local biotechs: unleash the power

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Presentation “Local Biotechs: Unleash the Power ” By Joseph C. K. Liu MBA, Ph.D China Concord Limited 20 August 2016 HK Polytechnic University

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  • Presentation

    Local Biotechs: Unleash the Power


    Joseph C. K. LiuMBA, Ph.D

    China Concord Limited

    20 August 2016

    HK Polytechnic University

  • Selected Diagnostics Companies in HKSTP

    SanWa Biotech: IVD, ALiA (Array Based LED induced fluorescence ImmunoAssay platform, Lab-On-Chip (LOC) platform)

    Amvet Biosciences: Animal genetic DNA testing

    Arbele Biopharmaceutica (CUHK): Therapeutics for GI & lung malignancies

    GemVCare (CUHK): Hong Kong based genetic testing target diabetes

    Hai Kang Life: Lab-On-a-Chip (LOAC) - Platform detect target genes

    BerryGenomics (Beijing): DNA sequencing technologies to prenatal & cancer clinical genetic test

    HSK GeneTech (CUHK): Genomics and hi-throughput sequencing in Food Research and Core Facilities of Genome Research

    KingMed Diagnostics: Medical diagnostics testing, clinical trial testing, medical research services and hygiene testing, molecular diagnostic techniques to detect, identify and quantify infectious agents

    Living Tissues Company (HKU): Tissue Engineering Laboratory, Living Tissues use the donor's stem cells and grow a complex tissue plug

  • Selected Diagnostics Companies in HKSTP(Contd)

    NanoBioImaging Ltd (UST): Super resolution microscopic bio-imaging

    Novus Life Sciences (HKU): Orthobiologics, injectable biomaterial for minimal invasive surgery, biomaterials formulation in repairing bone and cartilage

    OncoSeek(HKU): Cancer diagnostics for personalized cancer screening assays thru advanced biomedical technology, early and real-time screening of invasive cancer & personalized non-invasive cancer screening assays

    Oper Tech (HKBU): Nanomaterial-based personalized medicine, nanomedicine: 1. Individualized stem cell therapy 2. Novel surgical technology 3. Nanodrugs 4. personalized medicine (2016 Grand Prix at 44th Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions Award)

    Sonikure Technology (UST): Intravitreal injection for retinal diseases, deliver drugs in eye with low energy and low intensity ultrasonic technology

    Xcelom(CUHK): T21 prenatal diagnostics, genomics technology for genetic sequencing innovations

  • Statistics of Local Diagnostic Cos.

    Tot. 38 Cos currently in HKSTP

    15 from local universities (40%)

    CUHK (4, 27%), HKU(3, 20%), UST (2, 13%), HKBU(1, 7%)

    CityU spinoffs not listed because they either graduated earlier or never admitted in HKSTP incubation/regular tenant program

  • Examples of Local High-Fliers

    Prof. Dennis Lo (CUHK):

    Arbele and Xcelom

    Prof. Michael Yang (CityU):

    Multigene Diagnostics Ltd., GenetelPharmaceuticals Ltd, Prenetics

    Prof. Cheng, Shuk Han(CityU):

    Vitargent (International) Biotechnology

  • Professor Lo Yuk Ming, Dennis (CUHK)

    Director of the Li Ka Shing Institute of Health Sciences (CUHK)

    Numerous publications in Nature & Science magazines among local academia (Pic 1)

    Xcelom: Non-invasive Prenatal Test for Down Syndrome, 'safeT21' (sensitive analysis of fetal DNA for T21 screening) vs invasive procedures such as amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling (0.5% to 1% chance of pregnancy miscarriage)

    Arbele Biopharmaceutical: screening for signs of cancer from a simple blood draw

  • Professor Yang Mengsu,Michael (CityU)

    Multigene Diagnostics Ltd., molecular diagnostics for early detection of diseases

    Genetel Pharmaceuticals Ltd., DNA diagnostic technology (SNIPERTM-HPV early detection of the human papillomavirus, causes all cases of cervical cancer), Bio-sensor, DNA diagnostic technology for the early detection of cervical cancer

    Technological Achievement Grand Award for cervical cancer diagnostic technology in the 2006 Hong Kong Awards

    Prenetics: Next generation DNA testing, US $ 10M invested by Ping An Venture & run by Danny Yeung (ex-Groupon CEO), partner with Prudential Insurance

  • Professor Cheng Shuk Han (CityU)

    CityU SpinOff: Vitargent (International) Biotechnology

    Venture Investor: WI Harper Group

    2014 Hong Kong Awards for Industries Technological Achievement Award

    2015 Grand Prix at 43rd Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions Award

    Technology: Patented first-in-the-world transgenic medaka and zebrafish fish embryo toxicity (FET) test

    New global pdt safety std. detect toxin 24/48h

    Home grown Bio-testing innovation

  • Hong Kong X-Tech Start-Up Foundation(16 July 2016)

  • Local Manufacturer From OEM to IPO

    Vincent Medical (HKSE Code: 1612, 7/16 IPO) Medical Equipment & Services in Dongguan, Chairman Mr. Choi Man Shing(, 60 %)

    IPO (July 2016) $1/share, Range $0.79-1.26, Mkt Cap HK $ 520M, revenue $ 448M, Net Profit $ 58M (15)

    OEM for Bayer Medical Care(87%, Inspired Medical () own brand 13%) respiratory products (39%), imaging contrast media power injector disposable products (35%), orthopaedic (16%),rehabilitation (10%)

    Disposable for deliver humidify gases to patients under ventilation/oxygen

    2nd largest exporter of respiratory and anaesthesia disposables in the PRC

    Critical successful factor: QA/QC, Certification, expand domestics (380 domestic distributors network) & overseas mkt (42 distributors), sterilisation for Med. Device, Hi/low margin pdts, move from OEM to OBM

  • Relation of Molecular Diagnostics to Other Technologies

  • Future Biotech Trend

    More personalized, predictable, preventive medicine (3Ps)

    Target therapies & molecular diagnostics

    Concerns: drug safety, ageing population, bioterrorism, pandemics, healthcare cost

    Best time for Biotechs and worse for big pharma

    Successful factors, robust product pipeline and diversity

  • Whats driving Personal Medicine ?

    New technologies (system biology)

    Aging population (US, Europe, Japan, PRC)

    Managed care/insurance, little room for me-to drugs due to cost, more drugs use vs expensive hospital care

    Access to healthy foods i.e. health supplements

  • Obstacles for Personalized Medicine

    Barriers between drug and device companies

    Regulatory challenges

    Bioethical questions

    Patient privacy & insurance coverage for diagnostic tests

    Screening tumors for cancer-related gene abnormalities

    Cancer therapy will be guided by the particular set of genetic mutations within each patient's tumor.(Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, Science Feb 13, 2007)

  • Example (I) Novel Design: Plastics Dish

  • Example of Novel Design: Bio-reactor Electronic & Mechanical

  • Example (II) Novel Design: Original Diagnostics Unit

  • Example of Novel Design: Renovated Diagnostics Unit

  • Example (III) Start-Up Biotech Co.

  • Example (IV): Anti-fouling Agent Market (Boat Bottom Paint, Marine Coating)

    Apply to all vessels floating (anti-fouling agent 5% added to underwater paint)

    Microbial attach/grow to bottom of vessel reduce speed, fuel cost, shipping time for cargo, vessel back to wharf for service every 3-4 years

    Environmental concern: Copper not allow, biohazard to ocean wildlife

    China gross tonnage 22,682k (14)

  • Example of Local Tech Transfer Anti-fouling Agent

  • PRC Ship Paint Market 2010/11

  • Estimate Fuel Consumption

  • Inhibition Effect for 3 Major Microbials

  • Is this a Drug ?

  • Example (V): Novel Med.Pdt Co.

    Canadian Co. specialize in Anti-adhesion for post-surgical procedures

    Natural extracts from sea-weed

    FDA approved as medical devices instead of drug to avoid tedious & costly clinical trials & regulation

  • Performance-based Competitive Advantage:Rabbit Model of Surgical Adhesions

    Control instillate

    Uterine hornsfirmly adhered

    ARCADTM Instillate

    No adhesions


    Abdominal wall



  • Injury





    Surgical Adhesion Normal Healing3

  • 0







    on s
































    Fucoidan Instillate has Compelling Efficacy and Safety Data in Foal Model of Surgical Adhesions

  • Would you like to have this Check ?

  • Four Smarts




    Alliances & partnership

  • Medical Device Successful Footprints

    License a patent

    Build a prototype

    Finish a clinical trial

    Sell the technology

  • Local Technology Transfer Consideration

    1. Individual facultys research project

    2. University Knowledge Transfer Office

    3. Licensing agreement: sold off or royalty/profit split, risk ? University involvement ?

    4. Split of interest: university, department, research team: faculty, research fellows, if any

  • Motto of Biotech

    "There are only two kinds of biotech companies -- those that have had disappointments and those that will have disappointments in the future, the successful ones are those that work through their disappointments''

    (Love, the chief executive, Nuvelo Pharma)

  • Do you have a role in this Biotech bandwagon ?

    The Destiny is in our hands

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