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Living With the Digital Natives:

21st Century Learning in the High School Library Media CenterLiving With the Digital NativesChristine

Who are the Digital Natives?They are historys first always connected generation. Steeped in digital technology and social media, they treat their multi-tasking hand-held gadgets almost like a body part for better or worse. (Pew Research Center)

Computer Applications in Libraries - January 20112

What do Digital Natives want?Technology Entertainment Information FeedbackCustomizationActive learning experiencesComputer Applications in Libraries - January 20113

In other wordsA seamless learning environment where they can move among work, play and study easily, at any time, anywhere (Mark Prensky)

Is that all?!

Computer Applications in Libraries - January 20114

What do Digital Natives need - AASL Standards for the 21st Century LearnerTHINK Inquire, think critically, and gain knowledgeCREATEDraw conclusions, make informed decisions, apply knowledge to new situations and create new knowledgeSHARE Share knowledge and participate ethically and productively as a member of our democratic societyGROW Pursue personal and aesthetic growthComputer Applications in Libraries - January 20115

How is a 21st century school library media center different?Traditional LMC21st Century LMCQuietSelf-containedPrint resourcesLimited technologyIndividual studyFunctional spaces

Vibrant and DynamicResources available beyond the walls of the librarySignificant digital resourcesOPACs, webpages, links to social networking sitesCollaborative workspacesInviting spaces

Computer Applications in Libraries - January

SoWhat should high school library media centers do to meet the needs and expectations of their net-gen students?

Computer Applications in Libraries - January 20117

Information LiteracyIts Vital!Students must be taught:How to find, evaluate and use information appropriately and effectivelyInformation ethicsLiteracy across multiple formats Computer Applications in Libraries - January 20118

Collaborate with faculty across curriculums to integrate digitally-based, active learning experiences into their curriculum

librarianphilosopher.edublogs.orgComputer Applications in Libraries - January 20119

Provide intellectual context to electronic content (Zmuda and Harada)Computer Applications in Libraries - January 201110

ExamplesFor Science show how digital storytelling tools such as can be used to catalog and present the progression of a science experiment

For Math or Social Studies show how instant polling technology such as can be employed and analyzed in statistical or social/political science instruction

For English show how can be used to create interactive webquests to explore aspects of a particular literary movement or author.Computer Applications in Libraries - January 201111

Also considerAn Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) that allows students access to the school catalog any time, any place

A thoughtfully considered, inviting, user-friendly library homepage. Here is a particularly excellent example: Springfield Township High School Virtual Library

Increasing the presence of electronic resources. Here is a great debate on school libraries becoming bookless:

Computer Applications in Libraries - January 201112

Your thoughts?

Clearly, there is a lot to consider.Computer Applications in Libraries - January 201113

Thank you for your attention!Computer Applications in Libraries - January 201114

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