </p><p>Numbers are limited to the amount of parking spaces available. Decorations for </p><p>your trunk are not required but highly encouragedthe more festive the better! </p><p>1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place trunks will be recognized with trophies! </p><p> Trunks arrive by 5:30 pm. Park your cars in the back parking area, filling in </p><p>the farthest spaces first. (Once the Trunk or Treat begins, cars will not be </p><p>allowed in/out of the parking area. We want to keep our kids safe!) </p><p> Parents remain outside by their cars to hand out the Halloween treats they </p><p>have brought for the Trunk or Treaters. Remember to dress warmly! </p><p> Trunk or Treaters may start going car to car (with a guardian) at 6:00 pm. </p><p>CANDY DONATIONS: Appreciated! Donations can be sent into school with your </p><p>child or you can drop it in the box in the front lobby. </p><p>Click Here to RSVP! </p><p>NOTE: If you are signing up to be a trunk, please let us know </p><p>if you are available for both 10/14 &amp; 10/21 by emailing us at </p><p> </p><p>Contact Jane Mirmina at with questions. </p><p></p><p>Sept 23 Friday FolderPlayful Practice Yoga Session 1ChildrensYogaWaiverMakerspace2017Live Oaks Fall 2016 REV2Trunk or Treat 2017</p></li></ul>


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